The Smell Of Cakes And Pies Is Absolutely Everywhere

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(A local pizza shop is known for their creative specialty pizzas, and normally have ten or so in a display case to be sold by the slice; because the selection is always changing, it’s common for customers to ask what any given pie is. On my walk to the shop today, it started to snow.)

Me: *walks up to the counter, pointing to a pie* “What’s this?”

Employee: *lists toppings*

Me: *pointing to a different pie* “What’s this?”

Employee: *lists toppings*

Me: *pointing out the window at the falling snow* “There’s white things in the air…”

(The employee looks at me strangely. The gears are turning, but the light bulb hasn’t quite come on yet.)

Me: *pointing to a third pizza* “What’s this?”

Employee: *lists toppings*

Me: “There’s pizza everywhere…” *points to one last pie* “What’s this?”

(At this point, the light bulb went on and the employee burst out laughing… realizing that while I’d gotten two of the lines reversed, I did indeed just run him through the first couple stanzas of “What’s This?” from “The Nightmare Before Christmas.”)

A Chemical Reaction To Get You Fired

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During my senior year of high school, the last day of classes before Christmas break was interrupted by a fire alarm. We all evacuated, thinking at first that it was just a drill, but quickly realizing that the first floor of the building was filling with smoke. There was so much that it started setting off people’s asthma.

Still, everyone was able to evacuate safely and there was no visible fire, so no one was worried. We just enjoyed the impromptu break from classes and being able to be outside, since it was nice weather, despite being late December.

We were outside for quite a while, while the fire department cleared out the smoke–so long that we ended up missing three periods. The whole time, we were talking about what was going on, debating on how the fire could have started.

After they gave us the all-clear and we returned inside, we were informed of what happened. The fire had started in the chemistry lab–by the chemistry teacher, who thought it would be a good idea to throw hot, burning embers into a trash can full of paper towels.

Politically Correct Pirates Are Unassailable

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(My mom, sisters, and I are chatting online a few days after Halloween.)

Sister #1: “So what were you for Halloween, Mom?”

Mom: “I was a gypsy. My first graders didn’t know what that was, so I had to tell them.”

Sister #2: “Actually, Mom, they prefer to be known as the Roma, not gypsies. It’s considered a derogatory term.”

Mom: “Oh, wow, I didn’t know that. I guess I had better retire that costume and figure out something new for next year that’s more politically correct. [Sister #3], what were you for Halloween?”

Sister #3: “Oh, I was a pirate.”

Me: “Actually, they prefer to be known as ‘mercenaries’ these days. ‘Pirate’ is so not PC.”

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