Four-Way Turn Becomes One-Way Nightmare

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(I’m heading to pick my daughter up from school when I come to a four-way stop. I stop and wait my turn and then slowly pull into the intersection. The driver on my left also starts to go but not as slowly. I slam on the brakes, but they do not, and they hit me. There’s not much damage. I’m not super angry until I exit the vehicle and the other driver starts to lay into me.)

Driver: “What the f*** do you think you’re doing? Do you not know how a stop sign works?”

Me: *already over this situation* “It was my turn. I went. I’m going to call the police and my insurance company.”

Driver: “You’d better call the police, because if I do you’re going to jail!”

(I sit in my car and call the police, and then call my husband to pick up our daughter. The other driver stands in the road screaming into his phone about the “stupid b****” who destroyed his car. Eventually, the police pull up to the scene.)

Driver: “Thank God! Y’all need to handle this girl; she’s been cussing and causing a scene since she hit me!”

Officer: “She seems calm enough. For now, sir, let me get your details and a statement for the accident report, and then we can get y’all moved out of the road.”

(The driver goes on to tell the officer that I came flying through the stop sign and plowed into his vehicle.)

Officer: “Okay, sir, is that your official statement on how this accident occurred?”

Driver: “Yes! That’s how it happened!”

Officer: “All right, then. [My Name]! Did [Husband] ever install that dash cam he got for you?”

Me: “Yeah, it was on. I just have to load the footage on a computer.”

Officer: “I’ll see if it will work on the one in the car. Is [Husband] already on his way or do you need me to get him on the radio?”

Me: “No, he’s picking up [Daughter]; that’s where I was headed.”

(The other driver started to pale when he realized what was going on. The video footage clearly showed that I’d stopped and that it was my turn to go. It also showed the other driver on his phone when he gunned it into the intersection. I chose not to press charges and let his insurance company deal with him.)

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Childish Babino

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(My wife and I, while vacationing in Italy, are at the Trevi Fountain among the crowd of tourists. At every tourist site, there are panhandlers and after giving to several beggars I have gotten tired of handing out money. An elderly woman approaches me with her hand out, speaking in Italian, of which I only know a few words. When she sees I am not getting money out she starts her “sales pitch” while giving me a pitiful look.)

Woman: “Bambino ca-a-a-sa.” *drawing out “casa” to sound extra pitiful*

(Shocked that such an elderly woman would have a baby at home, my eyes grow wide.)

Me: *half laughing* “BABINO?”

Woman: *still looking pitiful and holding out her hand with her fingers spread to indicate “five”* “Cinque bambini!”

(I’m even more shocked that such an elderly woman would have FIVE babies at home.)

Me: *laughing* “FIVE BABINI?!”

(She looks mad and leaves. About fifteen minutes later, I am going into a nearby gelato shop and the woman is exiting while eating a double-dip gelato cone. I look at her and hold out my hand with my fingers spread.)


(She gave me a look like she was going to slap me but turned and walked away.)

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But They Will Be Laughing For Hours

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(I’m working the front at a fast food restaurant with another coworker. After a big rush, a customer comes up saying he didn’t get his order and that he’s been waiting for an hour. I apologize and tell the managers about it. A few minutes later he comes back up and asks again; it’s almost ready. He sits back down at his table with at least ten people and my coworker brings out his food, but not before looking at the time stamp on the customer’s receipt.)

Customer: “Yeah, I waited an hour for this!”

Coworker: “It’s been seventeen minutes.”

(The entire table laughed for a solid minute.)

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Shifty Behavior, Part 4

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(I am a teenager and have just gotten a job at the local supermarket. It’s a simple job, and I’m pretty good at it. So far, I haven’t missed any shifts, and I’ve only been late once — by about five minutes due to traffic. My manager, however, has taken a huge disliking to me. I always go out of my way to be kind to her. There is only one other teenager in the store — everyone else is older — and I notice that he’s treated poorly, too. I am not scheduled to work on Monday. I always take pictures of my schedule, as I have a pretty bad memory. My phone rings at seven am.)

Me: *drowsy* “Hello?”

Manager: “Where are you?! I’ve called you a hundred times! I know you teenagers like to party all night, but this is your job!

Me: *tired and confused* “What do you mean? I wasn’t scheduled to work today.”

Manager: “I’m sick of your lies. You know what? Don’t come in. [Older Coworker] came in today. I’ll have him cover your sorry a**.”

(Exhausted from a long week, I pass out, and when I wake up, I check my photo of the schedule. My older coworker was scheduled, not me. I come in for my shift the next day.)

Manager: “Looks like someone decided to show up. Get in my office!”

(I nervously comply; this is my first job and I have severe anxiety issues. I come into her office, and, surprisingly, my manager’s boss is at her desk.)

Manager’s Boss: “[Manager] told me you’ve been causing problems. A lot of them. She asked me to come and help her deal with you, as she was scared of your erratic behavior.”

Me: “What? I’m nothing but nice to her. She called me early in the morning yesterday to scream at me for not showing up to a shift I wasn’t scheduled for.”

(My manager smirks, as I’ve apparently given her the perfect opportunity to strike.)

Manager:Here is the schedule for yesterday, sir. As you can see, [My Name] is lying.”

Me: “You changed it… Here, I have a picture on my phone.”

(I show it to him, and he glances at it. I also show him the date. It was taken several days ago. He dismisses me, and leaves soon after as I go back to work. My manager spends the entire day glaring at me, not doing much of anything, but it seems like he yelled at her, as she doesn’t punish me. As leaving, she stops me at the door.)

Manager: “Don’t pull any s*** like that again. You lazy f****** teenagers think you can get away with this?”

(The next morning, she announces that, due to unruly employees, we cannot take pictures of the schedule. She glares directly at me while saying it, and the rest of the day I feel weird, as I’m getting looks. To this day, I don’t know how someone being unruly could put such a rule in place, but oh, well. Due to my anxiety, I have to choose between disobeying my manager or taking a picture just in case. I decide to continue taking pictures. Shockingly, two months later, I’m called into her office again. This time, I wasn’t even called the day before, when I was off. We have a similar conversation as before.)

Manager: “And this is only one of many missing shifts!”

Me: “Ma’am, I’m cutting you off right there. All you have done since I’ve gotten here is bully and lie. I’m sick of it. You never do any work because you’re chatting to your friends all day. We all hear it! While I’m working my a** off! Just because I’m a teenager, that doesn’t mean I’m incompetent. Sir, here is another picture of the schedule. Just like two months ago, she made a new one to frame me. I’m sick of this.”

(Again, I’m dismissed, and I proceed to have a panic attack in a bathroom stall, as my anxiety has been very bad due to my manager’s constant harassment. About an hour later, her boss speaks to me.)

Boss: “I think you’ve proven well enough that your manager has been faking schedules. I apologize. This will be taken care of.”

(My manager fired me the next day, and was let go by the company herself a few weeks later. Her boss offered me the job back after she was gone, as the firing was for no reason, but I declined. He was very kind and apologetic and even offered me a raise to return. My anxiety was just too bad while working there.)

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Keeping A Receipt Of All The Scams

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(A man comes in early one morning right after open and purchases a small, USB-sized device that plugs into a television so the user can access popular channels. When I hand him his receipt, he crumples it and throws it back on the counter. I suggest that he take it in case of problems since this is an electronic device that will NOT be returned without a receipt, but he just shrugs me off.)

Customer: “I’ve owned another one of this same brand for ten years and never had an issue until it died on me today, so no worries.”

(After he leaves, I write a note on the back of his receipt that he declined it and why, just in case, and put it in our folder with daily notes. I end up working a double shift that day, and right before closing time, the same guy walks in to return the same type of device he bought this morning. I explain electronics can’t be returned without a receipt and he starts giving me the runaround. He didn’t know, he wasn’t told, etc. The device he has is CLEARLY an old version of the one I sold this morning and it has actual wear and tear damage on it, so it’s pretty obvious he just kept the box and put the old dead one in there and is trying to scam us. I firmly decline to return it because of the damage to the device and his lack of receipt. He gets mad and starts yelling.)

Customer: “Are you saying I’m a scammer?! Are you calling me a liar?!

Me: “Nope! Just saying I’m the one who sold you the [Device] first thing this morning.”

(Realization slowly crept up on him and he just grabbed his stuff, thanked me, and quickly left.)

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