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How Dare You Buy Stuff We Have In Stock?!

, , , , , , , | Working | June 30, 2021

Due to the current health crisis, my husband and I have tried to figure out ways to limit the number of visits to various stores. We also enjoy having some beer on the weekend. Instead of going to the beer store once or twice a week, we decide to buy a month’s supply at a time. This happens while we’re checking out at the beer store.

Husband: *To the cashier* “Hi, I’ve got [number] cases here.”

Cashier: *Sucks her teeth and replies with an instant attitude* “You know, that only leaves us with [other number] of cases to sell to other customers.”

Husband: “Well, I’ll be putting this on a debit card.”

The transaction is completed. The cashier calls out to my husband as he is exiting the store.

Cashier: “And I don’t appreciate you coming in here when we are due to close in twenty minutes!”

I was shocked by the interaction when my husband told me. I have felt the attitude from that particular clerk before. I know the owner by sight and made a mental note to speak with him the next time I saw him around town. When I told him, he apologized to me and told me that his clients can buy however much of something that they want and can walk in with one minute until closing if they want. He told me that it was not the first complaint about that cashier and if there was one more, she would be gone. She must have had another complaint because I never saw her in the store again.

Manager In (Need Of More) Training

, , , , , | Working | June 21, 2021

We have a manager-in-training (MIT) program where I work. Usually, people get promoted within the company from store level to a Third Key Manager and work their way up from there to assistant manager, store manager, etc. With our MIT program, we hire people from outside the company with previous management experience and fast-track them to be assistant managers. Since Texas has such strict liquor laws, it’s a serious position, even if it doesn’t seem like it from an outside perspective.

I’m a newly-promoted Third Key Manager when we get our new MIT. She’s in her mid- to late forties and has been a store manager of a home goods store for years before coming to us. She started in November, and now it’s mid-February.

Despite her experience, she’s been difficult to work with and doesn’t seem to be really retaining any information. I personally have had to walk her through the simplest procedures multiple times, not to mention the times our assistant manager and store manager have shown her the same things.

One morning, while I’m counting the highly stolen liquors in the store to confirm that nothing has been stolen in a week, she comes up to me.

MIT: “I’ve got a customer that needs a keg for Friday, but they want to pay for it now. Can we do that?”

Some of our smaller stores have people prepay for kegs because they have small beer coolers and can’t keep a lot of kegs on hand. Making people prepay makes sure the keg isn’t just left there. We’re a big store, though, and have a separate cooler just for kegs, so this is a weird request.

Me: “Wait, is the customer on the phone, or are they here in person?”

Only our main location can take payments over the phone.

MIT: “No, they’re here right now. We have three half kegs of [Beer], so they just want to pay now, since they’re here.”

Me: “I mean, since they’re here, they can pay now if they really want.”

MIT: “Okay! I’ll ring them up, then!”

A few hours pass and I finish up doing my counts when my MIT comes up to me again.

MIT: “So, you know how I sold that keg because I thought we had three of them in the cooler?”

Me: *Already with a sinking feeling* “Yeah, what about it? You checked to make sure that all three kegs weren’t already claimed, right?”

MIT: “Well, we don’t actually have any of the kegs that they want.”

Me: “What do you mean, we don’t have the kegs? Didn’t you double-check? You know that the inventory for kegs is always off and needs to be physically checked!”

I have personally informed her of this at least three different times, and I couldn’t tell you how many times other people have told her this, as well.

MIT: “It’s no big deal, right? We get keg deliveries on Thursday!”

We do NOT get [Beer] kegs in on Thursdays; we get them in on Fridays. So, when the customer showed up at 10:00 am for the keg — FOR HIS GRANDDAUGHTER’S WEDDING — guess who got screamed at for nearly twenty minutes before they fixed it by sending them to another store to pick up their keg and working magic to make sure neither store’s inventory was messed up in the process? Yeah, NOT the MIT!

The keg delivery came in less than an hour after the customers left.

Here’s A Tip: Bring Your Own Money To The Store

, , , , | Right | CREDIT: Harl0t_Qu1nn | April 17, 2021

I work at a liquor store. This guy comes in and tries to buy a $10 bottle of beer. This dude never has enough when he comes in, and the first couple of times, I’d throw in the extra bit he needed, but, dude… you gotta have the money to pay for things.

Me: “I need $4 more or I can’t sell to you.”

This dude picked up my tip jar, dumped out the money in there, and tried to give it to me as payment.

I was flabbergasted. I haven’t seen him since but I still think about that on a daily basis.

This Flavor Isn’t Grape

, , , | Right | March 13, 2021

I work at a chain liquor store in my state as a wine specialist.

Customer: “Hi, I’m looking for a nice red wine that doesn’t have any added flavors to it.”

I am slightly confused but go along with it.

Me: “Added flavors, sir?”

Customer: “Yeah, I don’t want one of those wines that talk about added flavors of, like, coffee, or berry, or leather. Just regular red wine.”

Me: “Sir, there are very few wines that we have that have any kind of ‘added flavors-’ — just three in our store, in fact.”

Customer: “Then what makes it taste like things other than grapes if they don’t add them in?!”

Me: “Sir? Those flavors happen naturally, not by adding a flavoring in.”

Customer: “So, wine doesn’t taste like red or green grapes?”

It was SO hard to retain my retail smile. Luckily, I got paged by someone else who needed help, and I was able to bite my tongue and leave.

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Mr. Bojangles Novo Is Our New Hero

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I’m the wine department lead for a mid-sized store that’s part of a huge family-owned liquor chain in Texas. I’ve only been at this store for maybe six months, but I’ve been with the company for nearly seven years, and not only am I the only employee in the wine department, but I’m the only one of the fourteen of us in store, including managers, that knows anything about wine.

I should also note that I look about nineteen, even though I’m in my late twenties and have been working for the company since I turned twenty-one.

During my time with the company, I’ve heard people butcher the names of wines in all sorts of ways. I’ve had people ask for “peanut gringos” (Pinot grigios), “crabernets” (cabernets), and many more. This one takes the cake, though. It’s about a week before Christmas. The week before Thanksgiving, we got a wine in that we get once a year; it’s a hot ticket item for this time of year. The wine is traditionally, at least in the US, drunk with Thanksgiving dinner.

Customer: “Hi! I’m looking for a bottle of Bojangles Novo.”

I have no idea what the customer is talking about, but it could be a brand I’ve never heard of.

Me: “I’m sorry, sir, I don’t think I’ve heard of that before. Could you tell me what kind of wine it is, so I can look it up in our system?”

Customer: *Quickly becoming irate* “Are you stupid or something?! I’m looking for Bojangles Novo! That wine that comes out once a year?! The one that is supposed to be made from the first crop of wine grown this year?! God! I thought [Company] hired people that knew what they were talking about! They’re going to end up getting shut down by [Nationwide Competitor] at this rate!”

Me: *Quickly realizing* “Sir, do you mean Beaujolais Nouveau?” *bee-zhu-lay new-vo*

Customer: “No! It’s Bojangles, and it’s only released the week before Thanksgiving!”

I give up and shows the customer the two bottles of Beaujolais Nouveau I have left

Customer: “Yes, that’s it! You really need to have one of the more senior employees teach you about wine if you’re going to be stocking the department.”

Me: *Internal screaming*