Turn Right On Left Street

, , , , , | Right | June 24, 2017

Customer: “Hello, what street are you located on?”

Me: “[Street], in between [Road #1] and [Road #2], opposite the big toy store.”

Customer: “Are you on the left or right hand side on the road?”

Me: *silence and confusion* “Um…”

Must Be One Of Those IPAs Or Something

, , , , , | Right | June 20, 2017

Customer: “What sort of alcohol would you recommend for a single lady in her mid 30s who lives by herself?”

Me: “Cats.”

Will Need Something A Bit Stronger

| Australia | Right | May 13, 2017

Customer: “Can you help me find a wine?”

Me: “Sure. What’s it called?”

Customer: “I’m not sure. I think it starts with a ‘B.'”

Me: “Okay, what sort of wine is it?”

Customer: “I’m not sure…”

Me: “What colour is it? Red, or white?”

Customer: “I don’t know.”

Me: *sighs* “I’ll check on the computer.”

This Complaint Leaves You Cold

| Australia | Right | April 20, 2017

Customer: “Why do you have it so bloody cold in that room?! It should be warmer for the customers!”

Me: “The fridge room?”

Customer: “YES! I don’t wanna freeze to death whilst getting a cold slab of beer!”

Me: “…”

Sexist In More Than Spirit

| Chicago, IL, USA | Right | February 23, 2017

(I’m the only girl under 40 who works at my location of a chain liquor store. I happen to be well-educated in many types of liquor including most varieties of whiskey. This is a typical interaction I have every day.)

Me: *to customer in the scotch aisle* “Can I help you find anything today, sir?”

Customer: “I’m fine, little lady.”

Me: “All right. Let me know if you have any questions!”

Customer: “Sure thing.”

(Two minutes later:)

Customer: *to male coworker* “Can you suggest a good single malt scotch?”

(Good to see sexism is still alive and well in the liquor industry.)

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