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She Comes Full Loaded With Fury

, , , | Friendly | CREDIT: Slowmoshunmachine | September 17, 2020

I am walking from an airsoft shop looking at the folder they gave me about owning a non-lethal weapon, as I am a first-time buyer and I got a pistol. I still have it in the box. A few moments later a woman comes up to me.

Woman: “You are putting me in danger carrying that around! Give that to me!”

She tries to reach for my air-gun! I back up.

Me: “Hey! What are you doing!?”

Woman: “You are endangering everyone here carrying that around, besides, it is illegal for a child to own a gun!”

Me: “Did you even notice the thirty-page-long binder with a clearly-written name called ‘laws about owning a non-lethal weapon’?”

 A nearby police car is driving past. She starts shouting at it and flags it down.

Police Officer: “What is wrong?”

Woman: “That boy threatened to shoot me with that gun! Take him to the station!”

The police officer notices the box and the binder.

Police Officer: “He is literally carrying a binder about gun laws and proper handling of non-lethal weapons, and I do not think he has telekinesis to shoot you with a gun still in the box.”

The police officer asks for the box, takes it, and shows her the contents.

Police Officer: “Do you see any bullets or ammunition of any kind in here? Leave him alone.”

Woman: *Fury intensifies* “I am going to report you to your commanding officer! And you! *Points at me* “You will be put in jail!”

I decide to just walk away to the distant shouts of a very angry woman.