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(This has happened many times throughout the 6 years I’ve been a sample lady)

Me: Hello! Would you like to try [current sample] ? Just be careful, they just came out, they’re hot.

Costumer: *immediately eats sample* ow thats hot! *turns to another costumer* Be careful, thats hot!

Me: (┛ಠДಠ)┛彡┻━┻

Sneaking Into The Kitchen To Cut Some Cheese

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(I am watching television in the living room. It is past my eight-year-old daughter’s bedtime, but for some reason she feels she is able to sneak past me into the kitchen to get a late snack. I am watching her attempt to sneak by, wondering how long I should let this go for, when she trips, falls, and lets out a huge fart. I can’t help myself and burst out laughing.)

Me: “That was hysterical! I’m laughing so hard that I’m crying!”

Daughter: “Just wait until you smell it; you’ll really be crying!”

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Tiptoe Through The Blueberries, With Me

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(I’m working in the produce department at our local supermarket when a customer spills several containers of blueberries in the aisle. I’m guarding the aisle while my coworker goes to grab a broom and dustpan. The produce section basically has two aisles with produce displays in between, so there is an easy way to go around the blueberry mess. [Customer #1] approaches me, pushing a shopping cart.)

Me: “We have a bit of a mess right here. If you could just go around–“

Customer #1: “Oh, don’t worry. I’ll be careful!” 

(The customer then proceeds to shove past me and picks up the back of the cart so only the first two wheels are on the ground, and then tip-toes THROUGH the mess of blueberries on the floor, squishing and smearing the mess further as she goes.)

Me: “Or you could do that…”

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Cancer And Comas And Cash, Oh My  

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(My store has a really lenient return policy. We’ll even return things past the return period as long as the customers have their receipt, albeit for the item’s current, often much reduced, price.)

Me: “Hi. How are you doing today?”

Customer: “I need to return this s***.”

Me: “Oh… kay… Do you have your receipt?”

Customer: “Yeah, yeah, right here.”

(She has two bags of kids’ summer clothing. It is April and the receipt is from a year ago, WELL past the full return period of three months.)

Me: “I’m sorry, ma’am, but these are from last summer.”

Customer: “So what? I have my receipt! They’ve never been worn; they have their tags on and everything!

Me: “Yes, but I can’t give you the full refund. It says right at the bottom that returns must be made within ninety days for a full refund. I can return them for you, but only for their current prices.”

Customer: “And how much is that gonna be?”

Me: “Probably not much, to be honest. These items are from last year.”

Customer: “So, how f****** much?!”

Me: “All right, well…”

(I scan a few of the items and they come up about a fifth of their original prices.)


Me: “I’m sorry you feel that way, but this is our policy.”

Customer: “You’re all a bunch of liars and scammers! I didn’t have time to come here before now!”

Me: “That—”

Customer: “My mother has cancer!”

Me: “I’m… sorry about that.”

Customer: “Yeah! I haven’t had any f****** time to do anything! I’m with her twenty-four-f******-seven. I take care of her!”

Me: “I am really sorry, but there isn’t anything I can do. You can talk to a manager, but I don’t even think they can override this.”

Customer: “I can’t believe this. You won’t give me my money back because my mother is in the hospital dying of cancer.”

Me: “…”

Customer: “This is bulls***. You’re bulls***. This place is bulls***. You’re f****** scamming customers and screwing me out of my refund. It isn’t my fault my f****** mother is dying! She has cancer!”

Me: “…”

Customer: “I can’t believe you. You must hate people with cancer, like MY MOTHER IN THE HOSPITAL WHERE I HAVE TO TAKE CARE OF HER DAY AND NIGHT.”

(She crams stuff back into her bags until they rip. I give her new bags but have no idea what to say.)

Customer: “My mother is dying and f****** has cancer and she’s in a coma, and you a**holes won’t refund me even though I have my receipt and had no idea there was a time limit.”

(She walked out, still ranting. To this day, I have a weird suspicion that she was lying about her mother with cancer, just from the way she was talking about it, probably as some kind of sympathy ploy, which frankly makes her behaviour even WORSE.)

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After a night out in Long Island, my family and a few friends decided to go and have a late night bite to eat. Applebees (maybe?) was the cheapest and closest place to eat, so in we went. Because it was close to Halloween, a few of the waiters were in costume. I want to say that our waiter was a guy dressed up in a fat suit with a pink ballerina costume over it.

Our booth was having a good time. The people in the booth next to ours, not so much. The whole time we were there, the other booth kept sending back food because it was too cold, too hot, supposedly not the right order, or just not to someone’s liking.

Then the really bad attitude comes when the check comes. The booth almost chomps ballerina’s head off. Most of the time they keep shouting “I don’t understand this bill!” If they didn’t like a particular dish, they wanted that cut out. If they got “the wrong order”, that had to be cut too. Also, the prices were “not clear enough” when they really were. They refused to pay the full amount of their bill. Ballerina handles them like a pro, and goes to his manager. The bill is cut by however much. Still, the other booth is unhappy with the price. Eventually, they decide to pay up but they leave out a tip.

When our booth was finished, one of our friends jokingly said “I don’t understand the bill!” We all had a good laugh and left ballerina a nice tip.