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Customer: *hands me a dress with the price tag on top* How much is this?
Me: *looks at price tag* …[price].
Customer: Oh, is that the right one?
The price tags are clearly labelled with the charity name.

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(I was working back-up cash at the time this crazy exchange happened to my coworker. The customer that she just served just bought some chocolate bars and my manager told her the prices earlier, yet she was thinking of the prices over at Dollarama, a Dollar Store that we, at Dollar Tree, get mixed up with.)

Customer: *Looks at total and points to the chocolate bars that are priced at $1.00* I thought these were 70 cents!

Coworker: *Calmly* Well they are 70 cents at Dollarama, as my manager just told you.

Customer: That can’t be right. Just void the whole thing! *Leaves*

(I was unaware of the whole thing until she told me as I was emptying my Return cart. I laughed at this and soon said:)

Me: Well this is a moment worthy of notalwaysright.com!

(As I said earlier, our store, Dollar Tree, often gets mixed up with Dollarama and usually customers realize the mistake and correct themselves. This is the first time when one doesn’t!)

They’ll Serve That When Pigs Fly

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I am waiting in the queue at a bagel shop in London, famous for traditional bagels, when I overhear this genius customer in front of me.

Customer: “Can I get a bagel, please?”

Server: “What would you like in that?”

Customer: “Umm… bacon.”

Server: “We don’t do bacon here; we’re Jewish.”

Customer: “Oh… er… ham?”

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Good Students Can Get Away With Murder

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It is a Sunday afternoon when a friend in my A-Level Politics class asks me how many pages long the essay due on Monday is supposed to be. I panic at this point, as I’ve completely forgotten that there even is an essay due.

I get the pertinent details from another classmate and start working on the essay. By late evening, I realise that I’m not going to get it finished in time. However, I will be able to write a little more than the first page. 

I write this, print it, and take the first page to school. In the class, I hand it in to the teacher in a plastic wallet. That evening, I finish up the essay, print the full document, and take that in on Tuesday. Before classes start, my politics teacher finds me and lets me know I only handed in the first page.

Feigning ignorance and concern, I apologise and say I can print it off again and give it to him at break. At break, I go to the Humanities office and hand over the completed document.

And that’s the story of how I managed to give myself a day’s extension on an essay. Thankfully, I had a reputation as a good and conscientious student, which probably gave me the benefit of the doubt in the teacher’s eyes, but I never risked that gambit again!

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Policy Exists For A Reason

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I am a trainee for a well-known book retailer. It is company policy not to change notes. Three women walk into the store.

Woman #1: “Hi. I like your hair! I work just down the street and was hoping you could change £200 into £10 notes.”

She gets out £200 in fake £20 notes.

Me: “I’m afraid I can’t do that. Besides, we don’t even have £200 in our tills.”

[Woman #1] thumbs through her “money.”

Woman #1: “Okay, what about £100?”

Me: “No.”

Coworker: “I’m afraid we can’t do that at all.”

Woman #1: “Okay.”

The next day, I was informed by my manager that after the women left our store, they drove up to one of our sister stores in the next town and pulled the same trick, but this time they got their money.

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