Pee Happens: A Novel

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(We are attached to a mall. Our store is the only location outside the mall with a public restroom. Due to this, our bathrooms tend to be every shopper’s first stop. We try to keep it as clean as possible, but on busier days we can only check it once or twice every couple of hours. After one busy weekend day, we were just about to do a clean, when a woman marches over to my coworkers and me.)

Customer: *angrily points* “You! You need to fix the bathroom. I use it all the time and it’s disgusting.”

Me: “I’m sorr–”

(Customer cuts me off by slamming her fist onto the nearest bookshelf.)

Customer: “No! It’s disgusting and you are just lazy and just as disgusting if you think that’s acceptable. You are not getting paid to just stand. You need to work!”

Me: “We are actually just about–”

Customer: “No! It’s gross. You MUST do something! It smelled like pee and there was some on the seat! I can’t believe you allow that to happen.”

Me: “Um, what would you like us to do? Pee happens.”

(With that, she turned bright red, slammed her fists again, and stormed away. My coworkers could not stop laughing. The kicker, the bathroom was not bad at all. Not even toilet paper on the floor.)

This Child’s Legs Will Carry Them Far

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(I am at work when I receive a phone call from my eight-year-old daughter’s school nurse. My daughter is supposed to attend the after-school program there, but is complaining of a sore throat and a headache. I tell the nurse I will pick her up around 4:00 pm, once I’ve seen all the scheduled clients for the day. When I arrive to pick up my daughter, she is outside playing. I sign her out and we have this conversation while walking to the car.)

Me: “I thought you said your head hurt and your throat hurt?”

Daughter: “They do.”

Me: “Then why were you outside playing?”

Daughter: “Well, my legs don’t hurt.”

Men Have Been Looking For That Department Forever!

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(I am at work at a shoe store when a customer walks in. She has a very thick accent.)

Customer: “Do you have clits?”

Me: “I’m sorry, what?”

Customer: “Clits! Clits, you know, for soccer!”

Me: “OH, CLEATS! No, I’m sorry, we don’t sell those.”

Someone Has To Be The Brains Of This Operation

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(I work for a company that hires a lot of temporary workers and always has payroll problems with them, resulting in a lot of late checks. This particular temporary worker has already had their check delayed over a month, and they’ve come to collect it now that it has finally come in. They have a very long and complicated Eastern European last name. My name is Brian.)

Employee: *sighing after finally getting their long-sought-after check* “My name is spelled wrong.”

Me: “Okay. I can send it back for you — and I’m not going to lie, it will probably take payroll even longer to get a new check issued — or you can try and cash it anyway. Considering the number of checks I have cashed with my name spelled, ‘Brain,’ you are probably going to be fine. If not, I’ll keep yelling at payroll until they get everything straightened out for you.”

(Luckily, they got a laugh out of this and, after I checked on them a few days later, everything went fine with depositing their misspelled check.)

Unfiltered Story #123460

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I’m making keys next to an old but wise Coworker in the aisle to my right who is helping customers when this short middle-age woman approaches me right in the middle of my keycutting.

Her: “Excuse me…”
Me: *Still making keys, hoping she’s talking to my Coworker.*
Her: “Um, excuse me…”
Me: *Turns to my right to see her, and smiles a bit, and silently motions toward the key machine and my coworker…*
Her: “Could you help me?”
Me: *Shuts off machine, silently apologizing to the people whose keys I’m making. I don’t want key slivers in anyone’s mouths.* Hi there. With?
Her: “I’m looking for caulking.”
Me: “Ah, it’s in aisle 82 on the left.” *Turns key machine back on and keeps grinding.*
Her: “Yes, thank you, I’m looking for the caulking, and I need to know which one to use for my windows.”
Me: *pauses, looking at her, and shuts off the machine again.* “Yes, um, it’s in aisle 82, in the paint department. The guy behind the paint counter desk can help you.” *Turns key machine back on.*
Her: “Maybe he would know where it is?” *Motions toward my coworker, who is quite swamped at the moment.*
Me: *Shuts off key machine again* “Erm, no, he’s busy. Ask the guy behind the paint counter. He can definitely help you, and is quite experienced with caulking.” *Turns key machine on again.*
Her: “So he would know?” *Motions toward the same Coworker to my right.*
Me: “Paint counter guy.” (Key machine still on.)
Her: *Points toward coworker, confused.*
Me: *Points in the opposite direction, toward the paint counter.* “The guy behind the counter in that direction. The Paint guy.”
Her: “…. maybe he’ll know…?” *Still talking about my poor swamped Coworker there.*
Me: “No, m’dear, not him. He’s not the paint guy. He’s busy at the moment. Turn around, and walk into the middle of the store, and look to your left. You’ll see a guy behind the counter making paint..” *Turns back to keys, and silently wills an invisibility shield around self.*
Her: *Walking to my Coworker* “Maybe you know. Where is the caulking, please.”
Coworker: *Still helping a customer, ignoring her for a bit, though he raises a “one moment” finger to her.*
Her: “Where is the caulking, please?”
Coworker: *Now done* “The associate behind the paint counter will help you. It’s his area of expertise.” *Helps another customer*
Her: *Turns around, looking like she just passed through someone, and goes back to me.* “Where is the caulking?”
Me: “Aisle 82.”
Her: “So, aisle 79?”
Me: “… … aisle 82.”
Her: “So it’s in the caulking area?”
Me: “The caulking area is in the paint area. Follow the signs, dear.”
Her: “Where’s the paint area?”
Me: *Points*
Her: “But maybe he knows?”
Me: “I’m confused now.”
Her: “Me too. Maybe he knows where it is?”
Me: “But I know where it is.”
Her: “But maybe he knows?”
Me: “Fine with me, hon.”
Her: *Asks Coworker again* “Where is caulking?”
Coworker: *Wondering why he’s still here* “It’s in the paint area. Ask the man behind the paint counter. He’ll be glad to help you.”
Her: *Turns to me* “Can you show me where the caulking is?”
Me: “After I’m done making keys. I have quite the line. Maybe it might take less time to wander off into the middle of the store to find it on your own. I can’t leave until I’m done.”
Her: “But why not?”
Me: “Because I have a line.”
Her: “Okay, goodbye. Maybe he knows?” *Points to Coworker again*
Me: “Didn’t you just ask him?”
Her: “But he didn’t know.”
Me: “So why are you asking him again? The Paint counter guy knows.”
Her: “So maybe I should just ask him, right?”
Me: “Well, I’ve told you many times, but I don’t know if it’ll help to do it again, so yes, maybe he can lead you to it.”
Her: “But I’m here now. Can’t you lead me?”
Me: “After my line is gone and I have no more customers. That’s what I’m supposed to do, anyway. If you want, you can walk over to the paint counter and ask him where it is, though I can tell you right now that it’s in aisle 82.
Her: “But I don’t know where that is!”
Me: “The paint counter or aisle 82?”
Her: “… Anything!!!”
Me: “Yeah, this store is a bit of a maze.” *Spits out a key sliver* “.. Bleh. That was awful. Go into the middle of the store, and look to the left. He’s right there.”
Her: “Where?”
Me: “The middle of the store.”
Her: “Where’s that? Maybe you know?” *Walks to my Coworker*
Me: … “Where the middle of the store is?”
My current customer: “HOLY %@#% LADY, FOLLOW.”
*Customer takes her by the arm, leads her to the caulking, and comes back.*

Me: “I love you forever.”
Customer: “I Figured as much. Have a good one.”
Me: “You too, bro.”

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