Gate Agent’s Kindness Is Out To Lunch… Or Supper?

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(My mom and I have a flight home to Canada scheduled to depart shortly before noon. Since we need to navigate public transit to get there and don’t want to risk making ourselves late, we wake up in the morning, pack, and head straight to the airport without eating breakfast. Once we are checked in and through security, we decide to find our gate so we know where we need to be. It turns out it’s down a long hallway, far away from all the shops and restaurants, but this is the reason we checked before relaxing, to be aware of this. Both at the check-in desk and when purchasing our tickets, we are informed that there will be one meal served on the nine-hour flight and we need to purchase in advance to guarantee availability, but we will have the option to buy it on the plane. It’s about an hour before takeoff and half an hour until scheduled boarding, but knowing it’s a bit of a trek back to the restaurants, I approach the gate agent before we leave to find breakfast.)

Me: “Excuse me, I was just wondering if you know if the meal served on board will be lunch or dinner.”

Gate Agent: “You’d need to purchase that in advance to guarantee we have them for you. Did you prepay for your meal?”

Me: “No, but we were told we could purchase them onboard if we changed our minds.”

Gate Agent: “We will have some meals available for purchase with credit card, but once those are gone, they’re gone.”

Me: “Okay, but do you know if they’ll be serving around lunchtime or around dinnertime? I ask because we haven’t eaten breakfast yet and want to know if it’s worth us running to get some now or if we’d have to wait until supper if we didn’t?”

Gate Agent: “You’ll have to talk to the in-flight crew about that. But now, you need to come in and prepare to board, because we’re going to start boarding soon.”

(She gestures to a small area behind the desk, separated from the rest of the terminal by a few glass panes, with only chairs in it where a few dozen people are already seated.)

Me: “But the plane isn’t scheduled to leave for almost an hour. We’re just trying to find out how long we’d have to wait if we decide not to go get food now because we haven’t eaten yet.

Gate Agent: “Like I said, you’d have to talk to the in-flight crew about that. But if you leave now and we’re ready to go and you’re not back, we won’t wait for you.”

Me: “I’m not asking you to wait; boarding isn’t even scheduled to start for half an hour.”

Gate Agent: “But we will have to close the doors. If you’re not back and we have everyone accounted for, even if it’s before our scheduled time, we have to close the doors; we can’t wait for you.”

(My mom just nudged me and said we were going to get food. Like I’m sure most people could say, my mom is the first person to tell me I need to check my tone when I don’t think I’m being unreasonable, but even she couldn’t understand why the agent was being so rude to me because she thought my tone was perfectly polite the entire time. She also pointed out the biggest flaw in the agent’s logic, that if we weren’t back, obviously not everyone would be accounted for.

We got breakfast and food to take on the plane and made it back in plenty of time. Lucky we did, because the flight attendants — who were lovely — didn’t serve the meal until almost supper time. When we got to the next airport, I was held up for hours in customs and we had to be put on a later connecting flight, so my mom used the time to write an email to corporate complaining about an issue with delays she had had on the way to London and about the unreasonable gate agent in London.

She didn’t mention the customs thing because she understood, but for some reason they wrote her a long email back a week later explaining how sometimes customs chooses to do secondary inspection and it can take time and the airline has no control over it. She just left it, though, because they addressed her issue in a separate email and said they have no influence over gate agents in other countries, even if they are wearing the Canadian airline’s uniform.)

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That Had Better Have Been A Great Cookie

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After visiting a friend in London, I’m heading back to Holland. Between the few and cheapest options, I end up with a flight departing at 7:00 am. So, I wake up at 4:00, get a cab to the airport to be two hours early at 5:00.

Everything is going according to plan… until about 6:30, when I hear that the flight will be delayed for about thirty minutes. That’s annoying, but these things happen.

At 7:15 there is an announcement that maintenance is taking longer. Please stand by.

At 7:45, the fuel filter needs to be replaced; this will take about an hour.

At 9:00, the fuel filter that arrived was the wrong type; they are searching for the right type.

At 9:45, the right filter has been found. Also, because of the long wait, I get a coupon that buys me a cup of tea and a cookie. Wow.

At 10:30, the filter has been replaced; now they need to check whether it works.

You get the pattern. In the end, instead of landing just before lunch, I end up landing just before dinner.

As I walk into the terminal, the first thing I see is a poster for the airline I’ve used with their slogan: “Why are you still here?” Ironic and infuriating.

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Unfiltered Story #191488

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Caller: Hi, I was wondering if you could give me directions to your shop?
Me: Sure *gives detailed directions*
Caller: Okay and can you tell me about the helmets you have in stock?
Me: Sure. We’ve got a whole range. What sort of riding are you doing? *I carry on talking to him about helmets for about 5 minutes*
Caller: Can you just hang on a minute?
Me: Sure.
*I can hear him breathing heavily and some scuffling sounds in the backgroung*
Caller: Oh yeah. That felt really good. Do you want to know what I was doing?
Me: No thank you! Goodbye!
*hangs up as fast as I can*

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(Basically i’m working in a fastfood restaurant, ours is the only one which is open at night in our area. Usually i’m taking orders on Drive-thru, so i’ve learned the prices of the items…someone thought differently)

(Ps.: I’m new in this country, English is not my native language, but i rarely have problems with that)

Me: Welcome to XY, may i take your order please?

Customer: Hey, yeah. Can i have, yeah, a 1,29 pound double cheeseburger with bacon?

Me: *Since we have only one kind, and that is for 1,49, it struck me suddenly* I’m not sure i heard it correctly..can you repeat it for me please?

Customer: *Sighs* Do i really have to tell this all the f*#&@{ time?! *Starts repeating it word by word* I. WANT. A. 1,29. DOUBLE. CHEESE. BURGER. WITH. BACON.

Me: *Usually i have a good temper but i kinda lost it at this moment* Thank you for making it clear for me Sir. The only problem is that our Doublecheese burger doesnt come with bacon, and it’s 1,49.

Customer: Listen here you dumbf*#& This is england. Learn the f>#&{@ language! I told you what i want! The motherf***** 1,29 double cheeseburger with bacon! You’ve put posters all over England with this!!!

Me: Are you sure…you are not talking about the [Other restaurant, which does this offer]?

Customer: NO! Let me come to the window! Call your f***** Manager you dumb f***!

*My manager was waiting, before he could speak the Customer started shouting*

Customer: You are the manager yeah?! Employ people who are not so F#&@{ idiot like this girl here! She is a stupid blond f*** I told her what i want and she keeps telling bulls***!

*My manager sent me away, before i could start crying, after that all i heard is someone came to the store, i ran to the Front to help them, it was the guy, he wanted to throw a chair at me for that. Thankfully two policemen took him away before he could do any harm*

Co-worker: Seriously…all this fuss just for a double-cheeseburger..?

Hope For Humanity Is Elevating

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(There’s an office party in a nearby member’s club. My friends headed to it before I did as I had to work late, so I arrive on my own. I’m scared of lifts and so, even though the party is on the eighth floor, I attempt to take the stairs. The security guards spot me on the way down.)

Guard #1: “Hey! Didn’t we tell you there was a lift?”

Me: “Yeah, you did. It’s just, uh, I’m scared of lifts and I kind of took a look at this one and thought I’d be happier on the stairs.”

Guard #1: “Oh. I’m afraid the stairs only go to the sixth floor and then the doors are locked.”

Me: *laughs* “Yeah, I noticed that. I guess I’ll just have to suck it up.”

(I start to walk to the lift. I hear the second security guard ask the first one what happened.)

Guard #2: “Hold on! Wait there!”

(I turn around. The guard walks up to me.)

Guard #2: “How about I ride up with you?”

Me: “Oh, no, don’t worry. I’ll just suck it up.”

Guard #2: “Nah, it’s fine.” *presses the button and walks in* “Come on in.”

(I walk in. He closes the door and presses the button for the eighth floor.)

Guard #2: “You see, nothing is going to happen. I’m here, riding with you, so we’re going to be fine. I promise.”

(True to his word, we got to the eighth floor without dying. I didn’t see him for the rest of the evening, but if you’re out there, my friends said they were worried about how I’d get up there, given my phobia, and thought you were incredibly sweet for riding up with me.)

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