Throw Your Request Into Oblivion

| Montréal, Canada | Working | October 5, 2016

(It is a few days after the video game collector’s edition of “Elder Scrolls: Oblivion” has released, which came with a metallic replica of the in-game currency the player uses. For fun and added authenticity, I want to get it gold-plated.)

Me: “Hey there, do you happen to offer goldsmithing services?”

Clerk: “Yes! What would you like to get done? We can do gold plating of various fineness for a wide variety of items!”

Me: “Awesome! What would it cost to do a 24-carat plating on this?” *shows her the coin*

Clerk: *frowns in disapproval* “I’m sorry, but we can’t do that. Defacing currency is actually a crime.”

Me: *stunned for a moment* Oh, no worries, this isn’t a real coin. It’s a replica of an Imperial septim from a video game!”

Clerk: *look at me angrily* “That’s even worse! We are NOT going to help you make fake currency! That’s criminal! Get out of here right now before I call the police!”

Me: *shocked in surprise* “But you don’t get it. It’s a fictional coin. It’s from a country that doesn’t exist! It’s from a videogame!”

Clerk: *not listening* “GET. OUT!”

(I left the place dejected and went to another jewelry store where service was much better. The clerk there asked why I looked so worried when asking him for plating and laughed a good deal when I told him the other clerk’s reaction. They gave my coin a flawless job and it looks gorgeous.)

Caught Red-Headed

| USA | Romantic | September 8, 2016

(I work in a jewelry store that sells a popular brand of “create-it-yourself” bracelets. There are hundreds of beads to choose from, so it can take some time to put one together. One day, a man who appears to be in his late-50s comes in and wants to make a bracelet for his wife for their anniversary. Note: I have recently dyed red my naturally light brown hair.)

Me: *after nearly an hour of helping him pick out beads and stringing them onto the bracelet* “This is a really great start! And the best part is she’ll be able to keep adding on for other special occasions.”

Customer: “That’s great, that’s great…” *he looks around and sees there’s no one else at the counter with us* “You know, you’re very pretty.”

Me: *internal sigh* “Thank you. Did you want this gift-wrapped?”

Customer: *leans farther onto the counter and grins* “Can I tell you, I’ve always loved redheads.”

Me: “That’s funny; my hair color is fake. Is your wife a redhead?”

Customer: *slinks back* “I… uh… no, she’s not.”

Me: *feigned innocence* “Oh, I thought that was why you mentioned it! So, would you like this gift-wrapped?”

Customer: “Uh… yeah.”

(I rang him up and he left with his wife’s anniversary present. I’d like to say this is a rare occurrence, but unfortunately it isn’t. I don’t know what it is that makes some men, particularly men of that age range, think they can hit on another woman while shopping for their “wives.” Yeah, like I’m going to ignore the fact that I’m helping you pick out a gift for your spouse. Good luck with that.)

He’s From A Different Time(piece)

| Charlotte, NC, USA | Right | August 31, 2016

(I work in a fairly high-end jewelry store. My specialty department is usually luxury timepieces, but on this day the manager asks me to fill in for one of the diamond sales associates who is running late. Part of store policy is that all employees take turns greeting customers, unless a customer is here to see a specific person, then we “hand them over.” I’m next to greet someone and a middle-aged man in business-casual attire walks in. I am a female in my mid-20s and have had training in all of the store’s departments.)

Me: “Good morning! Welcome to [Jewelry Store].” *starts to give the store welcome spiel*

Man: *without even looking at me, walks on into the store, leaving me standing at the door*

Me: “Oh…” *thinking, maybe he’s hard of hearing? I catch up with him and smile* “I’m sorry, sir, we must have passed right by each other. Welcome to [Store].”

Man: *gives me the barest nods of recognition*

Me: *still smiling like a loon* “May I help you with anything special today?”

Man: “No.” *walks away to a different section*

(I decide to let him go, thinking maybe he was here to see a certain associate, and let my manager know. Note: my manager is a man in his early 40s.)

Manager: *takes me aside after talking to the man* “Hey, [My Name], I’ve sent [Male Coworker] over to help that customer, and I just wanted to let you know you don’t need to worry about greeting him if he comes back.”

Me: “Really? But we’re supposed to greet everyone.”

Manager: “Yes, well…” *he glances at the man across the store, who is now talking freely with my coworker* “This particular gentleman apparently thinks he can only buy jewelry from a man.”

Me: “So, you’re saying he thinks a woman can’t help him pick out jewelry for his wife, or whoever?”

Manager: “Unfortunately. We get a few people like that over the years.”

Me: “I honestly don’t know what to say to that.”

Manager: “Don’t worry about it; it’s his own prejudice. [Male Coworker] just clocked in, so you can go back to timepieces whenever you’re ready.”

Me: “Okay, thank you, [Manager].”

(About 15 minutes later, my coworker who was helping the man came up to my counter.)

Coworker: “Um… [My Name]?”

Me: “Yes?”

Coworker: “That customer wants to look at a [REALLY Expensive Brand] timepiece.”

Me: “Okay, and?”

Coworker: “You’re the only sales associate who’s had the training on them.”

Me: “Oh, boy.”

(I ended up standing at the opposite end of the counter, and my coworker walking over to me with every question the guy had, all because he didn’t want a woman to sell him any jewelry!)

That Rings Hollow

| NJ, USA | Working | August 22, 2016

(I have a couple of small diamonds missing from my engagement ring and need it fixed before taking my engagement photos. I call a local jeweler and ask if they can help. They say they will be glad to. My fiancé and I go the next day.)

Me: *tells the owner my predicament* “Is this something I can get fixed here?”

Owner: *looks at my ring, laughs, and turns to my fiancé* “Hey buddy, I bet you bought this ring online didn’t you?” *chuckles and proceeds to talk about how cheap he thinks the ring is*

(My fiancé looks mortified at this point.)

Me: “We actually got it in NYC. So can you help us?”

Owner: “I’m refusing to help fix such a cheap ring. All I know is you are going to come back with more missing diamonds and blame me for it.”

(I was so angry. At this point I just thanked him and walked out. I had to spend the evening reassuring my fiancé how much I loved my ring. We took it to a more established jeweler the next day who gladly took my ring and did a fabulous job. They even reassured me that there was absolutely nothing wrong with my ring.)

Turning Cursing Into A Blessing

| MO, USA | Right | July 25, 2016

(This takes place as I answer the phone.)

Me: “Hello, thank you for calling [Jewelry Store]. This is [My Name]. How may I help you?”

Customer: “God d***, f******…!”

(This stream of cursing goes on for a couple seconds as it is evident that the customer has not realized I answered the phone.)

Me: “Hello? How may I help you?”

Customer: “Oh, God, did you just hear all of that?! I am so sorry! You shouldn’t have heard that. I didn’t realize you had picked up the phone! What’s your name, ma’am?”

Me: “It’s [My Name], sir, and it’s okay! I’ve heard it all before.”

Customer: “However, I am still sorry. I shouldn’t have been cursing.”

(I direct his call and about a week passes. I am at work when I hear a customer ask if I was in today, and he is carrying a huge bouquet of flowers.)

Customer: “Here you go, ma’am. I am so sorry you had to hear that. A gentleman should never curse in front of a lady. Please accept these flowers as my apology.”

(The flowers were beautiful, whoever you are! Thank you for making my week!)

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