Drawing More Than Just Conclusions

, , , , | Hopeless | February 22, 2018

Our library has become an after-school hangout for kids and teens, which we encourage with programs and activities. One group of kids in particular have become regulars; they stop by every day after school to check out movies and play games on our computers, and they have a reputation for being loud and somewhat obnoxious.

We have a fairly lax dress-code at work, as well, so one day I’m shelving books while wearing a T-shirt with a video game character on it. Three kids from this group spot my shirt and immediately begin to follow me around asking questions: “Do you play [Game]?” “Which character’s your favorite?” “Can we download [Game] onto the library computers?” “Do you think [Game]’s scary?” I answer questions for a while, then tell the kids I have to go back to work.

The next day, when this group of kids comes in, the three kids who were full of questions the day before come up to me and hand me pieces of paper. Each one of them drew me pictures of the characters from that game as presents. I felt both touched and very guilty for complaining earlier to a co-worker about how obnoxious these kids were.

The pictures are now taped to my desk. And while these kids can still be annoying at times, I know their hearts are in the right place.

That’s His Normal And He’s Sticking To It

, , , | Right | February 20, 2018

(I’m sitting in the library near the main desk reading a book when a 30- to 40-year-old man enters the library, walks up to the desk, and has the following interaction with a librarian.)

Patron: “Hi, I’d like to get a new library card. I think I had one, but it’s been a while since I used it.”

Librarian: “Sure. What’s your name?”

(The patron gives his name and the librarian looks him up in the system. While he’s waiting, he starts to take stickers from the basket that is set out for kids. He then begins to stick them on his face at random.)

Patron: *in a serious tone, after adding a second sticker along his jawbone* “I’m going to put some stickers on my face.”

(The librarian looks up at him, a bit surprised, but doesn’t say anything.)

Patron: “I have to cover up the bite marks” *he leans over the desk, sticking his face out for inspection* “See the marks? That’s where my dog bit me.”

Librarian: *seems a bit startled, but carries on as if this is normal* “Wow, um… That’s too bad. So, you do have an account, and you can get a new card for $5, or I can just give you the number to use the computer.”

(The patron took the number and walked off to the computers with multiple children’s stickers still stuck to his face.)

My Librarian, My Hero

, , , , , | Hopeless | February 10, 2018

(I used to live on what was basically a commune, accessible only by boat. We also only had a marine radio for communication. Once a month, a couple of us would take the battered farm boat into town to run errands. We would usually go to the library and take out the maximum number of books, which would be due in 30 days. One month, we have a large box of books to go back to the library, but the boat motor has packed it in, and it is a couple of weeks before we can get it repaired and get into town. We approach the library desk with trepidation, fearing a huge fine.)

Librarian: “Oh, it’s you guys. When you didn’t come in for so long, I figured something had to be wrong, so I renewed all your books.”

(Thank you, library lady!)

A Library Of Sarcastic Comments

, , , , | Working | February 3, 2018

(I’m the misbehaving employee in this story. I tend to be a bit snarky and sarcastic, but I can usually “turn it off” at work. Today, I’m shelving DVDs when a woman pulls a DVD off the shelf, loses her grip on it, and drops it on the floor. The snark just pops out before I can stop it.)

Me: *cheerfully* “You can just set that down anywhere, ma’am.”

Patron: *laughs*

Me: “Oh, my gosh. I’m so sorry. That just popped out of my mouth.”

Patron: “It’s okay! It was funny!”

Me: “Thanks. Sorry, I speak sarcasm as a second language.”

Patron: “We should get you a t-shirt that says that.”

(Thanks for being a good sport about it, lady.)

Taking Pride In One’s Appearance

, , , | Working | January 30, 2018

Me: “I’d like to check these out, please.”

(The librarian looks over the books, stopping at a gay fiction novel.)

Librarian: “Ooh, I didn’t know you were ‘that way.’”

Me: “You didn’t?”

Librarian: “No! Guess I’ll have something new to gossip about at bridge tonight.”

(Just then, the screen behind her switches to a recent local pride event, showing how much money has been raised. I am in the centre of the picture, wearing the exact same rainbow shirt I have on now. I also have blue hair, so I’m quite distinctive.)

Me: “Yeah… I’m pretty sure everyone already knows.”

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