Take A Little Taste Of Humanity

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I’m visiting my friend in London; we’re both women who prefer to wear smart-looking clothes over casual. I’m a low-income earner whilst she earns much higher, but we are both working class. We’re walking down a street when we are approached by two men a bit older and a lot taller than us who appear to be homeless.

One man is looking somewhat hopeful whilst the other looks wary; both look very desperate. My friend immediately tenses and looks uncomfortable. The men stop.

Hopeful Man: “We don’t mean any harm or anything. We don’t want money. Just… can you spare anything? Please? A chocolate bar or… crisps… or even like… deodorant or something so we don’t immediately get shooed out for smelling when we do have some cash to buy stuff?”

Wary Man: *Almost inaudibly* “Come one, [Hopeful Man]. Look at them; they’re not gonna care.”

My friend is pulling at me to leave but I take my handbag off my shoulder.

Me: “I don’t carry cash, and I know it’s not much, but I’ve got some drinks and some chocolate?”

I offer the men two bottles of drink and two chocolate bars that I have in my bag. They take them.

Hopeful Man: “Thank you! Thank you so much!

Wary Man: “Yeah… Yeah, thanks!”

They leave. I feel good. My friend, however…

Friend: “Why did you do that? They were probably druggies!”

Me: “I… What?”


Me: “One, you don’t know that. Two, even if they were, that doesn’t mean that they should starve. And three, it’s £1.50 worth of drinks and chocolates — hardly breaking the bank.”

Friend: “Still!”

Me: “No. It was my food; I can do with it what I want.”

We still chat, just not nearly as much as we did before.

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Sometimes It’s Worth Giving Your Two Cents

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I am disabled, so in high school, most of my classes were virtual. Art class was not. It was a minimum one-hour bus ride, and the stop was over a mile from my house. Mom would drive me in the morning, but I had to walk home.

Walking home was h***. It was worth it — for the teacher and the friends I made — but it was h***. Truthfully, I shouldn’t have been walking so far in my condition, but I was lonely. Going to art class was the only chance I had to have friends and be included.

On this particular day, I was in more pain than usual. I decided to ride the bus one stop further so I could eat at a fast food joint before making the long trek home. A burger was $1 plus a ten-cent tax, which was exactly what I had.

Cashier: “I’m sorry. The city recently upped the tax to twelve cents.”

I wanted to cry.

Me: “Oh. I’ll just take a water, then, and I’ll be out of your hair soon.”

The cashier gave me a water cup.

Cashier: “You have $1.10, right? That’s fine. I’ll cover the two cents for you.”

This actually made me cry. I know it’s just two pennies, but it meant the world to me. I thanked her profusely and handed over the money. The food gave me the energy I needed to walk home. I will never forget her kindness.

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I Want To Print This Out And Put It Above My Desk

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I work in a hotel. A lot of what I see day to day has become normal. What I don’t see or expect is decency. Sadly, it’s in the nature of this business that we have to lower our expectations with our guests without lowering our standards of quality. I’m jaded because of the general a**clowns and those seeking to take advantage of others’ kindness.

I’m having a rough night. I’m trying to balance my work and social lives. I haven’t had a day off with my fiancé for some time.

A few moments ago, I saw a child come in his snow gear, limping. His mother used one of our luggage carts to move him around. An older guest not in their party came in afterward and stopped and addressed the young man.

Older Woman: “Why are you limping?”

Child: “My family and I went skiing and one of the skis twisted my ankle.”

I’ve had that happen before and it doesn’t tickle.

Older Woman: “Everything is going to be okay. You’ll wake up tomorrow morning stronger. Big people, little people, we all hurt and we all fall. It’s what we do next that matters most. Pain comes and goes. I used to kiss my kids whenever they got hurt so that they’d feel better, because I love them greatly and support them. And that’s what we do when someone falls. We love and support them.”

I’m sure that this went over the child’s head. But the older woman looked back at me and smiled. It was probably the most genuine thing I’ve seen happen in my lobby.

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Very Poor Behavior

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I am at a chain pharmacy picking up prescriptions. I have a personal policy that I don’t grab a basket or a cart so I don’t pick up too many extra items, but unfortunately, I’m also creative. I’m there with my fiancée and we have our arms full of stuffed animals. We go to check out, and there are a few people ahead of us. The person first in line keeps having her purchases rung up, bagged, and then unbagged and rung up again. There’s a manager on standby to run his ID to cancel out the transaction again and again.

Cashier: “I’m sorry, it did it again. I don’t know what’s wrong with our system today.”

Customer: “I’d like to go home today!”

Cashier: “I’m sorry, but you’re not the first person that this has happened to today.”

Finally, the teller moves her to a different register so the rest of the line can check out.

Customer: “You need to fix this! My card works elsewhere!”

Cashier: “I have no ability to fix this; it’s a tech issue we’ve been having.”

We can hear her continue to yell as she’s about three feet away. I get my excessive purchases rung up and hand them to my fiancée. This customer clearly wants to go home, right? She doesn’t have a lot of items and I don’t mind paying so she can go home.

Me: “Excuse me, miss, but I’d like to pay for your purchases so you can go home. I just—”


She is looking around at the entire store to be sure she’s heard.

Me: “Miss, I didn’t accuse you of being poor. I know this is an issue with their system and my card did work, so I was trying to make it so you could go home.”

Customer: “I’M NOT POOR! I’M NOT POOR!”

Cashier: “It’s just a problem with our system.”

Me: “No, I understand. I just know that my card works.”

The cashier gives me a very tired look as the customer just keeps yelling, “I’m not poor!” at the top of her lungs.

Me: “Well, miss, I hope you get to go home soon. Have a nice night.”

Customer: “I’M. NOT. POOR!”

I shrug and walk out of the store. I can hear her screaming even after the doors have closed behind me. My fiancée has been waiting in the car for me.

Fiancée: “What took so long?”

Me: “I tried to be nice. Didn’t go great.”

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Making Things Better One Pin At A Time

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I work in a consignment store and we are about to close up. There are only three people left shopping and I’m checking out an older woman while the girl next to me is checking out a woman and her daughter. The little girl is looking at the pins we have displayed and is asking her mom if she can buy one. The mom says yes and the older woman who I’m checking out starts talking to me.

Woman #1: “Excuse me, how much are your pins?”

Me: “Only a dollar, ma’am, would you like to buy one?”

Woman #1: “Can you please charge me for three and let the little girl choose whatever three she wants?”

Me: “Of course, I can do that.”

I finish ringing her up and go to tell my coworker and the girl’s mother.

Me: “Just so you know, the lady who just left paid for whatever three pins your daughter wants.”

Coworker: “She did?”

Me: “Yep.”

Woman #2: “Aw, that’s so sweet.”

After the woman checks out, very appreciative, my coworker says:

Coworker: “That was so sweet of that woman. I’m glad there are still some good people in the world.”

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