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Daylight Save Yourself The Trouble

, , , , , | Right | June 29, 2018

(I work in a laundromat. Spring daylight saving just happened yesterday, and I was the only one that worked yesterday. Before being told this story, I have just mentioned staying late last night to clean up, as customers were there a little past closing. We closed at six pm.)

Coworker: “You know the customer…” *describes him*

Me: “No?”

Coworker: “Well, he came in today, saying he was here yesterday.”

Me: *searches memory* “Oh, yes! Now I remember; he was here yesterday.”

Coworker: “He came in today and he was really mad! He said he came back at 5:30 yesterday to get his stuff out, making sure he had lots of time left before we closed, and that the girl here yesterday left early; everything was off and locked up! I told him that’s really strange that she would do that and to let me check my timesheet. It said she clocked out after six pm. He said no, that must be wrong, and he started arguing with me about it. I thought about it for a moment and went, ‘Did you get confused with the time change?’ He said, ‘No, that happens at midnight Sunday.'”

Me: “Well, it was two am Sunday, so he’s a bit off. I was definitely here past closing. It’s hard to clean up around people; I didn’t finish until they left just after six. The computer clock changed automatically and so did the debit machine. I did the wall clock myself.”

Coworker: “I know. I didn’t think you would leave early. He was really mad and kept insisting you had.”

(At this point, my coworker goes to the bathroom briefly, and I ponder this story. She gets back:)

Me: “Wait, he was saying midnight Sunday? Meaning, when it changed it would be one am Monday, not 12:00 Monday? As in, the time change hadn’t happened yet?”

Coworker: “Yes, exactly! So I was trying to explain that you didn’t close early, but he didn’t believe me. I had to sit down and read a book; I couldn’t explain time to him. Another customer was in here, laughing at him!”

Me: “Wow. That just makes it worse. How did he not know when the time change happened?”

Coworker: “I don’t know; maybe he didn’t talk to anyone about it or see anything about it.”

Me: “To be honest, daylight saving is confusing, but not that much.”

(Yes, daylight saving had occurred over twelve hours before “5:30,” and this guy had gone that whole time not knowing.)

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Should Have Just Thrown In The Towel

, , , | Friendly | December 29, 2017

(I am 24 and a student not living with my parents. It is Christmas time and my mother asks me to go to the laundry shop to a pick a Christmas tablecloth she had dropped there the week before. I have always looked younger than my age.)

Me: “I’m here to pick up this.” *gives the ticket*

Worker: “Hmm. I can’t find it. Maybe the paper fell. You don’t know what the tablecloth looks like, do you?”

Me: “No. It was my mother that dropped it off last week; she just gave me the paper.”

Another Customer: “This youth nowadays! What a lack of respect! What are you? Fourteen? You should know what you have at home! You’re only mooching from your parents! Only want to have fun!”

Me: *with a deadpan face* “I’m actually 24, and I don’t live with my parents. My mother asked me a favour and I did it for her.”

(By then the worker had found the tablecloth with the missing paper, giving it to me and muttering an apology, so I walked out while the other customer stared with an open-mouth. The fun fact: my mother also didn’t remember which tablecloth it was when I told the story. The worker also apologized to my mother when she went there again.)

Nefertiti The Scribe

| Friendly | February 16, 2017

(I am at the laundromat, reading a book while waiting for my clothes to finish. Another customer approaches me.)

Customer: “Oh! What are you reading?”

Me: “It’s about the history of ancient Egypt.”

Customer: “Oooh, is it an autobiography?”

It Bearly Happened

| Romantic | March 12, 2016

(It’s the day before Valentine’s Day and my girlfriend and I sit in the arcade room of our local Laundromat. A man walks in, and begins playing on the claw machine. After a few unsuccessful attempts, he continues funneling money into the machine. I am in awe. Every time he loses.)

Me: “Awww.”

(For the first time, he looks back and cocks a smile. But soon after he leaves.)

Man: “Screw this.”

(I sit, disappointed. But then, not more than a minute or two later, he comes back.)

Man: “I’m getting this d*** bear!”

(He continues. Finally, after four or five more attempts, he gets the bear.)

Me: “Oh, my god!” *claps*

(Without looking, he throws the bear at us. It’s a black bear holding a red heart that says “Love”)

Me & Girlfriend: “Thank you!”

Man: “No problem.”

(We took the bear home, and gave him a place between our stuffed animal-collection. I still don’t think he knows how much that made our day.)

Being Mean To Kids Never Tasted So Sweet

| Friendly | March 20, 2015

(I am the mean one in this story. I’m sitting at a laundromat waiting for my clothes to get done while eating M&M’s. I’m separating them by color when this happens.)

Little Kid: *walks up to me eyeing my candy* “That’s a LOT of M&M’s!”

Me: “Yep.” *keeps eating them*

Little Kid: “Can I have some?”

Me: *with the meanest face I can possibly muster* “DIDN’T YOUR MOTHER TEACH YOU NOT TO TALK TO STRANGERS?!”

(The little kid starts screaming and crying and runs back to his mother. Meanwhile, I hear this.)

Mom: “Well, she’s right! And what did I tell you about taking candy from people you don’t know?!