Politely Leave Them Hanging

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My mom is telling me about a very frustrating exchange she had with the customer service of a large bus company, ending with, “…and that’s why I hung up on them.”

I have to stifle a laugh, because I was in the room with her for the end of the call. Most people hang up on someone by simply hanging up without a word. My mom’s version of hanging up on someone is to say, “I’m going to hang up now. Merry Christmas. Goodbye.”

Will Be Rattling Around For A While Longer

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(I’m visiting my mom, who’s just dug out some old stuff from the basement. She comes into the room and shows me an old, dented metal rattle.)

Mom: “Oh, look, it’s your old baby rattle!”

Me: “Really?”

Mom: “Yeah. It was mine, too!”

Me: “Cool! Oh, and it’s silver, so–“

Mom: “You could sell it for a bit?”

Me: “What? No! Silver is naturally antiseptic, so it’s good to give to babies. You really think I’d sell it?!”

Mom: “Well, I don’t know…”

(I have few things like that from my childhood, and passing them onto my children or niblings is worth infinitely more than whatever paltry sum I’d be able to sell them for!)