A Hurricane Of Confusion

, , , , , | Working | December 1, 2017

(This takes place the day after Hurricane Irma rolls through. Power has gone out throughout most of the town and recovery efforts are beginning to slowly bring the town back online. My fiancĂ©, his mother, and I are driving through town, looking at the devastation, and looking to see if anywhere has power yet. At one point, we pass a [Fast Food Restaurant] with cars in the drive-through and in the parking lot, so we decide to get some fried chicken. As we pull into line, we can see all the lights on inside. While we’re waiting for the person ahead to finish their order, a woman in a large truck drives past the line.)

Truck Customer: “Hey, there’s no one in there; they’re closed!”

Customer In Line: “No way! I’ve been talking with an employee!”

(The truck driver leaves, and we wait a few more minutes before the woman ahead drives to the next window, and we pull up. There is a sign on the speaker saying they are closed until tomorrow due to Irma, but a voice comes on the box.)

Voice: “Welcome to [Fast Food Restaurant]! Go ahead with your order when you’re ready!”

(We placed our order, and waited a few minutes for them to respond. We spent a good five minutes waiting and trying to get the employee’s attention. Eventually, we got fed up and pulled to the next window to complain. Upon reaching the window, we saw that the restaurant was, in fact, empty and the kitchen lights were all off. The restaurant apparently had an automatic greeter that someone failed to turn off, as well as the main lights in the building. We drove off, laughing at ourselves for being accidentally pranked, the humor made even better when we saw that the line formed behind us was stretching onto the highway!)

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