A Chain Reaction

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(I work in a jewelry store. We received a phone call from a customer a few days ago and my manager told me to expect them in. The silver ID bracelet that they bought had broken, and he told them to come in so we could replace it for them. The couple comes in with their baby in tow.)

Female Customer: *in a huffy voice* “Yeah, hi, is [Manager] here?”

Me: “It’s his day off today, but I’m the assistant manager. How can I help?”

Female Customer: “[Manager] told us to come in because our silver bracelet broke.”

Me: *as polite as possible* “Oh, that’s right! He told me to expect you. Can I have a look at it, please?

(After a quick glance, the bracelet doesn’t have any broken links I expected to see. Instead, the ring holding the clasp onto the bracelet has come apart.)

Me: “Oh, this is really easy to fix! We don’t need to replace it; I can just put on a new clasp.”

Female Customer: “But it will come apart again!”

Me: “I can put a stronger clasp on there for you at no extra charge; however, if you want the ring soldered shut, we would need to send it to our jeweler and charge you $30 for his work, as none of us are able to solder it shut here.”

Female Customer: “What do you mean, it’ll cost $30? It should always be sold soldered shut!”

Me: “Unfortunately, none of our bracelets or chains come with the ring soldered shut, as it’s a safety precaution. If it gets caught, the ring will open up and you won’t get cut by the piece of jewellery. Customers can choose to have the rings soldered at their own cost.”

Male Customer: “Well, okay. We’ll have the stronger clasp put on there, but we’re not paying $30 for soldering.”

Female Customer: “No, I want it to be soldered! I don’t want it to come off again!”

(Cue argument for a few minutes while I try to keep the baby entertained.)

Female Customer: “Okay, fine. Put the better clasp on there.”

(I fix the clasp very easily and show it to them to inspect. The mum asks me to put it on their son, which I do so happily. Both parents have to hold him down, as he keeps struggling, and it takes several attempts before I can do the bracelet up. The instant they let go, he puts part of the bracelet in his mouth and PULLS. I suspect that this is probably why the bracelet became loose to begin with, but I keep this to myself. He does this several times, and each time his mum swats his hand away to stop him from doing it. After it’s done, she starts making conversation again…)

Female Customer: “Back in our country, they always sell chains soldered shut. It’s so different here.”

Me: “Oh, that’s interesting. Thank you for telling me. I’ll keep that in mind.”

Female Customer: “See? Look!”

(She pulls on her own chain around her neck and, lo and behold, the ring holding the clasp comes undone and the chain falls into her hands. She has the biggest shocked look on her face as she realises that her own jewelry is made the same way.)

Me: *big grin on my face* “Oh, that’s okay! I can fix that for you!”

Female Customer: *very sheepishly* “Oh… Yes, please.”

(After I fixed her chain, the customers left the store very quickly and thanked me profusely for all of my help, saying I did a great job. I’ve retold this story to my coworkers who have a laugh of the instant karma that happened that day.)

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I am working Boxing Day and am just cashing out two young boys, 26, who are buying a set of earrings, necklace, and bracelet for one of their girlfriends

One of the guys starts bugging me for a discount and his friend says

“Dude we don’t want her to get fired.”

I ask the friend if he ever worked in retail and it turned out he did.

He still asked for a discount

When I said no they asked for the manager

Well they actually said “is the manager the fat one?”

While I’ll admit the manager isn’t Victoria Secret model skinny she isn’t overweight so I said “no, she isn’t fat.”

Guest: honey I’m fat so I know what fat looks like and she is fat

I decide to go into the back and pretend to look for my manager about a discount but really to tell her what is happening and get her to help me kick them out. Unfortunately she is on break but another employee agrees to pretend to be the manager.

We convince the boys to just pay the set price and once they leave we add a note to their account (if you shop at our store you get an account that’ll track your purchases warranty electronically so no need for recipes) that if they start asking for discounts again get security

Of course I had to tell my manager what happened and I felt awful telling her what the boys said about her body weight


Concentrate Before You Assume

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(A coworker and I are looking at the schedule.)

Coworker: “[My Name], your last name is unusual. Where’s it from?”

Me: “Germany, but—”

Coworker: “Oh, so your family were Nazis, huh? Going to lock me up for being gay? You guys suck!”

Me: “I don’t know if my family were Nazis; let me ask my ancestors. Oh, wait! I can’t, because they were killed in camps. What I was trying to say is that my last name is German, but we come from Poland. My family are Ashkenazi Jews. Hmm, Jews, huh? Still think my family were Nazis? You need to watch what you say!”

Coworker: “I am so sorry!” *quickly walks away*

(I didn’t think it warranted being reported to HR, but I told the supervisor who had a talk with her.)

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Bigotry Doesn’t Have A Nice Ring To It

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(We are a gay couple. My husband gave me a ring for my birthday. It apparently cost a lot, but after only a day of wearing it I notice my skin going green, a classic sign that the metal is cheap. My husband can’t explain it, but gives me the receipt to exchange it. I am seen by the store owner.)

Me: “Yes, I’d like to return this ring. My husband was told it was pure metal, but my finger tells me otherwise.”

(The owner takes the receipt and inspects the ring. I can tell there’s something wrong by his expression.)

Owner: “This ring doesn’t match the description. Are you sure he got it from here?”

Me: “I’m 100% certain. Your store name is embossed on the rim.”

Owner: “Yes, I can see. Give me a moment, please.”

(He disappears for about quarter of an hour and returns with a ledger.)

Owner: “Yes, your husband’s name is here with the same description on the receipt. I’ve checked the footage for the time and he was indeed sold this ring. However, this ring is worth a significant fraction of the price.”

Me: “What can you do, then?”

Owner: “Give me another moment, please. I want to be certain this is straightened out. [Worker] is in today; she served your husband.”

(The owner calls her over.)

Owner: “[Worker], did you sell this ring in exchange of [expensive ring] to a gentleman two weeks ago?”

Worker: “I don’t know. I’ve never see him before though.” *nods to me*

Me: “He has shoulder length black hair and a nose ring.”

Worker: “Oh, the [homophobic slur]. Yes, I did.”

(Both the owner and I wince at the word.)

Owner: “[Worker]! Why would you do such a thing?”

Worker: “Because marriage is between a man and a woman. Their [slur] marriage is fake and cheap, so that’s all they deserve!”

(I’m actually stunned at how blunt the woman is. The owner addresses me.)

Owner: “I am so sorry for this. My store does not discriminate under any circumstances, and I assure you this matter will be dealt with, with extreme severity.” *to the worker* “Go to my office. We’ll talk later.” *back to me* “The original cost your husband paid was [amount], but given the circumstances, I would like to offer you a choice of anything in store, as compensation.”

Me: “Well… No, thank you. I’ll be more than happy with a ring at equivalent price.”

Owner: “Then, perhaps a paired ring to go with whatever you choose?”

(I picked out two rings and headed home with them. My husband was more than a little shocked with what happened, but we were both happy with the compromise. The woman was fired from the jewellery store, but she now works in a café across town. We don’t go in.)

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A coworker of mine is British and recently moved to Canada a few months ago. She just got back from a recent trip to England.

Coworker: Man driving to work was hard today. I kept on going to the other side of the road.

Me: Oh my god, you did not? That’s so bad!

Coworker: I got pulled over by a bobby for suspected drunk driving, which I obviously passed, but he let me off with a warning.

Coworker: *joking* Oh wow! I mean we have the same spelling as you guys and the same queen but driving on the same side of the road? I think you’re nit picking now.