Checkout This Scam

| TX, USA | Right | November 1, 2016

A man buys a pack of cigarettes with a $50 bill. As I count his change back to him, he asks what he’d paid with, and I tell him it was a $50. He asks to buy it back, and counts out $49 in smaller bills and lays out 99 cents on the counter. I hand him the $50 for the $49 while he fishes for the last coin he needs. He comes up with a $1, which he gives me, along with the $50 and asks for a $100 instead.

We don’t have any $100s, nor other $50s. While I’m trying to figure out how to give him his money back, the fact that this is a scam occurs to me. I tell him, politely, that $50 of the money in my hands is mine, and he can either have the $50 bill or the small bills. He chooses the small bills. He then asks if he can buy the $50 back, and I let him.

Surprise, surprise, he tries the scam again, but this time I’m watching to see how it works, what he’s doing, and what I need to watch for in the future. Once he hands me the $50 back to ask for $100 again, I tell him he’s scamming me and is no longer welcome in the store. He grumbles a bit as he gathers up the change, but goes.

The next morning I come up $50 long. Apparently when I was kicking him out I forgot to give him his $50 back. So, to recap, I learned how to spot this kind of thing AND he ended up losing $50 on the deal. And if he hadn’t been greedy, and done the same kind of thing using a $10 to get $20, I wouldn’t have had the momentary confusion and he might have gotten away with it.

Selling Under The Influence

| Barrie, ON, Canada | Working | October 6, 2016

(I’m stopping at a liquor store with a couple friends to get drinks for the evening. There’s a woman handing out samples as we enter.)

Sample Woman: “Would you like to try some [Brand] vodka?”

Me: “No, thanks, I still have to drive home.”

Sample Woman: “It’s only a little bit…”

(I was taken aback by this, as it didn’t seem to fit the idea of responsible drinking. I realized that it wouldn’t be enough to get me drunk but the thought that someone would still offer alcohol to someone who just said they were driving astounds me. I spoke to the manager and he brushed it off as not a big deal. In hindsight it may have been an overreaction on my part but something still wasn’t right about it.)

Wasn’t Born Yesterday

| NJ, USA | Working | August 12, 2016

(I’m at a liquor store attached to a supermarket. I pick out a six-pack and take it to the register.)

Clerk: “I need to see your ID.”

Me: “…? You’re joking, right?”

(I’m in my mid sixties, and, while I might flatter myself that I look young for my age, there’s no way anyone could mistake me for less than forty.)

Clerk: “No. Our store policy is that we check EVERYBODY’S ID.”

Me: *as I pull out my driver’s license* “Well, that’s ridiculous.”

(The clerk the grabbed my license from my hand and keyed in my entire birth date, rather than just the birth year, which would more than suffice. He refused to remove that information, which is one of three critical pieces of ID information that crooks commonly use in identity theft. Complaints to the store had no effect. I no longer shop there.)

And Don’t Even Get Me Started On What They Did To The Fava Beans

| BC, Canada | Working | May 27, 2016

(My mother and I are in one of the dozen liquor stores that serves our small town looking for a specific type of red wine. We can’t seem to find it so we ask a staff member who is stocking shelves.)

Me: “Excuse me; do you know where your Chianti is?”

Staff: “What?”

Me: “Chianti.”

Mom: “It’s red wine.”

(The staff member goes to the tills and asks for help. She returns and leads us to the right section.)

Staff: “It’s actually ‘chee-auntie.'”

(I grimace at my mother.)

Mom: “No, it’s actually Chianti.” *key-anty*

Staff: “The girls corrected me…”

Mom: “It’s Chianti.”

(I find the bottle we want and the staff member wanders off. I turn to Mom.)

Me: “They really need to watch Silence of the Lambs.”

No ID, No Idea, Part 25

| Lethbridge, AB, Canada | Right | February 21, 2016

(A customer in and picks out a bottle of vodka that is currently being advertised in our flyer.)

Me: “Hi! Could I please see your ID?”

Customer: “I only have a photo of it. Is that okay?”

(He holds out his phone to show me.)

Me: “No.”

Customer: “Are you sure?”

Me: “Yes.”

Customer: “Are you reeeally sure?”

(I hand him a flyer.)

Me: “Well, I can give you a photo of your liquor. Is that okay?”

Customer: *glares at me and leaves*

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