Hair Care-amel

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(It’s about twenty minutes to closing time, and the overnight shift has begun restocking. A newer coworker and I are working in the shampoo aisle. A customer walks up with a cell phone to his ear. He peers at the shelves for a minute, and then asks my coworker a question. A moment later I look up to see my coworker throwing me a pleading look.)

Coworker: “[My Name]? Can you help this customer?”

Me: “Sure. What are you looking for?”

Customer: “Do you have [Brand] caramel shampoo?”

Me: *blinks* “Caramel?”

Customer: *to the phone* “Let me call you back.” *to me* “Yeah, caramel.”

(I go to the display.)

Me: “All of the [Brand] products we have are going to be in this section.”

(I pick up a bottle that’s supposed to strengthen hair.)

Me: “Could you be thinking of keratin?”

Customer: “No, she definitely said caramel.”

(He calls the other person back and loiters in the aisle, standing so we can’t move around him, for about five minutes, peering at the display. Then he picks a bottle — the keratin one I’d showed him — and walks off, thanking us. I look at my coworker and we laugh.)

Coworker: “I thought I was mishearing! ‘She said caramel!’ Like candy!”

Me: “I’m really sure she didn’t!”

Not A Good Tempura-ture

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I ordered some food from a popular food delivery service. They gave me an ETA of 1:21 pm. By 1:45 pm I hadn’t received anything, so I messaged the company via the app requesting an update. They told me the driver had left and my food should arrive any minute. Still nothing at 2:00 pm, but the delivery service called me to check in. The rep said the restaurant was saying the driver delivered my food at 12:47 pm.

I told them no, that I’d been home and no one had knocked or rung the doorbell. The rep was adamant that my food had been delivered, so I checked my front porch. Sure enough, the driver had left my raw fish on my front porch in 80-degree weather!

Apparently, the driver swore he handed my food over to an actual person, but seeing as how I was home alone, that does not check out.

The restaurant demanded I return the food in order to get a refund. They clearly didn’t believe me, so I hope they saw how soggy my tempura was and how questionable the shrimp had become!

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(Me and my mom went to a restaurant that isn’t exactly known for its good service but has great food. Right across the street is a big emergency hospital.)

Waitress: “What can I get you ladies today?”

Mom: “I’ll have a plain cheeseburger and a side of fries.”

Me: “And I will have the salad. Does the salad have any peanuts in it? I’m very allergic.”

Waitress: “Just a tiny bit. You’ll be fine.”

Mom: “I don’t think you understand. My daughter’s throat will close if she eats peanuts!”

Waitress: “You’re over exaggerating. There is a hospital across the street.”

Me: “Manager, now.”

Waitress: “Ugh fine. If you want to throw a fit about it.”

Manager: “My employee said you were verbally abusing her because you didn’t want peanuts in your salad. Yes?”

Waitress: *looking smug behind the manager*

Mom: “That’s not what happened!”

(After telling the manager want happened, she then tried to argue that there was only a small amount of peanuts in the salad.)

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(My dad and I are the customers at this hardware store known for their orange apron uniforms. An eldery lady with a moderate accent comes up to us. It is apparent that English is not her native language. Note that I am wearing a university shirt and shorts and my dad is wearing a white long sleeve shirt and work pant and we are not employees of said hardware store.)
Lady: Excuse me what does this mean? (She points to a sign that states “20% off all cabinet items in-stock”)
Dad (being polite): It means that that all the cabinets and relate items are 20%.
Lady: What does “in-stock” mean?
Dad: It means that all of the items here are 20% off.
Lady: What does “in-stock” mean?
Dad: In-stock means that they have it in the store at the moment.
Lady (points to a cabinet set): Is this in stock?
Dad: Yes that set is in stock, and so that one and that one and all of the items here in the store.
Lady: Oh, Okay. Thank you.
Me(looking at my clothes): Do we really look like we work here, dad?

“It Gets Better” Requires Work

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I work in video game publishing as a producer. I’ve actually been in the industry for nearly a decade, but with this company for only a few years. My previous job was terrible. I worked for a guy who was awful to his employees and his customers — which meant they, in turn, were awful to us. I was working insane hours for no appreciation or recognition. He would regularly cut our pay because he “couldn’t afford us,” but then would take regular vacations to his luxury cabin in the mountains.

I stuck with it both out of a misguided sense of loyalty, and because at the end of the day I still loved the industry and wanted to be part of it, which is exactly the sort of cycle that enables awful working conditions like what I went through and worse. It didn’t help that so many people just tell you how lucky you are and how grateful you should be no matter what because they would kill to have your job, so you feel even worse about… feeling the way you do. I didn’t even notice how miserable and depressed I had been for years until I finally left and realized what an awful spiral I had been in. It was like I had existed for years in a sort of fog, and on the rare occasion I wasn’t working because I had time off, I was still unhappy because it was just looming over my whole life.

It was bad enough that I was actually scared to get back into the industry when my current company reached out about hiring me a few months later. I didn’t talk about my previous experiences. The first few months I felt like I was walking on eggshells. Whenever something went wrong, even something I wasn’t involved in, I would panic and become terrified, even though the owner was an amazingly chill, gracious, generous guy. My coworkers, who rapidly became actual friends, wondered why I was always so nervous or self-deprecating. One very bluntly asked me why I seemed to have no confidence, while praising my work. It was like being on another planet. Working with people who were themselves hard workers and good people, who valued my work and me, was literally a transformative but alien experience.

All of this came to a head when we attended a major industry conference and got invited to be guests of honor at an awards show. We weren’t up for any awards ourselves, but sitting there, surrounded by happy, excited people, listening to everyone talk about how much they loved their work just sort of overwhelmed me. I started to cry a bit because I finally realized after over a year that this was how it was supposed to be and that I was among friends.

I played off my tears as just being moved by the acceptance speech onstage at the time, but I do want everyone to know that you deserve to feel this way, too. You deserve to have work that is rewarding and that you enjoy, with people you like being around and who value you in turn.

I know I’m fortunate to do the work I do, and that a lot of people who will read this are working the jobs they have to in order to get by, and can’t do anything else right now for whatever reason. I guess I’m just sharing this to say that I hope one day you get to feel this way about your work, because you deserve to, no matter what that work may be. In the meantime, know that I’m sending good vibes to you no matter who or where you are, because I’ve been there, too.

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