Doing A Disservice To Service Dogs

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(I have a coworker whose boyfriend apparently doesn’t have anything better to do than to hang out at our store for several hours while she’s at work. This coworker also recently found out that she’s pregnant. A customer in an electric wheelchair comes in with a service dog.)

Me: “That dog is so cute! I love dogs, and I wish I could pet it; I know you’re not supposed to pet service dogs.”

Boyfriend: “Like that’s a service dog. She doesn’t need one.”

Me: “You don’t know that. She could have seizures.”

Coworker: “Or PTSD, or diabetes, or anxiety, or depression.”

Me: “Also, a lot of people in wheelchairs have service dogs to help reach things that they can’t.”

(They walk away. A few minutes later, [Coworker] comes back.)

Coworker: “Sorry about that. He’s a d*****bag. I can’t believe I bred with him. Hopefully, my kid won’t turn out like him.”

Counseling Is Not Their Calling

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(I’m the scheduler and operator for a counseling office.)

Me: *answering phone* “Good afternoon. This is [Counseling Office], [My Name] speaking. How may I help you?”

Caller: “Uh… Who is this?”

Me: “[My Name] with [Counseling Office]. How may I help you?”

Caller: “Um. What is this place?”

Me: “We’re a counseling office.”

(I was thinking, “Shouldn’t you know, since YOU called US?”)

Needs To Address How To Impart Information

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(I’m the scheduler and operator for a counseling office.)

Me: *finishing up scheduling their appointment* “Okay, you’re all set. And do you know where we’re located?”

Caller: “Oh, no. I don’t.”

Me: “All right. Our address is—”

Caller: “Wait, I’m driving and I can’t write this down. Could you text it to me or something?”

(I can’t help thinking, “Why are you calling to schedule appointments when you’re DRIVING?!”)

Me: “Certainly. Is the number you gave me a good number to text it to?”

Caller: “No, that was my home and work number. Hold on. I don’t remember my cell phone number.”

Unfiltered Story #104555

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(The customer I have been helping and checking out has been having a rough day and is getting confused pretty easily due to lack of sleep/energy, so I slow down to keep her from getting too confused. I also talk with her, as is part of my job. Once she leaves and before I could even ask how the next customer is doing:)

Customer: “Could you hurry it up? You spend more time talking than checking people out.”

(This guy came in a few weeks previous to buy the exact same thing and said the exact same thing the last time. I begin silently fuming and quickly check out his groceries without speaking or looking at him. I do it in less than a minute and go to the total screen, where we wait for nearly twenty seconds as he stands there looking at the computer screen.)

Me: “It’s asking you another question on the pin pad.”

Customer: “Oh, goodness! Here I am getting after you for going too slow while I’m standing here like an ignoramus!”

Me: *hands him the receipt* “Have a good day.”

Noobishness That Makes You See Red(Mage)

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(We have a reporting mechanism for lost and stolen equipment, and employees are required to report lost equipment. One employee fills out a form for a stolen phone. When getting to the question asking about the surrounding circumstances of the theft, the employee states on the form that he was involved in a melee. Here’s a paraphrased excerpt from our internal incident response discussion:)

Supervisor: “Were there weapons involved in the melee?”

Tech #1: “It wasn’t stated in the report.”

Supervisor: “Need to know what level the characters were, what skill tree, and what weapons were involved. Were there any legendary items at all?”

Tech #2: “I’ll bet they were trying to use a freaking mage as a melee character.”

Tech #1: “Thief used boots of escaping, no purple runes on bedazzled phone. Subject was pwn’d by a level-13 rogue. What a noob.”

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