Special Order Of The Book: ‘The World Revolves Around Me’

, , , , | Right | September 6, 2018

(We are a small bookstore, but it is Christmas season, and we have literally dozens of special orders coming in everyday. I spend the morning calling 45 customers telling them that their orders have come in. Around noon, a lady walks in:)

Me: “Hi, can I help you?”

Customer: “You called me about my special order and said it came in?”

Me: “Yes, let me grab that for you. What is your name?”

Customer: “Excuse me?”

Me: “Your name, so I can get your order.”

Customer: “I just talked to you an hour ago.”

Me: “I’m sorry, I called lots of people today. If you could just—”

Customer: *interrupts furiously* “I JUST talked to you. What is wrong with you?!”

Me: “Yes, I’m sorry, but I called lots of people an hour ago. If you just tell me your name I can go get your book.”

Customer: “I cannot believe this. You just called me and you already forgot?!”

(The customer absolutely refuses to give me her name. I grab a random special order from the shelf behind the counter and hold it up.)

Me: “Is this it?”

Customer: “NO!”

(We did this sixteen more times until I randomly grabbed her book.)

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