Next Time We Know Where To Shove Those Pancakes

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(My family and I are at a popular restaurant on Mother’s Day — a Sunday — so the restaurant is quite busy, and there is a thirty-minute wait. Finally, we are seated, and then we see why there is such a long wait. There is a family who is taking up four tables. There are six kids, and five adults, but they do not need four tables. As we sit down, we hear them order. They are ordering the biggest and most time-consuming meals in the restaurant, with a ridiculous amount of sides. [Waitress #1] is already overwhelmed by the amount of people. She eventually brings all their food out and tries to get our drink order. Before she can finish, the mother from the other table calls her over.)

Mother: “Excuse me, all of our orders are wrong! I want you to take them all back and remake them the right way, and get us the right food this time!”

Waitress #1: “What is wrong with your food?”

Mother: “They all are cold, half are wrong, this one is undercooked, this one is burnt, and that one just looks plain nasty. It’s all just wrong!”

(She goes on for about five more minutes before she demands ALL of their meals are taken back and remade. At this point, half of their food is already eaten. It’s clear what they are doing now. The waitress is stressing even more and begins tearing up.)

Waitress #1: “Ma’am, you already have eaten half of your meals; I can’t possible take them back now—”

Mother: “Shut up. Take them back. We are not paying and waiting this long to get s***ty food! Take. It. All. Back. NOW!”

Waitress #1: “I’ll see what I can do.”

(A few minutes later, she comes back with will their orders remade. Because of this, we still have yet to get our drinks. As soon as the food is placed on the table, there is another problem.)

Mother: “Umm, no. My son ordered the strawberry banana pancakes. Those are not strawberry banana. I don’t know what those… things are.”

Waitress #1: “Those are definitely strawberry ban—”

Father: “Stop. If my wife says they are wrong, then they are wrong. Go get the right pancakes, now!”

(She sighs and takes another half-eaten meal to bring a new one back. We have ordered our food, but have not gotten it yet because the family next to us keeps sending more and more food back. Soon, the manager comes out and tells them they can’t order any more food. They get irritated and complain, but it does nothing. [Waitress #1] comes out again. It’s obvious she has been crying.)

Mother: “Hey, you! Our drinks are wrong, too. Bring us back all new ones. Oh, and you got my son’s pancakes wrong again.”

([Waitress #1] has had enough of their s*** like everyone else has.)

Waitress #1: “I already brought you your pancakes!”

(She walks off without listening to anything else and rubs her head. A tear rolls down her face. We have our food now, and they finish theirs soon after. We think it is over, but it’s not even close. At this point, their brat kids have destroyed the table and gotten food all over the floor. They are also being extremely loud and obnoxious. Everyone has asked countless times for the kids to calm down, but it is either ignored or a rude remark is said and nothing is done. Soon, the manager comes out again and hands them their check. This just makes the mother even angrier.)


Manager: “I can’t do that! You got the right foo—”

Father: “Just listen to her!”

(The manager storms off and sends [Waitress #2] to give them their new check. They get four meals and all their drinks off the check. It still isn’t good enough.)

Father: “Of course, you forgot the military discount. Incompetence.”

(He tosses the check onto the table into the smeared mess. [Waitress #1] comes back and takes the check. Their final price is $80.32. They all scoff, pay, and leave in a rush. They don’t leave a tip, but they leave a huge mess. Both waitresses come to our table and look somewhat relieved.)

Waitress #1: “I would like to thank you guys for not being like that last family.”

Waitress #2: “I can’t believe people actually do stuff like that! They just took so much food and money from us. I don’t know why my boss didn’t just kick them out…”

Waitress #1: “I am so sorry for that and the huge inconvenience.”

My Mother: “You don’t have to apologize for anything. It’s not your fault a**holes like that are allowed in restaurants.”

My Father: “I would like to apologize on behalf of all military men like that. They give us all a bad name, and we’re not all like that f****** d**k.”

(The waitress started to cry again and my mother got up and hugged her. She thanked my dad for his service and thanked us all for being so kind. We paid and left a $30 tip for what that woman had to go through. Later, we found out the family had quite the bad reputation in our town for trying to screw restaurants out of money and food, then leaving huge messes and never tipping. People like that should not be allowed in restaurants.)

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Foiled By His Own Design

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(I am the receptionist of an advertisement company. We never advertise open positions anywhere, and each department works with a recruitment firm to pull in workers. Each department also works more or less independently, and there are ten departments. A person comes in, and I greet them like I do everyone.)

Me: “Hello there! How can I help you today?”

Person: “Your manager. Immediately.”

Me: “Oh, dear. May I ask what this in regards to so I know which manager to contact?”

Person:Your manager. You are making me wait, and I’m pretty sure that’s not how you’re meant to do your job.”

Me: “My ‘manager’ is the CEO of the company, and he’s in Cancun this week. Maybe I can help you?”

Person: “Give me his cell phone, then.”

Me: “I’m afraid I can’t give that information out. If you tell me what this is about, I can figure out which of the department heads I should call down to help.”

Person: “Wow. So, you’re just going to refuse me like that?”

Me: “Sir, I’m trying to help you.”

Person: “Look, honey, I’m a famous designer, highly sought-after. Your CEO personally requested I come and discuss a position at your company. Is that enough information for you? Can you finally call someone down to talk to me who knows what they’re doing?”

Me: “Certainly, sir. Let me personally go fetch the HR lead.”

Person: “Finally.”

(I give the HR lead a run-down of what this guy has said to me and what he wants. She snorts and comes down wearing her most enthusiastic face.)

HR Head: “Hi! I hear you’re looking for a job?”

Person: “Yes. Your CEO told me to come in and that he’d have a place for me.”

HR Head: “Oh, wow, really? That’s just amazing!”

Person: “Exactly. Here is my resume and my card. Now, may I have a tour? Then we can discuss the terms of my new position.”

HR Head: “Ah, yes. Well, so, you see, the thing is…”

(She rips his resume and card in half and puts them in my garbage.)

HR Head: “…the CEO personally hired [My Name] because she is one of the most capable people here. She knows everyone, every project, every department, and basically runs this place. Anyone who would treat her the way you did would never be welcomed here. I have to ask you to leave now before we are forced to call security. Thanks so much for coming! Bye!”

(He shouted some obscenities, and then left when security strolled up front to see what the fuss was about. Good riddance to bad rubbish.)

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A Micro Chance Of Making A Mini Transaction

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(I’ve been driving cross-country and looking everywhere for a mini-USB cable. I pull into a well-known electronics shop. It is very small inside, and there are two employees present.)

Me: “Hi, do you have any mini-USB cables?”

Employee: “Sure.” *shows me micro-USB cables*

Me: “No, I need mini, not micro. It’s for my camera.”

Employee: “Oh. I might have one in the back.”

(He goes to look. It’s a very small store, and he is back in less than five minutes.)

Employee: “Found one!”

Me: “Really!? Oh, that’s great! Thank you. I’ve been looking for one since Georgia! How much is it?”

Employee: *looks at me a moment* “There’s no tag. I think it’s too old for one.”

Me: “Oh. So, how much?”

Employee: “$20. Cash only. No receipt.”

Me: *laughs, thinking he is joking*

Employee: *stares at me expectantly, clearly not joking*

Me: “Never mind.” *leaves*

(To this day, I regret not calling back to talk to a manager. No wonder you don’t see many of this store anymore.)

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Bugging Them To Get Paid

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I worked for a couple months for a chain fast food restaurant. The first week I worked there, I was told I had just missed payroll and would have to wait three weeks to be paid. It seemed an okay job with free food, so I didn’t stress it.

On the first payday after I started, though, I was told that I hadn’t been entered in the system correctly and as a result, I had to wait for the next payday, when they’d add everything up and I’d get a good cheque.

Keep in mind this was 2010 or so, and it was a popular fast food chain that really should have had good systems in place.

A few weeks later, I tried again to get my cheque, at which point I was told they’d forgotten to enter my data, so I’d have to wait again. That annoyed me enough that I said I just wouldn’t come back until I was paid. I was then told I’d be fired if I did that. I asked if it would make any difference to be fired or to quit a job where I was basically volunteering, and told them to sort out my paystub before I came back.

Two days later, I went into the mall the restaurant was in to get some bugs at the pet store for my pet frog. On the way out, I stopped in to try to get my cheque. After waiting in the busy line for a bit, I put the bag of bugs on the counter and asked if the manager had gotten my cheque ready yet.

The guy said no, but kept looking at the bugs for some reason, and then said he’d go get the manager to talk to me. She came to me with cash and my paystub scribbled on a paper, and she also kept looking at the bugs.  

I actually left the restaurant before I realized why they were looking at the bugs. It’s too bad I didn’t think of it while I was in the restaurant, because I could totally have wrecked the company’s reputation for cleanliness. I’d have gotten myself banned from the mall, though, and probably gotten sued, but I could have dragged them through the mud in the media nicely by explaining why.

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It’s Just Not App-ening

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I’ve heard a lot recently about a clothing buy/sell app that is supposed to have a decent track record and strict rules to protect buyers and sellers. I decide to try it out, mainly because my husband’s favorite style of jeans was discontinued by the manufacturer, and now the only place I can find them is online or occasionally in thrift or second-hand stores. I’ll just call them “Bootcut” jeans for the story.

Almost immediately, I find a good condition pair of Bootcut jeans with the matching [Brand] style number in his size. They’re for sale for only $20.00. With shipping and whatnot, let’s say the total comes to $26.00. This is a steal, considering when they were new these jeans were usually $60 and up.

The package arrives a few days later, but to my surprise, the seller sent the wrong pair of jeans. She did, in fact, have two pairs of [Brand] jeans for sale on her page: the Bootcut pair and a pair of light-washed Dungarees. Not only are these jeans a style my husband doesn’t prefer, but they are two sizes smaller than the ones I ordered. I think to myself that she sent me the wrong pair by accident. These things happen; we can just exchange them. No problem, right? Wrong. So very, very wrong.

This kicks off a two-week long battle to convince this woman she sent me the wrong jeans. I have to get the app support team involved, because she is adamant that she never even had those jeans in her “stock” to start with. She never even addresses the fact that I never received the ones I paid for, and flat-out calls me a liar on the group message window we have to initiate with the support team. It isn’t even about the money at this point; it is the principle of the matter. Also, considering how rambling and odd some of her comments are, I question whether she is totally “all there” or not.

I go to her seller’s page, take a screenshot of both pairs of jeans still side-by-side for sale, with the ones I purchased marked as “SOLD,” and the others still marked as “FOR SALE.” I put this next to a screenshot of my “Purchase History” screen, which includes a photo and description of the item I bought, plus pictures I took of the jeans I received showing they were the wrong ones. I send everything to both her and the support agent helping us.

After that, I will say the app team acts pretty quickly. They give me a refund, and say I can keep the wrong jeans as a “gift,” since the seller doesn’t want them back. By the end of it, my theory is that she was having a hard time selling those Dungarees and sent them to me on purpose to get rid of them. That still doesn’t make that much sense, because the app team took my money back from her, anyway.

I’m sure there are plenty of sellers on the app who aren’t like this woman, but the experience turned me off on the whole thing. The wrong jeans went into a box of clothing I’m taking to a local shelter, so hopefully someone will get some use out of them, and I’m sticking with thrift stores from now on.

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