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*The store I work in closes at 10pm on this night. A customer walks up to my register around 9:30pm and I start ringing him up. He then tells me his family is still shopping and walks off mid-transaction. By 10:30 they are still shopping and my manager has to make an announcement that we are closed before they finally come back to the registers.*

Him: Hey *wife* look at this hat I bought. *Puts hat on head and walks off*

*I finish ringing up his items and I’m still waiting on him to return.*

Him: *finally returns and I ring up hat* Do you have any *item*?

Me: If we do it will be in that area right there.

Him: I didn’t see any.

Me: Then we must not have anymore.

Him: DO YOU HAVE ANY *item*?

Me: If we did sir it would be in that area.


Me: *In the nicest voice I can handle since I’m trying very hard to contain my anger* Sir I do not know our stock by heart. If it’s not in that area we either don’t sell it or we don’t have any in stock. I’m sorry for the inconvenience.

Him: WHATEVER! *pays then mumbles under his breath the entire way out of the store*

*Thanks to their late leaving we didn’t get out until 12:30am*

Boomers Fail To Graduate To New Levels Of Understanding

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Patron: “You must be new. Did you transfer here from another branch?”

Me: “Oh, no, I’ve only been working for the [Parish Library System] for three months. I didn’t work at any of the other branches before working at this one.”

Patron: “When’d you graduate from college?”

Me: “Um, about six years ago.”

Patron: “You know, I have a daughter. She went to college and graduated, but afterward, she moved back in with us and was still living with us until she was 29! She’d spend all day sitting on the couch, watching TV. I finally had to put my foot down. I told her she had to move out and get a job. She cried, but she did it, eventually. But I think younger people today are just so lazy. You can’t just wait years after graduating to get a job. That’s not how the real world works. So, why did you?”

Me: *Pause* “I didn’t. I had other jobs before this one. They just weren’t at the library.”

The patron looked surprised but didn’t apologize. He continued on with his lecture about how laziness was bad for another moment or so. I was glad when he finally left. I hate it when people don’t take the time to gather all the facts about me before lecturing me about something I didn’t even do.

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If There Is Anyone Who Doesn’t Deserve Candy…

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(I’m ringing a young girl up at my candy store, and she’s a dollar short on her purchase. She turns to another, younger girl, who looks to be around nine or ten years old.)

Older Girl: “Go get Mom?”

Younger Girl: “No.”

Older Girl: “What? Come on, go get Mom.”

Younger Girl: “No!”

Older Girl: “I don’t have enough money!”

Younger Girl: “So?”

Older Girl: “Go. Get. Mom!”

Younger Girl: “NO!”

(Visibly frustrated and upset, the older girl turns to me.)

Older Girl: “Is it okay if I run and get my mom real quick? I just need another dollar.”

Me: “It’s fine. I’ll hold your bag for you.”

(The older girl runs off, and I frown at the younger girl. Seeing me looking at her — and apparently COMPLETELY misinterpreting my expression — the younger girl beams at me proudly.)

Younger Girl: *smugly* “I never do anything anyone tells me to!”

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My sisters, who are 14 and 20 but can pass for much younger, are shopping at a supermarket and turn onto the hair care aisle. A man in his late twenties/early thirties is already there and he turns to them, leans on the handlebar of his buggy, gives them a look (yeah, one of those).

Customer: “Laaadies… I am a gentleman. With gentle hair. And I need to know if this shampoo will work.” *motions to a product in his cart*

Sister 1: “Uh… I don’t know. I haven’t used that one yet.”

Man: “Oh. Okay. Thanks.” *leaves*

You Could Keep Going West But That’s The Long Way Round

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(I am hosting at the end of the night on a Saturday, about thirty minutes before we close, when this customer walks in. He looks a little worse for wear and very confused.)

Me: “Evening, sir, how can I help you?”

Customer: “Uh… can I use the restroom?”

(Normally, our policy is to only allow paying customers to use the restrooms, but since it’s late and he doesn’t appear to mean any harm, I allow it. He returns a few minutes later.)

Customer: “You might be able to help me with this. I’m on a trip.”

Me: “That’s great, sir. How can I help?”

Customer: “Which way is Florida?”

Me: *confused pause* “Florida?”

Customer: “Yes, I’m a little lost. Which way is it?”

Me: “Well, if you get on the interstate heading east, I suppose you’ll get there eventually.”

Customer: “Go west?”

Me: “East.”

Customer: “Ah, thanks.” *mutters* “Must’ve been going the wrong way…”

(The customer left. A few of my coworkers came over to see if I was okay after he left, because I had dropped down under the host stand to hide how I was crying with laughter. We’re located in Louisiana. How far in the wrong direction did he go?)

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