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I work in a rental store and handled a call from a customer inquiring about items she needed for an upcoming pig roast party she was having.

Me: Hi, thank you for calling ****Rentals. How may I help you?
Her: I need to rent a large bar-b-que for a pig roast.
Me: Great, we can help you with that.
Her: Also, do you rent spics?
Me: Mam?
Her: Spics! You know to turn the pig.
Me: (Trying very hard and failing not to giggle) let me check with the manager Mam, we may be out. (Calling out to my coworker without covering the phone) Do we have any spics left in stock?
Sorry Mam, we are out of spics, but maybe a roasting spit will work?
Her: (click)
The phone rings again shortly, I answer it as my coworker and I are gasping for air from laughing so hard. I answer it and it’s the woman’s husband, also laughing so hard he can hardly speak.

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I work at a small Dry Cleaners on the east end of Long Island. Today a fairly regular customer came in to drop off some shirts for cleaning and complained to the owner about a shirt that he had gotten back from us previously that had been cleaned. He’s clearly agitated.

Customer: I didn’t get enough starch on my shirt last time!

Owner: It says you asked for medium starch in our computer.

Customer: it’s supposed to be heavy starch!

Owner: Okay, I will put in the shirts you are dropping off now for heavy starch.

The owner prints out a ticket showing how many shirts he dropped off, the date they will be ready, and the price. She hands it to the customer.

Customer: (Examines the ticket) This time it’s $2.00 a shirt! Last time you charged me $3.75!

The owner explains that normally cotton shirts get sent to a laundry service at a discount. Shirts made of other materials such as rayon are done on-site for $3.75 each.

Owner: I’m sorry for the confusion. Do you remember who helped you last time?

Customer: Tits.

Owner: What?

Customer: Tits! That’s what I call her. She helped me last time.

The owner and I are too stunned to react. We’ve had plenty of rude customers but none of them as rude and as sexist as this older man who refers to large-chested women as “Tits” instead of their actual names.

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(This has happened many times throughout the 6 years I’ve been a sample lady)

Me: Hello! Would you like to try [current sample] ? Just be careful, they just came out, they’re hot.

Costumer: *immediately eats sample* ow thats hot! *turns to another costumer* Be careful, thats hot!

Me: (┛ಠДಠ)┛彡┻━┻

Sneaking Into The Kitchen To Cut Some Cheese

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(I am watching television in the living room. It is past my eight-year-old daughter’s bedtime, but for some reason she feels she is able to sneak past me into the kitchen to get a late snack. I am watching her attempt to sneak by, wondering how long I should let this go for, when she trips, falls, and lets out a huge fart. I can’t help myself and burst out laughing.)

Me: “That was hysterical! I’m laughing so hard that I’m crying!”

Daughter: “Just wait until you smell it; you’ll really be crying!”

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Tiptoe Through The Blueberries, With Me

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(I’m working in the produce department at our local supermarket when a customer spills several containers of blueberries in the aisle. I’m guarding the aisle while my coworker goes to grab a broom and dustpan. The produce section basically has two aisles with produce displays in between, so there is an easy way to go around the blueberry mess. [Customer #1] approaches me, pushing a shopping cart.)

Me: “We have a bit of a mess right here. If you could just go around–“

Customer #1: “Oh, don’t worry. I’ll be careful!” 

(The customer then proceeds to shove past me and picks up the back of the cart so only the first two wheels are on the ground, and then tip-toes THROUGH the mess of blueberries on the floor, squishing and smearing the mess further as she goes.)

Me: “Or you could do that…”

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