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[It is time for my break. A colleague comes over to relieve me. The next customer is a woman who is only buying 2 packs of sweets.]

Me: [to Woman] We’re just changing over, we’ll just be a few seconds.

Woman: [rudely] Well, I won’t bother then!

[She storms off, with her sweets, and goes to one of the other tills which involves a wait of several minutes. My co-worker, the next customer in line, and myself all stare at each other in shock for a few seconds!]

Yolk Together

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(When my parents first get married, my dad is keen to be accommodating with his new in-laws. The first time he stays over with them, my nana accidentally breaks the yolk on one of the fried eggs for breakfast.)

Dad: “Don’t worry; I don’t mind having a broken yolk.”

(Somehow, my nana interpreted this as him liking his yolks to be broken. Forty-two years of marriage later, and every fried egg she has ever served him has had a broken yolk. My dad doesn’t have the heart to tell her.)

This Is Why We’re In A Recession, Part 81

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(I am waiting to be served in a department store and there is an elderly gentleman at the counter in front of me. It quickly becomes obvious he is having a store card problem.)

Assistant #1: “I’m sorry, but we don’t deal with the card in store; it is all dealt with by [Credit Company], so I’m afraid I can’t help you. You need to call them directly, sorry.”

Customer: “But I paid it off in full, and I have now received a letter telling me the minimum payment is overdue and they will be passing my details on to debt collecting agency if I don’t pay it in seven days.”

Assistant #1: “I understand your frustration, sir, but as I said, you need to call them directly.”

Customer: “Why won’t you call them for me and talk to them?”

Assistant #1: “Because it is your account and they won’t talk to me.”

Customer: “It’s not my account; it belongs to my lady friend.”

Assistant #1: “Then she needs to call them and give them permission to talk to you.”

Customer: “So, you can call them and I can give you permission?”

Assistant #1: “I’m sorry, but the lady in question is the only one that can give the permission to them.”

Customer: “That’s why I want to speak to a manager; they can do this for me.”

Assistant #1: “I’m afraid she isn’t in today, as I have already explained, and she would tell you exactly the same information as I have.”

Customer: “But this is ridiculous. You should be able to help me.”

Assistant #1: “I’m sorry, but the card is provided by a third party; therefore, there is nothing I can do except advise your friend to contact the company via the number in the letter.”

(It is obvious that this is going to go on for a while longer and I seek out another till to pay at. The poor woman is being constantly polite, but I can sense her growing frustration at him not listening to her. I pay for my goods and then explain to the assistant what is taking place at the other till point.)

Assistant #2: “Should I go over and offer assistance?”

Me: “She is handling it well, but I work in retail, and I think she may be now fighting the urge to slap him.”

Assistant #2: *laughs* “I’ll go over and check in a few minutes that she is okay, and offer my assistance if she needs it.”

(I thanked her and went on my way. Some people really don’t listen to a word you say; I believe they think we say things like this to make our jobs harder so as to not help them!)

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Let’s Hope They Found Them

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(I am a clerk at a well-known grocery store. I’m fixing a storage bin and cleaning the area when I hear a woman with her kids behind me.)

Woman: “Kids! We need to go find your daddy’s nuts!”

(Upon hearing this I smirk a bit, put everything down, walk into the back of the store, and begin laughing for a couple minutes.)

Driving Through Closing Time

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I work a summer job at a local fast food place that closes both dining room and drive-thru at 10:00. We have a rule, however, that as long as there are cars in the drive-thru we have to continue to take orders until there are no more cars. Because of this, we try to rush cars out of the drive-thru as fast as possible in the last few minutes until closing.

I’m taking orders for drive-thru and also acting as drive-thru cashier one night until closing, and I hand out the last order in a line of cars. I look up at the screen that shows if there are cars by the speaker and see no one, then glance down at the clock and see it’s 10:01, so I take off my headset. Not 90 seconds later I notice a car on the screen by the speaker but I ignore it because they showed up after close.

The manager then comes up from where he was cleaning the front and tells me to take their order because he isn’t sure if the car showed up before close. Despite me and a coworker pointing out that we didn’t see the car there at 10:01, we end up taking the order. The customer ends up having a $50 order, allowing time for two more cars to pull up that we now have to take orders from. We end up handing out the last order 35 minutes after closing.

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