No One Is Stealing That ID

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(A man walks up to me at the circulation desk.)

Customer: “I need to get on the computer.”

Me: “No problem, sir. May I see your ID?”

Customer: “Where’s your bathroom?”

Me: *pointing* “Right down that hall, second grey door
on the left.”

Customer: “You don’t mind if I go there to get my ID out, do you?”

Battling For The Answer

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Me: “Hi. Can I help you find something?”

Patron: “Yeah, my son’s doing some project and he needs some books on some sort of revolution.”

Me: “Okay, so he can pick any revolution to do the project on?”

Patron: “No, he’s doing it on The Revolution. Where do I find books on that?”

Me: “Which revolution? American? French? Haitian? Industrial? There were a lot.”

Patron: “I think he said it was the one that had a lot of battles.”

The Twilight Of Our Literacy, Part 2

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Me: “How can I help you?”

Customer: “Who’s that chick who wrote Twilight?”

Me: “That would be Stephanie Meyer.”

Customer: “And what’s the fourth one?”

Me:Breaking Dawn.”

Customer: “And that’s still whoever Meyer?”

Me: “She wrote the whole series, ma’am.”

(The customer heads to the DVD rack. I see her looking roughly in the ‘B’ section.)

Customer: *yelling* “I don’t see it!”

Me: “Ma’am, Breaking Dawn is a book. The movie hasn’t been released yet.”

Customer: “Those were books?”

The Twilight Of Our Literacy


Breathless Anticipation

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Customer: “I want to make a complaint about that young man that works here. He didn’t help me at all and I need to find a certain book.”

Me: “I’m sorry to hear that. Was the book misplaced? Is that why he couldn’t find it?”

Customer: “Well, no. He didn’t offer to help me at all. I walked by him three times and sighed loudly, and its his job to know that I need help and to help me out.”

Me: “Are you complaining because he’s supposed to assume that you need help, even when you didn’t ask him for help?”

Customer: “It’s the polite thing to do! No one here can find books, they’re all shelved funny and its your job to know that we need help finding them. Make him do his job properly!”

Cutting Remarks (Comic)

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