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(This happened a few years ago so this may not be 100% accurate.)
I am male and after my English class I met up with my friend like we do every day to go to gym together. We are discussing the next Pathfinder session, when a girl dropped her water bottle me being the kind of guy who does nice things on impulse I pick it up for her and give it to her. We keep talking about how my friends brother plans to screw us over as he does as DM when the girl taps my shoulder.

Girl: I would’ve picked it up myself.
Me: Okay your welcome have a good weekend.
My friend and I walk away when she does this again.
Girl: Why are you being a jackass? I told you I could have done it myself.
Me: Okay I believe you would you mind we gotta get to class.
We start to go downstairs when she does this a third time.
Girl: My boyfriend is (My fellow boyscouts name) I could get him to beat you up.
Me: I know him and he wouldn’t hurt anyone because then he’d be off the team now you should get to class you’ll be late.
Girl: Uggh you shouldn’t rape other peoples things.
My friend who is a peaceful morman got fed up at this point and said: Fine you wanna pick it up.
He grabs the bottle and yells heads up and throws it across the hall.
Girl to my friend: You ass.
Friend: Thanks now chase it thirsty bitch.
As she ran so did we to gym.

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(I am currently working my shift at a popular hardware store. At this time, it is before my initial treatment for my severe anxiety. My boss is very understanding of my situation, and lets me decide if I would like to climb the ladder to the top to stock those shelves since height can trigger my anxiety. Two customers in their late teens, early twenties come in on one of the rare days I decide to stock the top…)

Customer #1: “I wonder what he’s doing up there.”

(Thinking the customer is talking to themselves or something I ignore and continue.)

Customer #1: “Do you think we can get his attention?”

Customer #2: “How?”

Customer #1: “I don’t know. Maybe shake the ladder?”

(At this point, I am starting to have a minor freak out. I convince myself that I’m just paranoid and don’t think anymore of it.)

Customer #2: “We could try?”

(Suddenly, the ladder starts shaking vigorously and I scream for help and start to have a major panic attack. My coworkers and boss know me well enough to get me to calm down enough to tell what happened.)

Me: “I was stalking the shelves and it just started shaking!”

Customer #1: “Bull****! We were talking to you and you were ignoring us!”

Me: “NO! I thought you knew I was busy and were talking about someone else!”

Customer #2: “Well you should-”

Boss: “Stop talking right there! You two are BANNED from this location! You could’ve caused SERIOUS injuries! Use common sense next time, morons!”

(I soon quit after that due to me going to treatment repeatedly but my boss and I stay in contact and we have started dating!)

Flying With Captain Obvious  

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(I am a flight attendant. We always get some weirdos at work, but this one conversation recently has particularly stuck with me. Context: we are boarding a flight to Baltimore, and we have assigned seats.)

Passenger: “Hey, can we just sit anywhere?”

Me: “No, sir, it’s assigned seating! Your seat is printed on your boarding pass.”

Coworker: “The seat number is in the bottom right corner.”

Passenger: “Yeah, I saw it.”

Coworker & Me: *internally screaming*

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In walks an agitated man to our fan and lighting showroom and produces an object we’d not only never seen before but between 3 of us couldn’t identify.

The gentleman insists that we “test it.” He was told that prior to testing things we prefer to know what they are. He responds “stove igniter.” We responded that as a fan and lighting shop we had no idea how one would test a kitchen appliance part, but that an appliance store might be a worthy expenditure of his time.

He left but not before accusing us of “bad service.” I suppose he also takes his vehicle repairs to his dentist.

Sometimes You Just Have To Say “F*** It”

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(I work in a grocery store deli. I have a new coworker who is from Poland and has a strong accent. I walk into work one day when an angry customer is giving him a hard time and I decide to step in. I am Caucasian but very tan.)

Me: “I’m sorry, sir. Is there something wrong?”

Customer: *notices my tan* “Oh, great. Now a Mexican! Does this place only hire immigrants?! I can’t f****** understand this Russian. I want macaroni salad. Did anyone teach you what that is in Mexico, you [racial slur]?!”

Me: *blank stare* “I’m from Idaho, you f****** idiot.” 

(Just one mildly annoying HR meeting and I managed to keep my job, and I earned a splendid high-five from my coworker.)

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