Seeking A Job And Further Seeking A Manager

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(I am a college student and I am searching for a new job for the summer. I ask my best friend if the department store where she works is hiring and they are. I go down the next day to give them my resume with my contact information on it. The next day, my best friend calls me on her cell phone and this exchange occurs.)

Best Friend: “[Boss] just called me and wants to know what hours you are seeking and what your availability is?”

Me: “Oh, does he want me to call him back?”

Best Friend: “No, he wanted me to ask you let him know when I came in for my shift.”

(I find it weird that he can’t call me to ask me and had to call my friend to relay his message to me, but I let it go. Two days later, I am at school and I am taking my final, so I don’t have my phone on. After my final, I see that I have two missed calls and one voicemail, so I listen to my voicemail and it’s my best friend.)

Best Friend: “Hey, [My Name]! [Boss] is blowing up my phone because he called you multiple times and left several voice messages, wanting to schedule you an interview, and you never answered. Please let me know what is going on; he wants to know if you’re still interested or not.”

(I call my best friend back and tell her he only called one time and didn’t leave a voicemail, and that I was in an exam. I call the boss back on his cellphone and explain why I couldn’t answer the first time, apologize, and then tell him I am still interested in an interview. Five minutes later, I get another call from my best friend.)

Best Friend: *sounding really annoyed* “I am so sorry for bothering you about this again but [Boss] called me and wants to know when you can come in for an interview. I really don’t know why he wants me to be the messenger and can’t just talk to you!”

(By this point, I don’t even want to go to the interview because I am also getting annoyed that this boss refuses to talk to me personally. But I need the job badly, so I tell her I am available any day. She hangs up to call back her boss, then texts me the interview details. I go in the next day, and throughout the whole interview he sits there, looking at the cameras, and doesn’t really ask me any questions except when I could start. A couple of days later, my best friend calls me, and I already know what she’s calling about.)

Best Friend: “Please don’t shoot the messenger, but [Boss] is too afraid to call you and tell you didn’t get the job.”

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The Only Other Option Is Hedwig

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(I am running a very popular gardening program for my community. At the onset of the program, I ask each participant for their contact information, that I might send them updates about important dates and workshops. This phone call takes place about a month after the program starts for the season.)

Participant: “Hey, [My Name]. I just wanted to know what’s going on with the program. I haven’t gotten any updates from you in a while.”

Me: “Oh, I’m sorry. Didn’t you get my email?”

Participant: “I never check my email. I only have one so I can get free things from companies.”

Me: “Oh. Okay. Well, let me see; is this address correct? I should have sent you two flyers by now.”

Participant: “I’m sure it’s in my car somewhere. I just throw everything that’s not a bill onto the front seat of my car and deal with it later.”

Me: “Well, I did try to call you last week.”

Participant: “I don’t answer calls from phone numbers I don’t recognize, and I know I wouldn’t recognize yours.”

Me: *getting frustrated* “I think we’re left with carrier pigeon.”

Participant: “What?”

Me: “What other means of communication would you suggest? I’ve listed everything I can think of.”

Participant: “Hmmm… Maybe shoot me a text. But not before or after work. You know I live in an area that doesn’t have reception!”

(Her daughter eventually came to the office for a different reason. I sent her home with about five important papers to take to her mom. I’m sure she’ll never see them!)

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Scheduling Your Own Termination

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The office supply store where I used to work had a high rate of turnover for management. The store manager had horrible luck finding competent people to fill roles and refused to promote from within. One of the managers she hired was absolutely convinced that, as assistant manager, she was exempt from such tasks as helping customers, operating a cash register, or doing anything other than sitting all day long in the front office.

One day we were shorthanded by two or three employees — due to her scheduling failure — and she was the only manager in the store when there were usually two. This meant we were constantly requesting her to pull items from lockup, handle returns, do price overrides, etc., and at some point during the afternoon rush, she vanished.

We were so shorthanded, we couldn’t even spare an employee to try and find the woman, so we managed the best we could while constantly calling for her on the walkie-talkies, the store PA system, and even her personal cell phone. Then, we noticed that one of the store supervisors, who has limited authority in the store but no keys for lockup, was gone, too.

Customers who were waiting for items from lockup were getting angry and leaving. Lines were building up because we had only one cashier and the salesperson was busy assisting people on the floor. The print center was swamped because I was the only person working in that department. We were all repeatedly calling for either the assistant manager or the supervisor.

Finally, there was a lull in business, and the salesperson ran to the back for a stock check, only to find the assistant manager and the supervisor sitting on desk chairs, chatting it up like they were at home instead of on the clock! Furious, he demanded to know why they had left us high and dry out there and caused us to lose business, and what was her reply?

“I turned off my walkie because I got tired of everyone bugging me all the time!”

The employee herded the assistant manager and supervisor back out onto the floor, and the rest of us requested a formal sit-down with the store manager to discuss the incident. This wasn’t the only time she’d pulled a stunt like this one, but it was the last straw. After confirming the event on the security footage and watching the two employees kick back and chat in the warehouse, the manager was let go. Thank goodness.

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I’ll Have A Memento Burger

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(I go with my friends to a fast food place that specializes in burgers, before going to the movies. There is no one in the lobby, when this interaction takes place.)

Me: “I would like to order a Bacon Double Cheeseburger meal, please.”

Cashier: “Certainly! That will be [amount].”

(My friends and I pay for our meals, and within a couple of minutes, my friends get their order, but I never get mine. I stand there for quite a while, until the same cashier who took my order makes eye contact with me and approaches me.)

Cashier: “Is there something wrong, ma’am?”

Me: “Yes, I never got my Bacon Double Cheeseburger meal.”

Cashier: “That is because we have been out of burgers all day. Would you like to order something else?”

(I wonder why he didn’t mention that, if he knew they had no burgers in stock, but not wanting to cause trouble, I order something else from the menu.)

Cashier: “Okay, with your new meal, that will be [amount].”

Me: “Aren’t you going to refund me for the other meal?”

Cashier: “Why would I do that?”

Me: “Because I paid for the Double Bacon Cheeseburger meal and you waited to tell me after I paid for it. I should be getting a refund.”

Cashier: *looks at me confused* “Well, I’m not sure if I can give you one because I don’t have proof you ordered a Bacon Double Cheeseburger to begin with. Do you have your receipt?”

Me: “You’re the one who rang me up five minutes ago and told me, after the fact, that you had no burgers.”

Cashier: “But I still have no proof you order it. Do you have your receipt?”

Me: *facepalms*

(I handed him the receipt and he went to get a manager for the refund. After telling the manager he never told me until after the fact they had no burgers, she offered to give me a new meal for free. It still blows my mind that a restaurant commonly known for selling hamburgers and cheeseburgers was out of them!)

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Not Much Assurance About The Insurance, Part 9

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(My husband is rear-ended by a young man who isn’t paying attention. No one is hurt but there is some damage to the new truck my husband drives, around $9,000. I start calling the very well-known national car insurance company of the person who hit us. They tell us they will get right on it. A week goes by and I hear nothing so I call them. I am told they are working on it but haven’t talked to their client that hit us, and they need to in order to get the claim going. Another week goes by and nothing. I call back and am told once again they can’t get a hold of their client. The police report actually has the man’s insurance agent on it. I call and they can’t believe that our damages haven’t been taken care of, but they can’t get a hold of the person who hit us. We go through this game for a full month. At this point I lose my temper and have quite an attitude; honestly, I am a bit rude. I call the customer service line. I get a very nice and understanding customer service representative who repeats the same thing to me.)

Me: “Okay, first, is this being recorded?”

Agent: “Ummm, yes.”

Me: “Good. I want to make sure. Now, first, I want to thank you for being so friendly and professional. I want to make sure you and your company know that I have not been mistreated in any way, and I apologize to you because I know you just work there. Now, I have had it. Your company does not need to talk to your client. You have a copy of the police report. He rear-ended us. The policy was in effect, according to your own records at the time of the accident. Period. I feel I have been more than fair in my treatment of you. You have had ample opportunity to take care of this. So, today is Friday. You have until Monday at 4:45 pm to make arrangements to repair our truck. Do not bother calling at 4:46, because at that time I will be calling an attorney. One of those on TV. I don’t have the money for an attorney, but I bet they can get that, too. Also, my husband is having some back pain, so I think we will also be seeing a doctor. Do I make myself clear? By 4:45 on Monday. Not a minute later.”

(At that point I demanded a supervisor, and after telling him that I appreciated the professionalism and friendliness of the representatives, I repeated the whole thing I said earlier and hung up. Three hours later, a rental car company called me saying they had my rental car ready. I asked, “What car?” They told me the insurance company had set it up for us to drive while the truck was being repaired. Amazing how quickly they got everything done.)

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