Time For A Mash Up

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(I run the warehouse for a country store. Customers pay for bags of animal feed and bedding, and then bring their tickets to the warehouse where I load the bags into their cars. Said bags are normally 20kg+ each. On this particular day, a fairly old customer gives me their ticket.)

Me: *sees that they want several heavy bags of animal food* “Okay, no problem. May I ask you to move your car up to the entrance, please?”

Customer: “Oh, my car’s just over there” *points to the other side of the car park, as far away from the warehouse as you can possibly park*

Me: “Okay, but we do ask customers to bring their cars to the entrance if they’ve bought several bags, just so that we can get you your products as quickly as possible.”

Customer: “Oh, my car’s just over there.” *points again*

Me: *realises she’s not going to move her car regardless of what I say* “Okay, I’ll just be a couple of minutes.

(Her ticket says she’s paid for two bags of chicken feed pellets. I pick up a bag of this and take it out to her car, which takes me about a minute because of where she’s parked. I walk back to the warehouse, pick up another bag, and take it across the car park and put in her car, and it’s only when I’ve done this that she says:)

Customer: “Oh, no, I wanted the mash, not the pellets. Could you put the mash in my car, instead?”

Me: *internally rolling eyes* “Your ticket said you’d paid for pellets, so if you’d like to take it back to the shop they’ll be able to exchange it for you.”

Customer: “Oh, I don’t want to walk all the way back to the shop. Can you just put the bags in my car?”

Me: “I’m sorry, but since you haven’t paid for the mash, I can’t give it to you. If you’d just like to talk to the person on the till, they’ll be able to sort it out for you no problem.”

Customer: “Oh, but can’t you just put the mash in my car?”

(This went on for about two minutes before I finally convinced her to go back to the shop. She came back a couple of minutes later, by which time I’d taken the two bags of pellets back into the warehouse. I gave her the bags of mash she’d paid for, as well as the other three bags she wanted. She still refused to move her car.)

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Making A Point To Pay

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(I’m planning to make a new set of arrows and go to my local store to get all the parts. Unfortunately, they don’t have the points I want in stock, but they refer me to a nearby competitor where I’ve never been. This happens in the second shop. There is one employee inside and no other customers.)

Me: “Hello, I’m looking for [Brand] [size] points. Do you have any?”

Employee #1: “Here.” *hands me the points, wanders off to the back before I have a chance to pay*

Me: “Um…”

(I try to call for the employee but no answer. Figuring I have time, I look around the shop for a while. About ten minutes later, another employee walks in from the back.)

Employee #2: “Hi, how can I help you?”

Me: *holding up the bag I’ve been holding for ten minutes and walking to the till holding my card* “Hi, yes, I just wanted these [Brand] [size] points. Your colleague got them for me, and then disappeared.”

Employee #2: “Yes, those are the correct ones. Is there something else you need?” *looks at me with confusion*

Me: “So… can I pay for them?”

Employee #2: “Oh…” *wanders off to the back room but returns shortly*

Employee #2: “I have no idea where he went…” *looks lost*

Me: “How much for these?”

Employee #2 “Oh, yeah… [price].”


(Total time to get points: fifteen seconds. Total time to get cashiers to let me PAY for points: fifteen minutes.)

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A Stamp Of Disapproval

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(I go to the local post office to get some postage and drop off the mail for my boss. Here is the actual conversation at the postal counter.)

Me: “Hi. I need a roll of reg—“

Post Office Lady: “No rolls.”

Me: “You don’t have rolls of stamps?”

Post Office Lady: “No.”

Me: “Okay, how about just 100 stamps, then?”

(She counts out five sheets of stamps.)

Me: “And I need one $1 stamp—“

Post Office Lady: “No $1 stamps.”

Me: “Okay, how about $2 stamps?”

Post Office Lady: “No $2 stamps.”

Me: “Um, all right. I need five postcard—“

Post Office Lady: “We don’t have postcard stamps.”

Me: *growing ever more incredulous* “You don’t have post… Okay, you know what? I’ll just take those, then. I’ll go somewhere else for the rest.”

(I get ready to pay.)

Post Office Lady: “Do you need anything else today?”

(SO MANY responses go through my head, it nearly explodes.)

Me: “Um, no. That will be all.”

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A Transference Of Annoyance

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I have cable and Internet services with a well-known company infamous for its garbage customer service. My previous encounters with their customer service have varied from fair to wanting, but up to this point they haven’t been truly awful. This time, though, I got the experience that’s emblematic of their reputation.

Without warning, my cable/DVR box goes on the fritz — the power button flashing on and off, just not working at all. I do my due diligence to try to fix it without success, and then I call the provider. I explain to them what’s going on, and proceed to spend twenty minutes going through every single action I’ve already taken, because the agent will not accept that I have already done them. The only thing she does that I haven’t done is send a restart signal, which predictably fails. At the end of this, she tells me she has to transfer me to a local center to get a service appointment. I’m a bit annoyed at this point, but there’s not much I can do without getting a service appointment, so I agree.

The call transfers, and another agent picks up and starts asking me for my basic details. I interrupt and say I was just transferred from another customer service agent. That’s when I learn there was no actual transfer; the first agent sent the call to someone else without giving them a single detail about me, or even telling them that I had been on the line with someone else! And [Agent #2] either doesn’t believe me or doesn’t care because she spends another 20 minutes going through the exact same tests I have already done with [Agent #1]. I’m at less than my best when it’s all done, as it’s late and I just want to get a tech out there to help me, but finally, the appointment is made.

Or so I think, because the scheduled window comes and goes without any sign of the tech. Cue another call up, where it’s taking everything I have not to yell at [Agent #3], who tells me that no appointment was ever made. I make a point of demanding a credit to my account at this point because I’m very fed up with how this has gone, but finally, the appointment is confirmed for the next day. The tech takes one look at the box and deems it toast, and sets me up with a new one.

The kicker? The new box dies in less than a week. When I call up, they don’t waste any time telling me to go to the local shop; apparently, someone has their head on straight and sees what I’ve been through and realizes I am not in the mood for BS. At least the second replacement box works fine.

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I’ll Have A Slice Of Cancellation

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(I have just recently moved across the country for a job and am settling into a new place. One night I decide I want pizza, and decide to place an order with one of the local stores of a national franchise. I order online, and get an estimate of about an hour. I wait an hour… and then longer. Eventually, I get back to check their tracker, but it’s not working for some reason. I decide to place a call.)

Employee: “[Chain] on [Location], this is [Employee]. How can I help you?”

Me: “Yes, I placed an online order about two hours ago, and I haven’t received it yet. I was trying to see if it had come out but I am having trouble with the tracker.”

Employee: “Let me check… Oh, I see. We cancelled your order.”

Me: “You cancelled my order?!”

Employee: “Sorry.”

Me: “Are you freaking kidding me? You cancelled my order and you didn’t even tell me?

(Click. He hangs up. I’m pissed, and still hungry, so I order from a local chain, which gets me my delivery in less than twenty minutes. Normally, this would be where it ends, but this crossed a line for me, so the next day during the day I call back to talk to a manager. What I’m hoping is that I’ll find out this was a fluke and I won’t have this issue again.)

Manager: “What can I do for you?”

Me: “I placed an order last night, and when I called in two hours later, they said they had cancelled it. And they didn’t even call me to tell me.”

Manager: “Yeah, the night manager told me about that. Sometimes it gets busy and wait times are long, and we don’t have the staff to deal with it, so we cancel them.”

Me: “That’s not acceptable! You can’t just cancel people’s orders without telling them!”

Manager: “We don’t have time to call up everyone whose order we cancel. That would just put us further behind.”

(The more we talk, the more clear it is that not only was this NOT a fluke, the manager talks about it like it’s the most normal thing in the world, and even has the nerve to get annoyed with me for calling it bad customer service. All this smells of crap to me, especially when the manager claims they can’t hire more people but that they do more business than any other member of that franchise in the area. Then, he drops a real doozy of a line.)

Manager: “This is just how it is, sir. We just don’t have time to call everyone when we cancel their orders.”

Me: “And you think that’s acceptable? To just leave them not knowing that they’re not getting their pizza?”

Manager: “Well, we don’t charge them.”

(That had never been the thing I was complaining about. It was clear he didn’t get it, so I turned down his offer of a credit — what good is a credit when you probably won’t even make the food? — and told him I’d never be ordering from him again. I contacted corporate to inform them of this and to see if I could arrange for delivery from a different store. They tried to placate me with ANOTHER credit and told me that they don’t allow that. I then told them that I would not be ordering from them again unless I moved to a different location. It’s a shame; I like their pizza, but it’s a moot point if I can’t get it, anyway. I’ll give my business to the locations that actually want my money.)

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