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(One day at work I see a large group of teenagers crowded around the rabbit display we have in the shop. Trying to figure out what’s going on, I stand back and eavesdrop on the conversation.)

Customer 1: That’s the rabbit I was talking about.

Customer 2: Which one?

Customer 1: The spotty one.

Customer 3: Oh my god, it’s got spots and has one ear up and one ear down!

Customer 1: See what I mean.

Customer 4: You’re right! It looks like Jeff!

Customer 1: Should I get the Jeff rabbit and take it to school to show everyone?

Customer 5: All the stuff you need for it will cost over £100.

Customer 6: You can take a photo of it.

Customer 1: That’s a better idea.

(The customer takes a photo of the rabbit and the group of friends leaves the shop. I have no idea who Jeff is but this sounds like something I need to see for myself.)

The Manager Sounds Like A Broken Record-ing

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(This story occurs when I live abroad and work at a restaurant with a VERY abrasive manager. It’s the night before I have a relatively easy shift, but I’ve been given some terribly sad news from back home. In between crying in the night, stressing out over how I can’t get home quickly as I’ve just paid a large sum of bills for the month, I’ve barely gotten much sleep. However, again I’m reminded that I have an easy shift ahead of me tomorrow. I fall asleep eventually at around 5:00 am but wake at 8:00 am. I’m exhausted, dreary, and still stressed out. My mobile phone rings about half an hour later after I wake up. It’s from my abrasive manager’s manager.)

Manager #2: “Hey, [My Name], can you start earlier today? Like, within the hour?”

(I’ve always had respect for [Manager #2] as she sees people’s emotions, unlike my manager. But, despite her asking me to work essentially a double shift after last night’s news, I decide to decline.)

Me: “I’m sorry, [Manager #2]. I can’t today.”

Manager #2: “Oh… all right, thank you.” *click*

(I go to make myself a coffee and to try at least calm myself down a bit. For what it’s worth, I told my abrasive manager the evening before about what had happened. And of course, true to his form, he rolled out the usual “don’t forget you’re working tomorrow” spiel, as if I needed to be reminded. Not five minutes later, the phone rings again. This time it’s from my manager.)

Me: “Hello?”

Manager #1: “Buddy. You have to work earlier today.”

Me: “Sorry, [Manager #1]. I’ve already told [Manager #2]—”

Manager #1: “I do not f****** care what you told [Manager #2]. You come to work, buddy. Everyone has problems in this world; you’re just going to have to deal with it, understand?

(My patience with this manager has already grown exceptionally thin up to this point. This is normally the conversation that occurs with any of his staff if they try to put up any resistance to working more hours just because he said so. Under any normal circumstance, I would fold and just accept; hey, it’s more money. But because this time he’s shown no regard whatsoever for how much stress, anguish, and emotion I have right now, I decide to put my foot down for good.)

Me: “No.”

Manager #1: “What?! No, you come into work.”

Me: “No. Law states that an employer cannot force their employees—”

Manager #1: “I do not f****** care—”

(Tired of being cut off whenever I try to make my point, I just continue to explain to my manager that he cannot force me to work longer hours if it’s not already been agreed to on the rota, which it hasn’t. I also suggest to the manager that what he is doing is illegal, but I’m still met with the same response. But most importantly, I do NOT back down. Eventually, he goes silent.)

Manager #1: “Buddy. You listen to me now. You can either come in within the next hour and work all day, or you leave [Restaurant] for good. You have five minutes to decide.” *click*

(My stress, anguish, and emotions are all swapped out with seething anger at this point. Knowing my manager will do whatever it takes to force me into work earlier, I decide to cover my tracks as best as possible. I screen grab the rota as it appears on our restaurant’s website, I use an app on my phone that records the previous telephone conversation just in case I need to prove that he did, in fact, suggest I’d be fired if I didn’t come in early, and I also get in touch with a union rep whilst I wait for the manager to call back. Ten minutes on the dot later, he does.)

Manager #1: “So, when are you coming today, buddy?”

Me: “I’m not.”

Manager #1: “Excuse me?”

Me: “If firing me means you get your own way and I get the day off to deal with my very serious personal issues properly, then be my guest.”

Manager #1: “So, then, you have to work thirty days and then you go.”

Me: “Actually, you made no reference to that in the previous conversation.”

Manager #1: “Do you think I f****** care? Listen, you will—”

Me: “Sorry, I don’t think you fully understand what I’m trying to explain to you. I will not be coming in today. You know that I have a very serious personal matter that needs to be addressed but still, you decided the best course of action was to give me an ultimatum to either work longer or be fired. No referral at all to the 30-days notice period there. Oh, and I should also let you know a few things. First, that phone conversation has been recorded and this one will be, too. Second, I have time-stamped and screen-grabbed the rota for today’s shift just in case you want to change it. Finally, all this evidence will be submitted to my union rep once we are done here.”

Manager #1: “You are not allowed to record me. It’s illegal.”

Me: “Law states that as long as one person in a phone call is aware of the recording taking place then it is, in fact, legal. Good day, [Manager].” *click*

(I didn’t actually follow through with threatening union involvement. As much of a pig he was, my manager had a family who depended on his paycheck to get by. This still didn’t stop him from calling me all day that week, telling me to come in. I was even asked by [Manager #2] what I wanted from them in order to make the issue go away. But I refused to give in; the damage was already done with those phone calls and to return to working there would have essentially been an admittance of defeat for me.)

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That’s What You Get For Reading The Comments

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Lady: “I’d like to return this laptop.”

Me: “May I ask why?”

Lady: “Well, I was on YouTube and somebody was rude to me! It’s obvious this laptop is broken, as everyone likes me!”

Me: “…”


(The lady ran around the shop screaming cuss words at me. I don’t like her.)

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I use a wheelchair, following an accident when I was six and have been in line to pay for my shopping for the last few minutes, in a queue that is now about ten deep, when a woman walks past and just steps in front of me,

Me: Excuse me

She ignores me

Me: I said excuse me

She finally turns around, and looks down. Immediately feigns surprise, “I I didn’t see you there”

Me: So that’s why you decided to jump in line, ignoring all these people. even if you didn’t see me

Everyone in the back of the line is just grinning at this point.

Woman: Look, just because I ignored a cripple, doesn’t make me a bitch. I’ve just got a new job at the local council and I’m in here to grab a few things. I donlt see why I have to wait when I;m only buying a bottle of wine

Everyone, including the cashier is stunned at her calling me a *cripple*, but I just grin

Me: That’s crap, you don’t work at the council. who will you work for

Woman: Not that it’s any of your business, but it’s for a Persoanl Assistant for the housing unit.

Me: Oh really, (pulls out my phone and makes a call) Oh Simon, it’s Jessica Did you interview a woman today, as your new Peronal Assistant? About 5’10, wearing a blue suit…and did you hire her on the spot? Oh that’s fine…may i siggest a second interview and make sire she knows Government Poloicy and the Equality Act…she’s a bit crippled in that respect. I’ll tell you everything later.

I hang up the phone and the woman’s face is now drained with blood, while she begins to stammer an apology.

Me: You know what, you better go in front, i;ve a feeling you might need that wine.

The woman, just puts the wine down and walks from the store, while everyone just claps.

I never saw her at my office, since i;m the head of the Housing Department, i would have noticed

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Be On The Lookout For Some Overly-Caffeinated Flies

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(I have come home from my big-city living to the small town I grew up in as my parents are both ailing and need a bit of help. I head to a local coffee chain to get a coffee while I wait for my mother in one of her doctor’s appointments, and I get a china mug as I know I’ll be there for a bit. I accept the coffee from one server and turn to pick up my ordered bagel from the soup/sandwich section a few steps away when I look down to see two flies in my coffee — fully submerged with their eyes and wings visible. I turn back to the coffee server and put my coffee cup back down where she’d put it for me.)

Me: “I have a problem!”

Server: “What?”

(She doesn’t look down at the coffee; she just stares at me.)

Me: “There are flies… in my coffee.”

Server: “Well, they fell in there as you walked away.”

Me: “What?”

Server: “I took the mug out of the cleaner. They weren’t in there when I filled it. They fell in as you walked away.”

(My bagel is prepared and the woman who made it stares between us as if it were a tennis match.)

Me: “Okay. Can I get another coffee, please?”

Server: “But they fell in while you were holding the coffee.”

(I know as a certainty that they didn’t but just say:)

Me: “Can I just get another coffee, please?”

(The server reaches for another mug and holds it up for me to see it is clean.)

Server: “See? No flies.”

Me: “Great. Can I get another coffee, please?”

(The server filled the new coffee mug and put it down beside the fly-filled one. I took it with a “thank you” — I am Canadian after all — and turned to accept my bagel from the woman who was wide-eyed and silent.)

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