A Soft Answer Turneth Away Wrath; So Does Crying

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I’m from Nova Scotia but moved to Prince Edward Island several years ago. All of my family is still in Nova Scotia. A little over a week before Christmas, my grandmother passes away. My work kindly gives me time off to go home for the funeral in Nova Scotia. Those from the area know that there are two ways off of PEI: a bridge to a neighboring province, or a ferry directly to Nova Scotia. Taking the ferry shortens the trip considerably, but it stops running a few days before Christmas on the 21st. I plan to leave on the 20th so I can get home in time to help my mother with both the funeral preparations and the preparations for a very sad Christmas.

Here, my string of bad luck begins: my departure is delayed by a blizzard, and I have to book my ferry crossing for the 21st, the last day that the ferry runs. I leave early as the roads are still snowy, and I am two-thirds of the way through an hour-long drive and deep in rural PEI when my car starts to swerve even on the clear patches of the road. I pull over and get out to look; I have a flat tire, and although I have the car’s rubber donut spare, I don’t actually know how to put it on.

But I do have roadside assistance. I call them, and then the place that services my car. They have one appointment open for three-thirty in the afternoon. I take it, even though it means that not only will I miss the ferry crossing I booked a spot on, but also the following one, which is the very last one of the season. I’ll have to take the bridge. After a cold wait for assistance, I’m making the trip back to the city where I live, with the suitcases and travel paraphernalia stuffed in the car because the bad tire is now consuming the bulk of my car’s small trunk.

I go to my service center early in hopes that they can squeeze me in early. As I park, I discover that the cooler stuffed in the front passenger seat has slid partially onto its side and leaked. Grabbing some paper towels and water, I scramble to repair damages — my car is new! — and in my hurry, I don’t realize that my door is now lightly touching the car next to mine. I find out almost immediately, though, as the owner runs up to me and starts yelling.

I’m stammering apologies and trying to sop up the last few drops of what I think is egg nog without having the door touch his car again; we’ve both looked and I didn’t even smudge the salt on the side of his car, let alone leave a scratch, but he’s not having any of my apologies and keeps yelling. I close the door and, feeling what little cool I have left evaporating, try to tell him it’s okay and it won’t happen again, and instead, I burst into tears because it’s just too much on top of everything else.

I don’t remember what exactly I said anymore; I remember sobbing that I am trying to go home for my grandmother’s funeral, and I’ve had a flat tire and missed my ferry, and now this. He gets really quiet after that, apologizing and saying he was just scared, because his car is a lease. He asks when the funeral is, and when my appointment time is. We go in together and he asks the lady at the service desk if they can swap our appointments, since he only needs his car by the end of the day and I have to travel as soon as possible. I thank him and sit down to wait.

They hurry, and I have a brand-new tire on my car half an hour later at no charge! And thanks to the appointment switch, I am able to catch the very last ferry crossing of the season, saving me hours of driving.

I never knew the man’s name, but thanks to him, I got home in time, and even early enough to help and support my mom through saying goodbye to hers. So, to the stranger who let go of his anger in favor of kindness, and the people at the service center who helped make things work out: thank you. You made a hard day and a hard Christmas a lot easier, for both me and my family.

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The Road Of Human Kindness

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My family and I are traveling by car to my youngest sister’s college graduation ceremony. We are in two cars driving caravan style, so we will arrive at the same time. We are about halfway into the hour-and-a-half drive when my mom is merging onto the highway and her car just… stops working. Completely. All the icons on the dashboard flash and we start slowing down spontaneously.

We pull over and try to figure out what’s going on. We can’t find anything wrong with the car except that it won’t start. So, we all pile into my oldest sister’s car. There are seven of us in a five-seater car, and someone is sitting the trunk, but we don’t care; we are getting to this graduation ceremony! My sister starts her car and… the engine won’t turn over. What are the odds that both cars would have problems at the same time?!

We call our insurance and ask for roadside assistance for my sister’s car, hoping we can still make it to the ceremony on time. The roadside assistance says it will be at least an hour before they can get to us, which would be after the graduation is supposed to start. We call a friend from the area and ask if she can come and give my sister’s car a jump — we suspect the battery is dead — so we can maybe get to the ceremony on time. Our friend says she will come as soon as she can.

Then, we call for a tow truck for my mom’s car to take it to the mechanic. Again, it will be an hour before we can get any help. My dad begs the customer service agent to do what she can to get someone here faster so we can still get to the graduation ceremony.

Ten minutes later, a cop pulls over and talks to us, making sure everything is all right. He offers to look at my mom’s car to see if there is anything he can do. The cop doesn’t have the right tools to help us, and after making sure we have help coming, leaves.

Not five minutes later, the tow truck and our friend arrive at the same time! The tow truck driver offers to jump my sister’s car even though he was only supposed to tow my mom’s car. A few of us get into our friend’s car and we finally get on the road to the graduation ceremony! We arrive only a few minutes before it starts; we made it just in time.

If it weren’t for such kind people, like the cop, the customer service agent with roadside assistance, the tow truck driver, and our friend, I would never have gotten to see my sister graduate college, and I am so grateful for the help we received.

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They Deserve A Cat Nap After This Rescue

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(I’m driving home from the grocery store at around 2:00 pm and I am about to pull into a left turn lane. This is a really busy street. A bunch of cars in front of me get a green light and are about to start going. One car throws their door open and drops a tiny kitten out onto the middle of the road in front of my car. I stop my car, blocking the lane, throw on my hazards, and hop out. Yes, I realize it’s incredibly dangerous, and a really poorly thought-out move.)

Me: “Here, kitty.”

(As I make noises to call the cat, a woman on the other side of the street calls out to me.)

Woman: “Is that your baby?”

Me:No! Someone just threw it on to the road.”

Woman: “If it comes this way, I’ll grab it.”

(I am able to run, grab the kitten, and wrap it in my sweater, but not without getting scratched and bitten. It calms down, and I’m able to get strapped in before any other cars come by in my lane and before the light turns green. I head home and wake my husband up.)

Me: *crying and talking fast* “Babe, I was driving home and someone dropped a kitten out of their car in front of me. I’ll totally take it to the humane society since we said we didn’t want more pets. But I’m upset and I need you.”

Husband: *calming me down* “Looks like we have a new member of the family.”

(It’s been three weeks. The vet says he’s perfectly healthy. He’s fully acclimated to our other three cats and our kids. He’s the sweetest little love bug. Thanks to the jerk who threw a kitten out of their car, we now have an amazing new member of the family.)

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Giving Cards For Kindness

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I took my teenage son on a tour of several colleges out of state. On a day when we had two tours scheduled, our rental car got a flat, so we had to have it towed and get another car. We missed one tour but made it to the second one, after a three-hour drive. Tired, grumpy, and discombobulated, I found the parking lot and managed to use the self-pay to pay for our parking before walking over to the visitor center.

Only when I went to buy my son a T-shirt did I realize that my credit card was missing. I had left it in the parking machine. Convinced that it would be stolen and used to buy thousands of dollars of stuff, I ran back to where we had parked. What did I find but another teenager there for the same tour, on her phone. She had found my card, Googled my name, found my office phone number, and was calling me to tell me she found my card. She was delighted that she got to give it back, and I was delighted that I didn’t have to cancel the card. I was even more delighted when I checked my voicemail later to find such an earnest and polite message telling me she that had found my card and would do her best to get it back to me.

Teenagers are the hope for the future, and I’m not being sarcastic. I hope she gets accepted.

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Random Acts Of Kindness

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(I have just broken up with my mentally abusive boyfriend, and his friends have started harassing me online and whenever they see me in person. This happens on my way to class one day.)

Man: “Hey, [My Name]!”

(I turn to see a man about thirty yards away from me.)

Man: “You’re a cheating w****!”

Girl: *walking past me* “Hey, [My Name], I don’t know you, but I think you’re pretty awesome.”

(Thank you, anonymous girl. I have never forgotten your random words of kindness!)

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