Used Car Salesman Cliches Exist For A Reason

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I’m shopping for a different car. I don’t have much money and I do a lot of miles. It’s not easy, but I find a car that is known for reliability even at higher miles. I focus on finding examples for this type of car and go around the showrooms.

I find a local place that has one for a good price, but immediately, I notice odd things.

Me: “The clutch is very heavy.”

Salesman: “Yeah, that’s normal.”

Me: “I noticed that there were a lot of panel gaps on the outside.”

Salesman: “Yeah, these cars are built well, but they are used, after all, and can move.”

Me: “And it’s fully serviced before sale.”

Salesman: “Yeah, this one has just had a service in-house, no issues or concerns. So shall we talk finance?”

I smiled and walked away, I could tell he was lying through his teeth. No clutch should be so hard to push that it is difficult to drive and no car that new magically has panel gaps without already being in an accident.

I feel bad for anyone who just doesn’t know cars, that these guys are allowed to openly lie. I ended up giving them a scathing review; without evidence, it’s the best I can do.

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Why Would You Lie About That?!

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A woman just joined the company, and she’s started coming out with these wild stories; many of them just don’t make sense. But if I try to clarify what she says, the other guys jump to her defence. Honestly, it is a little pathetic. She clearly likes the attention but doesn’t seem interested in anything more, and the guys all want to be the one that “got the girl.”

But it is doing no harm, so I tune them all out. I do notice that all the stories seem to be more about her being the victim — being followed home, weird phone calls, everywhere she goes she has these issues. Of course, the guys at work love this; they can be the big, chest-beating alphas, protecting the weak female.

Then, this worker starts to make comments about customers, ones that have never hinted at this behaviour before. Then, she makes a big mistake.

New Worker: “Ugh, that guy was such a perv.”

Me: “What? [Customer]?”

New Worker: “Eyeing me up, making all sorts of comments about what he would do to me.”

Me: “Are you sure? Really? [Customer]?”

Male Coworker: “Oh, man, that guy is going to get it. Don’t you worry; if he comes back here, I will sort him out.”

New Worker: “Oh, thanks, babe. He was well out of order.”

Me: “[Customer] is gay.”

Male Coworker: “What? But—”

Me: “You met his husband last month.”

Male Coworker: “Oh, yeah, the guy with the old Jag.”

There was the longest of pauses. We just looked at her and she silently walked away. She was on last chances after that. No more attention-grabbing stories, no more hanging around with the guys instead of working. She lasted three more months before moving on.

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A Price Worth Paying To Get Her Banned

, , , | Right | March 13, 2021

My first customer of the day orders two large #1 combos.

Customer: “Oh, and I talked to a manager and should be getting them free.”

Me: “Oh? Why is that, ma’am?”

Customer: “I ordered them last night and got chicken sandwiches instead of my burgers, but no one answered when I called the last night and the cashier was rude!”

We “replaced” the order and she drove off. The manager on duty and I got to talking because we recognized this as being a lady who had gotten plenty of free and replacement orders as well as refunds in the past. I went to look up the orders for the previous night for a ninety-minute window on each side of the time she said she called and found no orders matching the one we replaced.

Fast forward three hours: the woman returned with her food almost completely gone with only half a sandwich left in the bag. She insisted on getting a refund for both meals and I let our head manager know she hadn’t even paid for them.

The head manager took ten dollars — the cost of two of the sandwiches — out of my register anyway and gave it to the woman. She then let the scammer know that she was no longer welcome back to the restaurant.

I’m glad she has finally been banned. But I am also very frustrated that not only did she get a completely free meal, but she also got ten dollars she never even spent to begin with.

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Thought You Had ‘Em Caught But You Did Not

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I have a manager who is a pathological liar; therefore, everyone else must be a pathological liar. Due to the health crisis, I spend a lot of the time in the office alone, but even prior to the crisis, my manager came in infrequently and only when she thought her boss would be there or when it would make her look good. It is worth noting that I don’t technically have to go into the office and can work from home, but I like how quiet it is with no one there.

On a day I know no one else is coming in, I take my car up the street to get its oil change. It is a five-minute walk so I drop it off before 8:00 am and go about my business.

Around 1:00 pm, my car is ready for pickup. No one else is in the parking lot at this time. I go to pick it up, and when I come back I see that my manager’s car is there, fifteen minutes later. Since she works upstairs while I work downstairs, I think nothing of it and go about my business.

Around 3:00 pm, my manager calls me.

Manager: “Are you in the office?”

Me: “Yes.”

Manager: “Oh. I’m not.”

The call lasts until 3:30 pm and she is gone by 3:45 pm when I go for an “air break.”

A few days later, my manager’s boss approaches me about this with my manager smirking in the background.

I reply calmly.

Me: “Oh, yeah. I went to [Car Shop] across the street to get my oil changed. That is why my car wasn’t there from 8:00 am to 1:30 pm. You can check the footage if you like?”

My manager’s face just dropped to the floor. I wish I could say that would teach her to stop trying to get others in trouble, but I doubt it.

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A Fee-ble Attempt At Avoiding The Fees, Part 2

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We rent out our chapel for funerals with a slight discount if they’re using the crematorium, as well. One family requested a three-hour service using both but started to balk at the price, so they chopped the first hour off the service and seemed happier with the price.

Fast forward to the day of the service. I’m doing some other work when I see that the family has arrived an hour early to start. I pop my head into our office to see if they’d changed their minds about paying the larger price and it hadn’t gotten to me. Immediately, our administrator stalks off to find the family.

After some discussion with them, it turned out they’d just figured it would be fine if they came early. They were quite unhappy when they found out that they would have to pay the three-hour fee if they wanted in our chapel early. We’ve allowed leeway before with other families, but never by that much, and certainly not when it comes across as skirting our fees. 

A Fee-ble Attempt At Avoiding The Fees

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