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(I work at a movie theater/restaurant with a very strict no cell phone policy. I’d noticed that a woman has been standing outside of one of our theaters for quite some time, talking to someone on the phone. There’s nothing wrong in her doing this, seeing as she’s not in the theater. I return later with a tray full of food to deliver to the theater, and the woman is still on the phone. As I approach, she flags me down.)
Woman: Sir, hello, excuse me! Could you tell him about your cell phone policy? Here, I’ll put him on speaker phone. (She taps the speaker phone button and holds the phone in front of me.)
Me: Oh, um… Well, we have a very strict no cell phones policy during showtime, you’ll receive a warning from a manager and then you’ll be thrown out without a refund if you are a repeat offender.
Another employee: It’s no tolerance.
Me: Yeah…
(The lady returned to her phone call, clearly angry at who she was talking to, and promptly hung up on him. She apologized and thanked the two of us for helping.)

Free To Complain, But Not To Get Free Food

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Me: “Guest number 142!”

Guest #1: “I’m very upset. I don’t like being harassed while I’m in your store. I give these people a dollar every time they ask me at the bus station and now this man just asked me to buy him a burger.”

Me: “I’m sorry about that, ma’am, but unless we are told that someone is begging you for money, we don’t know it is going on. We don’t allow panhandling on our property.”

Guest #1: *interrupting me* “I just don’t understand why you can’t give him a burger. Why do I have to buy it?”

Me: “Ma’am, we’re a business, not—“

Guest #1: “You’re [Multi-Million-Dollar Restaurant Chain]; you have enough money to feed the homeless.”

Me: “Ma’am, I—“

Guest #2: “They’re a multi-million-dollar company because they charge people for burgers, not give them away. Now, get your crazy a** out the way. The rest of us want our food.”

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Watch What You Don’t Say

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(I am the electronics department manager at a big superstore. It is Christmas Eve, and we close at six pm. It’s four in the afternoon, and there is a huge rush of customers. I have just been asked to help a customer near our headphones.)

Customer: “Where are your Apple products?”

Me: “What kind of Apple products?”

Customer: “Your Apple products.”

Me: “Yes, but what specific Apple products are you looking for?”

Customer: *rudely* “I just want to know where your Apple products are.”

Me: “Well, we have iPods in this case right here, iPads on the other side of the aisle, accessories two aisles over—“

Customer: “Just tell me where your Apple watches are.”

Me: “We don’t carry the Apple watch in our store, only online.”

Customer: “That’s all you had to say.” *walks away*

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*I have bagged his carton of Silk, carton of Ice cream, and jar of syrup into one handled paper bag. 50ish able-bodied male customer attempts to lift it*
Me: I can put it in two bags for you.
Customer: *Ignores me, grabs another paper bag. Shoves hand in to open it so roughly he rips the handles off* F***! MOTHERF****ER!!
Me (and the next customer): *stares*
Customer: *many exaggerated movements and cursing as he separates his order into two bags and then storms off*
Me: Have a good one!

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Me: Can I help you find anything?
Customer: I’m looking for Campbell’s Select soup.
Me: I’m sorry, we don’t carry that variety.
Customer: I don’t believe you.
Me: *i got nothing*
Customer: So where would it be?
Me: Well, it’d be here. *standing in front of our 20 foot soup section* but we don’t carry Select.
Customer: *shakes head* i’ll just look for it.
Me: Okay. *walks away*
*five minutes later, lady returns to me*
Customer: I couldn’t find it. I just want some Minestrone.
Me: Well, we don’t carry it, so..we have Minestrone in Progresso, though.
Customer: I want Campbell’s Select.
Me:………………………………………………………we have Progresso.
Customer: I guess. *takes soup and leaves.*