Shifty Behavior, Part 4

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(I am a teenager and have just gotten a job at the local supermarket. It’s a simple job, and I’m pretty good at it. So far, I haven’t missed any shifts, and I’ve only been late once — by about five minutes due to traffic. My manager, however, has taken a huge disliking to me. I always go out of my way to be kind to her. There is only one other teenager in the store — everyone else is older — and I notice that he’s treated poorly, too. I am not scheduled to work on Monday. I always take pictures of my schedule, as I have a pretty bad memory. My phone rings at seven am.)

Me: *drowsy* “Hello?”

Manager: “Where are you?! I’ve called you a hundred times! I know you teenagers like to party all night, but this is your job!

Me: *tired and confused* “What do you mean? I wasn’t scheduled to work today.”

Manager: “I’m sick of your lies. You know what? Don’t come in. [Older Coworker] came in today. I’ll have him cover your sorry a**.”

(Exhausted from a long week, I pass out, and when I wake up, I check my photo of the schedule. My older coworker was scheduled, not me. I come in for my shift the next day.)

Manager: “Looks like someone decided to show up. Get in my office!”

(I nervously comply; this is my first job and I have severe anxiety issues. I come into her office, and, surprisingly, my manager’s boss is at her desk.)

Manager’s Boss: “[Manager] told me you’ve been causing problems. A lot of them. She asked me to come and help her deal with you, as she was scared of your erratic behavior.”

Me: “What? I’m nothing but nice to her. She called me early in the morning yesterday to scream at me for not showing up to a shift I wasn’t scheduled for.”

(My manager smirks, as I’ve apparently given her the perfect opportunity to strike.)

Manager:Here is the schedule for yesterday, sir. As you can see, [My Name] is lying.”

Me: “You changed it… Here, I have a picture on my phone.”

(I show it to him, and he glances at it. I also show him the date. It was taken several days ago. He dismisses me, and leaves soon after as I go back to work. My manager spends the entire day glaring at me, not doing much of anything, but it seems like he yelled at her, as she doesn’t punish me. As leaving, she stops me at the door.)

Manager: “Don’t pull any s*** like that again. You lazy f****** teenagers think you can get away with this?”

(The next morning, she announces that, due to unruly employees, we cannot take pictures of the schedule. She glares directly at me while saying it, and the rest of the day I feel weird, as I’m getting looks. To this day, I don’t know how someone being unruly could put such a rule in place, but oh, well. Due to my anxiety, I have to choose between disobeying my manager or taking a picture just in case. I decide to continue taking pictures. Shockingly, two months later, I’m called into her office again. This time, I wasn’t even called the day before, when I was off. We have a similar conversation as before.)

Manager: “And this is only one of many missing shifts!”

Me: “Ma’am, I’m cutting you off right there. All you have done since I’ve gotten here is bully and lie. I’m sick of it. You never do any work because you’re chatting to your friends all day. We all hear it! While I’m working my a** off! Just because I’m a teenager, that doesn’t mean I’m incompetent. Sir, here is another picture of the schedule. Just like two months ago, she made a new one to frame me. I’m sick of this.”

(Again, I’m dismissed, and I proceed to have a panic attack in a bathroom stall, as my anxiety has been very bad due to my manager’s constant harassment. About an hour later, her boss speaks to me.)

Boss: “I think you’ve proven well enough that your manager has been faking schedules. I apologize. This will be taken care of.”

(My manager fired me the next day, and was let go by the company herself a few weeks later. Her boss offered me the job back after she was gone, as the firing was for no reason, but I declined. He was very kind and apologetic and even offered me a raise to return. My anxiety was just too bad while working there.)

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Keeping A Receipt Of All The Scams

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(A man comes in early one morning right after open and purchases a small, USB-sized device that plugs into a television so the user can access popular channels. When I hand him his receipt, he crumples it and throws it back on the counter. I suggest that he take it in case of problems since this is an electronic device that will NOT be returned without a receipt, but he just shrugs me off.)

Customer: “I’ve owned another one of this same brand for ten years and never had an issue until it died on me today, so no worries.”

(After he leaves, I write a note on the back of his receipt that he declined it and why, just in case, and put it in our folder with daily notes. I end up working a double shift that day, and right before closing time, the same guy walks in to return the same type of device he bought this morning. I explain electronics can’t be returned without a receipt and he starts giving me the runaround. He didn’t know, he wasn’t told, etc. The device he has is CLEARLY an old version of the one I sold this morning and it has actual wear and tear damage on it, so it’s pretty obvious he just kept the box and put the old dead one in there and is trying to scam us. I firmly decline to return it because of the damage to the device and his lack of receipt. He gets mad and starts yelling.)

Customer: “Are you saying I’m a scammer?! Are you calling me a liar?!

Me: “Nope! Just saying I’m the one who sold you the [Device] first thing this morning.”

(Realization slowly crept up on him and he just grabbed his stuff, thanked me, and quickly left.)

Not Giving You A Pass To Sweeten The Pot

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(Right before my shift, management, unfortunately, had to call the police to remove an unruly guest from a movie about fifteen minutes in. In order to make up for the inconvenience, the theater handed out free passes and concession vouchers to the thirty-or-so others in the theater, and give them an option: they could either stay and finish the movie, switch to another showtime any day and time during the coming week, or get a refund for their tickets and concessions if they bought any. Everyone is fine with this option, since hey… they’re getting about three times what they actually paid for. Until, of course, one cranky old man comes up to me at the concession stand a while after the film…)

Customer: “I want something to sweeten the pot!”

Me: “I’m sorry?”

Customer: “I was in that movie the cops stormed! I want something to sweeten the pot, or I go to the papers!”

Me: “Oh, did they not give you passes?”

Customer: “I got passes. I just want something to sweeten the pot! Or else I’m blasting you in the papers for scaring me half to death with cops swarming in left and right the whole d*** time!”

Me: “Let me go get a manager for you. Perhaps they can resolve this better than I can.”

Customer: “I already went to the managers!”

Me: “Well, sir, if you’ve already gotten passes, I can’t really give you anything else.”

Customer: *beaming; looking at my name tag* “Popcorn and soda, [My Name]! Or else your name will be all over the press for bullying an old man!”

Me: “Sir, I’m going to have to get authorization from my managers first.”

Customer: “But they said no!”

Me: “Then my hands are tied.”

(Suddenly, my manager bolts up behind me.)

Manager: “Sir, we’re calling the cops again if you don’t leave. Out! Now!”

(The man turned and fled out of the door. I asked what was going on. Evidently, he was the customer who had been removed by police, and he was denied passes or a refund. He’s evidently one of the local “old, crazy guys” who goes into businesses and starts trouble. He thought that the managers wouldn’t notice him coming back in and demanding free stuff.)

Wrongful Termination Is A Termination Of Sense

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At the beginning of the year, we get a new PhD intern who has a rather inflated ego and will try to exert his authority over others simply because they have a Bachelors or Masters. It suffices to say it becomes quickly apparent that he is not efficient, effective, or all that smart as he claims. He ends up costing the company thousands because he refuses to check his work and in his own words assumes it is “perfect” when he gives it to people. It also turns out he is actually a Masters student and not on track to get his PhD, despite explicitly stating he is working on his dissertation. The icing on the cake is that he refuses to work in the office and can’t work more than 25 to 30 hours a week while initially trying to get 50 to 60 hours a week. Long story short: he is unreliable and a chronic liar, but still thinks he is a real prize.

Around this time, we also have a change in management. Without being prompted or even asked, he determines he will take over the weekly meetings. Our boss, deciding to see where this goes, lets him. Note: he is still technically an intern but is insisting to the rest of us — and his money lender — that he is a full-time employee when the managers are out of earshot. The first week’s meeting goes all right, but they continue to spiral out of control from there.

Eventually, he stops showing up to the office altogether, but still maintains he is going there and lies about it, or even claims his coworkers are the ones not in the office. He then spends the next month or so canceling his own meetings, forgetting about them completely, or trying to get other people to cancel for him.

It finally becomes clear to my boss that this guy is straight-up incompetent, but because he is the type that would sue for wrongful termination, my boss still has to make an effort to correct the mistake. This leads to a round of cries from said “coworker” about how he can’t take the abuse any longer and more whining. My boss even schedules for him to attend a seminar, all expenses paid for, to work on his organization. The guy takes it as nothing more than a suggestion — while still in negotiation for a contract. Eventually, after much back and forth and the boss having several people ask him to go, he agrees…. but his girlfriend ends up driving him.

He uses this seminar to try to leverage more power, while still failing at his job, but obviously gets shut down. Still, he is obviously oblivious to the fact he is in deep s*** at this point.

Finally, around Christmas time, someone else is assigned to run the meetings as we haven’t had one in two months. He, of course, is absent as it is “the holidays.” When he comes back, he is relieved! It goes over his head that he lost his “power” because he was lazy.

Yes, he is still working for this company. And I am currently looking for a new job.

Moral of the story: your coworkers may be a hot mess, but if management allows it, leave.

Cancelling Your Cancellation Stunt

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(I work as a ride-share driver. If someone requests a ride but cancels it after a certain amount of time but before they are picked up, they get charged a cancellation fee of $5. This is to make sure the drivers still get paid for their time and gas when they travel to pick someone up. If a driver cancels a ride for any reason, the rider is not charged the fee. To get around this, some riders will call the driver and ask them to cancel for them. I have just traveled 15 minutes to pick up a rider. As soon as I pull up to the address, they call me.)

Rider #1: “Hello! Hey, can you hear me?”

Me: “Hey, I’m right outside.”

Rider #1: “I am having trouble with my phone!” *hangs up*

(I wait two more minutes before calling them back.)

Me: “Hey, I’m at your address. Are you here?”

Rider #1: “I put the address in wrong. I’m actually a few blocks away. Can you cancel so I can request the ride again?”

Me: “You can update your location in the app. I’d be happy to meet you where you are to pick you up.”

Rider #1: *to someone else in the background* “He said he will come to get us here. What do I do?”

(Suddenly, someone else is on the phone.)

Rider #2: “Um, hello? Yeah, the app won’t let me change the address, so can you just cancel the ride?”

Me: “That’s fine. Just cancel through the app.”

Rider #2: “Oh, um, it won’t let me do that, either. Can’t you just cancel it?”

Me: *feigning concern* “Oh, no! Have you tried contacting [App] tech support? They can help you through everything.”

Rider #2: *pause* “You should probably just cancel. What if someone else requests a ride?”

Me: “I’m happy to wait until you get everything straightened out.”

Rider #2: “OH, F*** YOU!”

(About thirty seconds after the call ended I was able to mark them as a no-show, and they got charged the cancellation fee, anyway.)

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