Lighter On Their Wallets

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It is a week before Christmas and my mom is visiting from out of state. My roommate, my mom, and I decide to keep with tradition and go to one of the better Christmas light displays. We are really excited! Money is tight, but I happen to know that this show is the cheapest one in town. We load ourselves into the car and, singing merrily, head out to see the lights.

To our horror, when we get to the venue, the price is more than double what we expected! We are crushed; it’s more than any of us can afford.

At just that moment, a man leaving the venue, kid in his arms and another running along playfully in front of him, flags us down. He explains that he has an extra ticket; he bought the family pack but not everyone could go, and he asks if we would like it. My mom, surprised by his generosity, gratefully accepts the ticket. As the man walks away with his cute kids, my mom looks at the ticket in her hands. Paging through the paper ticket, we belatedly realize that the man has given us, not one, but three whole tickets! It’s enough for all of us to get into the light show!

We were never able to catch up to the man to thank him enough for his gift, but he brought such love and happiness to our little group. Thank you, kind sir, and I hope that whenever you are now, you know you were our Christmas Miracle!

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It’s Not Hazard Pay But It’s Still Pretty Sweet

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I work in a restaurant. We open for dine-in one Monday, and we have to close again nine days later — which is fine by me. I only work Sundays, and this Sunday is a confused mess. Only a cook and I are scheduled to deal with tables and take away service. The phone is ringing nonstop and my boss has to step in even though he is eating with family in our bar.

All my tables are lovely and happy to be out and relaxing for the first time in months. One table, a mother and daughter, are super friendly, kind, and easy-peasy. When they come to pay, everything is normal.

Mother: “This is our first time out since lockdown started in March. We’ve never been here before and we had a wonderful time!”

Then, she completes her payment on the machine. She enters $100 into the tip amount. I stop and double-check it.

Mother: “We decided that we wanted to do this, before the next lockdown. We had such a great time out, and we feel good about this amount. We know how important it is to support local businesses.”

I didn’t cry — because phones were ringing and my brain was scrambled — but I did thank them and thank them and thanked them some more.

I never thought such a gift would be given to me by a stranger. I only wish I could tell her how needed that extra money was — how I could pay for my expensive meds, buy my family essential items, and not worry about checking my bank every day for a while. The good in this world is sometimes too good. Keep it up, servers. Some out there do appreciate you more than you know.

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We Are So Here For Women Supporting Women

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I go out to the city to see a live performance of one of my favorite podcasts. I take the train as it is a short walk from the station to the venue and easier than trying to find parking or deal with traffic. It is April, and it gets downright cold by the time the show lets out around 9:00 pm, so I decide to cut through a mall as it will be the same distance but warmer.

I notice a man entering the mall right behind me and I realize after a few minutes that he is staying the same distance behind me and following my roundabout window-shopping route. I am a fairly short woman; most men would have passed me already.

I start to get nervous, so when I walk past the hotel that is attached to the mall, I go up to the hostess in the hotel restaurant.

Me: “I’m being followed. Could I please sit an empty table here for a bit?”

The hostess immediately sat me at a table within her line of sight, brought me soda, and had a waitress come sit with me. The waitress made a big deal about seeing me, greeting me like an old friend, and giving me a big hug.

The man stopped right outside of the hotel lobby and hung around for about twenty minutes before moving on. The hostess called mall security, but he was gone by the time they arrived. 

So I wouldn’t miss my train, now the last train of the night, someone from the hotel desk staff walked me to the station. He was going to wait with me, but when we got there, I ran into friends who just happened by in the city and would be taking the same train. Satisfied I was safe, the hotel staff member left me with them and headed home. 

I am so grateful to the hostess and her coworkers who were willing to do that for me. If it hadn’t been for them, it would have been a much scarier situation than it already was, but thanks to them, I made it home safe and sound.

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And They Weren’t Even Fishing For It

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I just moved back to this state. I decide I want to take up fishing again. I go to the store so I can get a license and new gear at the same time. I end up spending about $90, which is about what I budgeted.

I’m walking out with this obviously brand-new fishing gear, and as I’m nearing the door, I see this friendly-looking stranger approaching.

Stranger: “Hi there! Have you just started fishing?”

We talk for a few minutes. He says goodbye and holds out his hand to shake, and as we shake, he slips a $100 bill in my hand.

Stranger: “Congrats on the new hobby!”

And he walks away, quickly blending into the crowd, and all I have time to do before I lose sight of him is to yell, “Thank you!”

This happened three years ago and I will never forget this random act of kindness. If you’re reading this, sir, again, thank you!

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The Kindness Combo

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My mom and I decide to go to my favorite fast-food restaurant for lunch. English isn’t her first language, so she asks me to order. I’ve never done it before since I am only fifteen.

Worker: “Hi, what can I get for you today?”

Me: “Um, can we have two veggie burgers, large fries, and a small soda?”

Worker: “Sure, would you like to add another soda to make that a combo meal?”

I don’t actually know what a combo meal is, and I turn to my mom and ask in Chinese. She didn’t hear the worker and has no idea what I’m talking about.

Me: “Um, I don’t know? No, thanks.”

Worker: “Okay, then. That’ll be [total].”

After we got our food, I checked the receipt and realized that two combo meals were added to our order and they actually saved us money. Thanks to that worker for helping us out!

This story is part of our Feel Good roundup for November 2020!

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Read the Feel Good roundup for November 2020!

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