I Wanna Be Princess Leia!

| USA | Related | July 31, 2015

(I’m re-shelving books in the children’s section when a mother comes by with her son, who’s all of six years old. He’s clearly excited about getting to pick out books he can read. As I’m putting away books, the following exchange takes place:)

Boy: “Ooh, Mama, how about this one?”

Mom: “Uh… it looks a little higher than your reading level, babe. But if you wanna try, go for it.”

(The kid happily hands his mother a book, then stares at the shelves.)

Boy: “Mom, I want a princess book.”

(Internally I cringe, thinking the kid is about to hear, “No, those are for girls.”)

Mom: “Well go find one then.”

(He returns after a minute and holds one up to her.)

Mom: “Let me see it. Cinderella, huh? Yeah. I think you’ll like that one. Okay, go find some more books.”

(He grabs about three more and brings them back to his mom.)

Mom: “Wait, is that Star Wars? Is that MY child, reading Star Wars? Oh yes it is, uh-huh, that is MY child!”

(She sounded so proud. It was the cutest thing!)

The Walking Dead: The Next Generation

| QLD, Australia | Related | July 24, 2015

(I’m in a library waiting to check out some books. There are two young boys, clearly brothers, playing noisily nearby.)

Boy #1: *runs past into the stacks screaming, but with a big smile*

Boy #2: “Braaaaaains!”

(I wonder where their parents are and why they’re allowing them to be so noisy.)

Boy #1: *runs past again* “Mummy Mummy Mummy!”

Boy #2: “Sheeeee’s deeeeeeead!”

Harry Potter And The Amazon Woman

| ID, USA | Right | July 22, 2015

(I work reference desk at a public library. My desk is right next to the “New Books” display, and among the new books is a copy of “The Secret History of Wonder Woman.” The dust jacket shows Wonder Woman in the process of changing from her alter ego to her superhero form, so she still has her glasses and jacket on, but is also wearing her iconic leotard and crown. A mom and her children are walking by the display when one spots the book.)

Child: “Mom, look! It’s Harry Potter Wonder Woman!”

(I’m also a geek in my off-time, so I’m tempted to cosplay that at my next convention now…)

The Land Of The Free To Be Who You Are

| NY, USA | Right | July 13, 2015

(Because of the recent ruling of same-sex marriage in America, for our book display, we put up a rainbow flag along with books featuring gay protagonists. This happens on the day we have story time.)

Woman: *angrily* “Excuse me!”

Coworker: “Yes, can I help you?

Woman: *points to our display* “I can’t believe you put something like this up! There are CHILDREN around!”

(Our display shows no pornographic material. My coworker, who is bi-sexual, is stunned into silence and is unable to say anything. This is when I step in.)

Me: “Oh, my gosh, ma’am, you’re right! How can I be so inconsiderate?”

Woman: *smiles smugly*

Me: *I grab one of the books on display and swap it out with a children’s book featuring gay parents* “There! Now there’s something for everyone!”

(The woman didn’t understand for a few seconds. When she realized what the book was about, she sneered and muttered about going to a different library. She left and my coworker was laughing so hard, tears were streaming down her face.)

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At Least It Rules Out ‘Twilight’

| ID, USA | Right | July 2, 2015

(I work at the reference desk, and I often help patrons find books. The following exchange happens one morning:)

Patron: “Hi, I’m looking to see if you have a book.”

Me: “I can help you, then! Can you give me the name of the book?”

Patron: “I don’t remember it.”

Me: “Well, do you remember the author’s name?”

Patron: “No… but it was about vampires and it had the word ‘blood” in the title.”

Me: “…That doesn’t narrow it down nearly as much as you think it does.”

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