A Pound, A Cookie, And A Lifetime Of Gratitude

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I am taking a trip to London with a friend and we are hurrying back to our hostel through Hyde Park before we have to rush to the airport.

I have type one diabetes and have hypoglycemia on the way through. I want to buy anything to eat that can fare me over on the three-kilometre walk to the hostel. There is a food stand nearby, but since it is the last day of the trip, we are almost completely out of pounds. I do, however, have some euros with me.

I speak to the food stand worker.

Me: “Do you perchance take euros? I’d like to buy a cookie but I’m a pound short.”

Worker: *Laughing* “We would, but the queen is kind of against that.”

I assume she sees something is wrong, because she asks something along these lines:

Worker: “What’s wrong? Do you badly need it?”

Me: “I have hypoglycemia and I am feeling bad, but I have no time to rest.”

She started to say that it was okay and I could just take the cookie with the money I had, but then a stranger waiting behind us just came to the window and placed one pound on the counter, saying he hoped I’d feel better soon and that we would catch our flight okay.

I hope I will never forget the kindness two absolute strangers showed me that day. Thanks to them, I was able to get to the hostel and to the airport in time. Had I not eaten anything right then, I don’t know if I would have made it in time.

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All Treat, No Trick, Part 2

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I am working at the front checkout on Halloween night. A young woman and her young daughter come into the store. The daughter is dressed up as a princess and is obviously in the middle of trick-or-treating.

Mother: “Go ahead!”

Girl: “Trick or treat!”

Me: “I’m sorry, sweetie, but we don’t have any free candy here.”

Girl: *Obviously disappointed* “Oh…”

Man In Line: “You know what, I’ve got it.”

The man in line grabs a full-sized Snickers bar and hands it to me to scan.

Man In Line: “That’s for the princess.”

Girl & Mother: “Thank you!”

Me: “That was really very generous! Thank you so much!”

Man In Line: “It’s a better use of my money than this issue of Concealed Handguns I’m buying!”

All Treat, No Trick

This story is part of our Feel Good roundup for October 2020!

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Kindness Isn’t The Best Medicine, But It Can Help You Buy It

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I walk into the pharmacy to pick up my husband’s medication. Up until now, we’ve had pretty decent prescription coverage. When I arrive, there are three people there: a husband and wife and the wife’s elderly mother.

While our pharmacist is checking our insurance, we discover that my husband’s medication is no longer covered, which is a problem, as we don’t have the money to cover the full price this month. I start to worry and panic. By this point, the husband, wife, and mother have left the pharmacy already.

A few moments later, the pharmacy phone rings.

Me: “Go ahead and answer it while I figure out what I’m going to do.”

After she hangs up, she looks at me.

Pharmacist #1: “That was the woman that was here earlier with her husband and her mother. She’s offered to cover the rest of the cost of the medication you need.”

My heart soars and I tear up. I pay for what I can: $50 out of the original $110. 

I think that is the end of it and I am so grateful. After I get home, I text my other pharmacist and ask him to thank the wife for me profusely. About twenty minutes later, the pharmacist calls me back.

Pharmacist #2: “The woman called us back, and she insisted that we give you your money back. She insisted on paying completely for your medication.”

I cried in my living room. I told my husband what had just happened and he couldn’t believe it. 

We had never met these people before; they did this purely out of the goodness of their hearts. Wherever you and your family are, please know that my husband and I are eternally grateful for you. You really helped us out in a tight spot!

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Making A Cart-felt Plea, Part 2

, , , | Right | October 22, 2020

I am in the store picking up a couple of things. Unfortunately, I have a huge headache when this happens, to the point where I’m just kind of out of it. There are three types of carts: a mini one, which is obviously far easier for light shoppers to use, the regular-sized one, and a wide one for bulk shoppers. I am using the only mini one I could find in the cart bay. 

After I pay, I come out to the cart bay to return my cart. I notice a female standing there who sees my cart and waits for me to get my stuff so she can take it. For some reason, I do not notice the man pulling a regular-sized cart from the bay, noticing my mini cart, and gently pushing the regular cart away to get mine as well. I do notice, however, when I remove my things and he grabs the end of the mini cart. I was planning on giving it to the woman who saw it first, and it takes me a moment to realize this.

I look up at him, and in a confused and slightly irritated tone, I speak up.

Me: “Excuse me, what are you doing? This woman obviously saw the cart first. I’m giving it to her.”

A heartbeat of silence passes between all three of us before the man and woman start laughing. My face contorts in confusion, which the woman notices, and she grabs the man’s hand.

Woman: “Oh, honey, it’s okay. He’s my husband.” *Chuckling* “But thank you very much for sticking up for me over a silly cart.”

I turn bright red and start stammering.

Me: “Oh, my God, I am sorry! I have a headache and I am so out of it; I am so sorry!”

They laugh lightheartedly and shake their heads.

Man: “Don’t be sorry; it’s okay.”

They then took the cart and walked into the store. Apparently, I made their day. Me, on the other hand, well… I’m sure I’ll lie in bed at three am in the future and my brain will suddenly remember this embarrassment.

Making A Cart-felt Plea

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Many Hands Make Light Work

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I used to volunteer with my town’s first aid squad. Most of the calls would be relatively minor in nature, but every once in a while, a true life-or-death emergency would occur.

This story occurs on the day of a blizzard with over twelve inches of snow already on the ground. We get a call for chest pain and begin to head toward the house as quickly as is safely possible. As we get onto side streets, a township snow plow meets up with us to plow the road in front of the ambulance.

We arrive at the house to see a driveway on a steep incline that is, of course, covered with snow. We all make our way up without falling and go into the house. We find a patient having a true heart emergency and in need of the hospital immediately. Our team leader takes over.

Team Leader: “[Colleague #1] and [Colleague #2], go get the snow shovels out of the rig and start making a pathway to get [Patient] out. [My Name], get [this equipment], [that equipment], and [other equipment] and bring it inside.

The three of us went outside. The other two started shoveling a pathway while I started grabbing the necessary equipment. As I started carrying it up to the house, a neighbor with a snowblower made his way over and started clearing the snow from the driveway. Suddenly, two more neighbors with snowblowers arrived and joined in the effort. On my second trip outside, I watched as two teenagers with shovels ran over and started clearing off the steps. A moment later, yet another neighbor appeared with a bag of sand and she began to coat the steps & driveway to improve traction.

We were able to get the patient down the driveway, into the ambulance, and safely to the hospital, where he made a full recovery. And my faith in humanity? Restored!

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