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It’s my very last night as a switchboard operator before I leave for a new job with a different company. Time and time again I’d gone through the script: “[Company], how may I direct your call?” And time and time again the person on the phone would say “Is this [company]?”

Five minutes before closing time. “[Company], how may I direct your call?”
“Is this [Company]?”
“No, this is [main competitor] and we’re closed.”
I tossed down my headset, went and got my stuff, and danced all the way out the door.

How Can You Be Comfortable With This Decision?

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(My writing group meets in a church that also offers a lot of other programs like AA, trauma support, and just general sanctuary as we have a huge homeless population. I arrive a little early for a writing group one day and there is a homeless man standing on the porch. I pass him and pull on the door.) 

Homeless Man: “It’s not open yet.”

Me: “Oh, okay. I guess I’m a little too early.”

(We stand and chat for a minute, and then my writing group leader shows up, giving the homeless man a huge, cartoonish berth to open the door even though we are practically standing right next to each other. The leader and I go into the meeting room and the homeless man goes into the sanctuary. We have our meeting and everything’s good until the end, when this happens.)

Group Leader: “Okay, that’s our meeting for tonight. Now for some announcements. I know there was a homeless guy earlier in the church. I asked him what he was doing here and he said he was charging his phone, but you guys don’t need to be uncomfortable because I asked him to leave.” 

Me: “Wait, you asked him to leave?!”

Group Leader: “Yes, he was making people uncomfortable sitting in the sanctuary.”

Me: “I spoke to him a bit on the porch. He was fine. Not dangerous or anything. They’re allowed to be in the sanctuary if they’re not causing any harm.”

Group Leader: “Well, he was making people uncomfortable. He’s gone now, so none of you need to be scared walking out.”

(I did leave, and I looked around for the guy hoping he hadn’t gone too far so I could at least apologize to him for her behavior, but I couldn’t find him. I still feel so bad about it; how could someone be so jerky as to oust a homeless guy from a CHURCH?!)

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(We had just stopped at an Arco gas station to fill up. My mom is paying for our fill when some lady shows up to get her change back.)
Lady: Hey, I’m here to pick up the five dollars change.
Cashier: Oh, yea. I returned it to your card.
Lady: What? I’m here to get my change back.
Cashier: Yea, I returned it to your card.
Lady: Give me back my change b*tch!
Cashier: Ma’am, plea-
Lady: F*ck you!
(She runs out of the building)

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So, this happened to my dad, who went out for Sunday brunch with some friends.

The restaurant was very crowded and even though they had a reservation, they had to wait. When they were eventually called, this woman got really upset, saying she should be seated first. Even being told they had a reservation, she would not listen. She followed them as they were being seated, still complaining. She then proceeded to SIT DOWN AT THE TABLE WITH MY DAD AND HIS FRIENDS (they were three people at a table for four). She would not calm down or leave them alone, stating she had a reservation as well (she did not) and that it was racial discrimination as she is Asian and my dad and friends are white. Eventually the police were called.

Other diners were coming up to my dad and friends after the fact saying they enjoyed the show.

Thank God It’s To Go

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(I am a barista at a cafe. A young woman approaches the counter, furiously texting away on her phone.)

Me: “Good morning. What would you like today?”

Customer: *continues texting on her phone*

Me: *louder* “Good morning! What would you like today?”

Customer: *not looking up* “Latte!”

Me: “Okay, would you like that for here or to go?”

Customer: “Soy milk!”

Me: “Okay, and will that be for here or to go?”

Customer:Soy milk!

Me: *louder* “Would you like that for here or to go?

Customer: “Oh. To go.”

Me: “Okay. That will be [amount]. Are you paying cash or card?”

Customer: *annoyed* “I already said it’s to go!” 

Me:Cash or card?

(The customer wordlessly hands over her card so I take it, process the transaction, and then go to make her drink. The entire time, she remains transfixed on her phone, still texting away. On a whim, I decide to make an iced soy latte, as well, just in case.)

Me: *handing the woman her latte* “Here you are, miss.”

(The customer looks down at her drink, and then finally looks up at me for the first time.)

Customer: *angrily* “It was supposed to be iced!”

(What can I say? Called it!)

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