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One More Card Up Their Sleeve

, , , , , , | Right | December 21, 2022

I work in a card store. A customer approaches me after viewing the cards for a few minutes.

Customer: “I have a friend who just transitioned. Do you have a card to celebrate that?”

Me: “We have a bunch of congratulations cards, but I don’t think we have anything for that specific of an occasion.”

Customer: “Yeah, I looked, and most of them were congratulations for having a baby or getting a new job.”

Me: “Then I don’t think we do, sorry. Thanks for bringing it to my attention, though. This is the kind of thing we need to make more of!”

The customer nods and goes back to browsing. A little while later, he comes back up to the counter with a wry smile. He hands me a couple of towels with embroidered “his” and “hers” labels.

Customer: “I’m going to just give him these and say they’re a ‘before and after’!”

She Seems A Hair Insensitive

, , , | Right | November 25, 2022

Older Customer: “Your hair is too short for a lady. What if you get invited to a ballroom dance?”

Me: “First and foremost, I am a punk; I don’t do ballrooms. Second of all, I’m a transguy.”

She laughed and didn’t take me seriously, and she proceeded to complain that women are getting too many rights.

I told her to get out.

When Mr., Mrs., And Mx. Just Won’t Cut It

, , , , , , | Working | November 23, 2022

I have just come out as nonbinary. It’s an adjustment for my boss and coworkers. They’re great with my new name but not so much with my pronouns/other nicknames. It helps us all when we don’t take things too seriously.

I’m cleaning up the milkshake machine after I was making a milkshake and it exploded on me. This always happens only with the chocolate for some reason. My boss comes up to me. I don’t remember the exact context, but he calls me “Miss”.

I give him a look.

Me: “Miss?”

Boss: “Sir? No, I’m just going to call you what you are. Mess.”

I look at the milkshake I’m cleaning up.

Me: “Yeah, that’s fair.”

It’s Genderally Unimportant

, , , , | Right | November 16, 2022

I’ve started my first job, working as a kitchenhand and tea trolley pusher in a nursing home. While the specific details of my gender aren’t important, my workplace assumes I am a cis male, and I have a relatively androgynous appearance, further accentuated by the hairnet and mask I have to wear.

It’s my first shift, and my coworker is showing me around the place as I do the tea trolley run — the oldies love their hot beverages — and introducing me to all the residents. It’s a fairly normal process (my coworker does most of the talking), until…

Coworker: *As we enter one of the rooms* “Hello, [Resident]! This is [My Name]; he’s our new hire!”

The resident in question is an elderly lady lying in bed. She squints, so I move a little closer, thinking she might not be able to see me well.

Resident: “Are… are you a lady or a man?”

Me: *Without thinking* “Uh… yes?”

Resident: “Oh, I see. Carry on, then.”

If You Can’t Convince ‘Em, Confuse ‘Em!

, , , , | Related | October 31, 2022

My mother-in-law and I do not see eye to eye on a lot of things. Normally, I either walk away from the conversation and she claims that my refusal to argue means that I agree, or we get into screaming matches. After talking with a family friend, I have a new tactic for dealing with her poking at me.

Recently, a bakery has been in the news for refusing to make a cake for a same-sex couple.

Mother-In-Law: “Did you hear about the bakery that won’t cater to [gay slur]s?”

Me: *Uninterested tone* “Uh-huh.”

Mother-In-Law: “All these people are crying about how the bakery should make the cake and take their money.”

Me: “I heard.”

Mother-In-Law: “But they’re a private business; they have the right to refuse service! If the [gay slur]s and their hags disagree, they can go somewhere else.”

Me: “That’s how companies work.”

Mother-In-Law: *Aggressively* “They— What?”

Me: “Everyone who agrees with the bakery can continue to buy from them, and everyone who disagrees can take their business elsewhere.”

Mother-In-Law: “Well… yes. That’s what I said.”

Me: *Smiling* “I’m glad we agree.”

She was quiet for a moment, and then she turned and walked away. I wouldn’t say I won that argument, but I do think she is a little confused now.