In The Spirit Of Fellowship With Coworkers

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This prank on a coworker required a degree of sophistication, preparation, and a little engineering but it came off great. [Target] is in charge of shipping and receiving and works in the warehouse area of our office. [Target] is, I guess you would say, easily spooked, which makes him the perfect candidate.

I rigged up a zip line in the back warehouse, constructed a shape of something resembling a ghost with a wig head and sheet, attached it to the zip line so that it would zoom across the warehouse where it would be captured by our security cameras. I had to put up the zip line for testing and take it down so it wouldn’t be detected during the day.

I finally got it to where Tristan — the name we gave our ghost — would sail across the warehouse at the right speed. The trick was how to get Tristan to release in the middle of the night where he would be captured with a time stamp on our cameras that had night vision. I tied a restraining cord to Tristan and put the other end of the cord in a frozen bottle of water. This way, as the ice turned into water, the string would release and Tristan would complete his journey.

It worked perfectly. So now, we had this video of some unidentified form drifting across the warehouse in the middle of the night on our camera systems.

The next day at work my coworkers [Accomplice #1], [Accomplice #2], and [Target] were in the office chatting. [Accomplice #1] casually mentioned how tired she was because she received a call from our security monitoring company around 4:00 am saying that motion had been detected in our back warehouse.

While they were chatting, [Accomplice #1] began reviewing video footage from the warehouse from the night before. The cameras only record if there is an event, so it wasn’t hard to find the right spot on the footage. Sure enough, at 4:08 am, there was Tristan soaring across the warehouse. The first time they saw it, it was a WTF moment. They ran the footage back.

When [Target] saw it again, there was a momentary pause, then bye! [Target] proceeded to walk back to his area, grab his things, and walk out.

“You tell [Boss] she’s gonna have to get somebody else,” he said, and he proceeded to get in his car and leave. He was gone before anyone had a chance to explain. Finally, after we reached [Target]’s cell phone and explained, he did agree to come back. He was a good sport about it but has sworn revenge on me.

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I the opening manager of a store.
Every morning I get to work about an hour before the store opens.
I have to count out tills for the day, count receipts from the day before, fill out a mountain of paperwork and get to the bank and back, all before opening.
Needless to say, I do not turn on any lights or do snything to indicate anyone is even on the store.
In addition there are signs posted on the front door and one in the big window on the front clearly stating our hours, and that we open at 9:30 am.
So of course this happens at least once a week as I am leaving around 9 am for the bank run.
I leave, car keys in hand, no lights on in the store save for the security light, alarm screaming till the door is locked, lock the door bchind me and this happens.
Customer runs up as I am wdlking away as asks “are you open?”
At least once a week.
My fxvofite may be the customer waiting she no returned from the bank about 9:15 am last still (note,still not 9:30 and both signs are still up stating hours)
She was standing there with one of my coworkers as I walked up.
Customer: well about time you got here.
Me: well it’s not opening time yet
I unlock doors and tell my coworker to come in, calling him by name and telling him he can start by unpacking dome boxes.
Customer tries to push her way in, despite alarm going off and with no lights on.
I ask her to wait outside for a few more minutes till we are ready to open
Customer: why aren’t you open? There are a lot of people here who want to come in. What’s taking so long”
I tell her it’s not 9:30 and we are still
Getting ready,
I also looked surround at the otherwise empty sidewalk and hoped all those other people weren’t inside her head.

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I working late into the night one day and I am doing some small task around the store. While doing this a lady in her mid-twenties with her baby and a guy I assume is her husband stops me and pulls me over the the shelf where we keep the cans of ravioli and other like items.

Lady: “Excuse me sir all theset cans are dented.”(She says sounding annoyed but seems like she’s trying to stay polite)
She motions toward a the only cans of ravioli left. I pick up some of the cans and start to examine them and she’s right.

Me: “Oh. I’m sorry-”
(She cuts me off)

Lady: “Dented cans can cause botulism and I would like you to tell your manager so they can take them off the shelf.”

Me: “Okay, I’ll tell her. If you don’t mind me askin’,what’s botulism?” I’m only 16, I don’t know much yet.”

Lady:(still annoyed) ” It’s sorta like food poisoning.”

Me: “Oh. Yeah, I’ll go tell her right away.”

Lady: (seeming relieved) “Okay. Thank you”

Me: “No problem. Y’all have a good night.”
I walk away and go up to the front desk to tell my manager who also seems annoyed.
“Uh…there’s this lady who wants me to tell you that all the cans are dented over there and she wants to them taken off the shelf.”

Manager: (sighs) She grabs a pen and a note pad and lays them in front of me. ” You can tell her to wright her complaint on that and stock it right there.” (She motions toward the trash can) “We sell plenty of dented cans and no one has complained today.

Me: Stunned, I just walk away and continue my work.

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Today I went into work with a positive attitude. After my 15 minute break around 4 o’clock or so, I get back in my check lane and continue bagging groceries. A woman comes and I noticed that she had a 1 or 2 year old sitting in the cart. She unloads her food and other items, I start bagging and placing them in the empty cart behind me. (Note: she saw me doing this and never said a word. Plus she had the cart far away from me and it was inconvenient to me to get to her cart.) The cashier finished ringing her up and I finished filling up the cart. She pays and then looks at the cart that I filled. She then slaps my shoulder and says, “Didn’t you see that I have a baby in this cart? You were SUPPOSED to put my groceries in THIS cart!!” I then look at her confused because she never politely asked me to place her bags in the cart with the toddler. By this time I had to begin bagging another order. I thought that she would just walk away, but no.. She pulls the child from the cart, makes a huge deal and then grabs my shoulder, turns me around and says “What is your name? Oh it’s Lydia. Okay, I’ll be talking to management about you and how you bag.” I was shocked and I felt my face turn red. I didn’t know what to do. I’d only been working for a week at most. I wasn’t trained, they just threw me in where ever. I just didn’t think that someone could be so rude about something before. Oh well, you can’t please everyone. Lol

A Testing Accent

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(It is about nineteen years ago, and I am in high school. I’m in the FFA — Future Farmers of America — and my team has won our state Livestock Judging contest and gone to the National FFA Convention in Louisville. We are all from Connecticut, and this is our first — or at least MY first — experience hearing anything like a Southern accent from the locals. We all get up from the hotel one morning and walk to a nearby bagel shop to order breakfast.)

Me: “I’d like a raisin bagel with cream cheese, please.”

Cashier: “Would you like that tested?”

Me: “Excuse me?”

Cashier: “Would you like that tested?”

Me: “Tested? Tested for what?”

Cashier: *rolling his eyes and exaggerating his speech* “WOULD YOU LIKE THAT TOAH-STED?!”

Me: “Oh! Yes, please. Sorry.” *turns red and feels like an idiot for the rest of the day*

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