Diamonds Are Not A Woman’s Best Friend

| USA | Working | May 9, 2017

(This story comes from my now-fiance when he went to buy my engagement ring. Throughout our dating, I made no secret of the fact that I never wanted to own a diamond because of artificial market inflation, and their connections to human rights violations. So, naturally, he goes into his conversation with the jeweler knowing that.)

Fiancé: “I’m interested in looking at engagement rings.”

Jeweler: “Absolutely. Let me take you to look at our selection. We’ll find the perfect one to make her say yes.”

Fiancé: “So, I’m not interested at diamonds at all, and I’d really prefer manufactured gemstones, rather than mined ones.”

Jeweler: “You may not be interested in diamonds, but she is.”

Fiancé: “She actually isn’t. She’s made that fairly clear.”

Jeweler: “Girls say that. But they don’t mean it. They don’t really know what they want.”

Fiancé: “That may true. Thing is, she isn’t a girl; she’s a woman, and perfectly capable of making up her own mind.”

(I couldn’t be prouder of him. And yes, this is confirmed as having happened by my best friend who was ring shopping with him to give opinions and browsing nearby.)

Has You In Their Sights

| Toronto, ON, Canada | Right | April 28, 2017

(I am the youngest on staff. Despite being an older teenager, my coworkers despise teenagers and basically ignore them if they come into the store. Therefore, I purposely seek them out so that they don’t feel ignored or shafted by my older coworkers.)

Teen: “Can I see your glasses? They’re beautiful; I want ones just like it!”

Me: *hands them over* “Oh, really, thanks. They’re new; I got them a few days ago.”

Teen: “What brand are they?

Me: “Kate Spade. Aren’t they cute?”

(The teen looks up at me, looks at the glasses, and runs out of the store with my glasses before I can do anything. I chase after her but she runs too quickly for me to catch up in my heels.)

Me: “[Older Coworker], did you see that!?”

Older Coworker: “Yes… how stupid must they be? You’re in a jewellery store and you steal glasses? Idiot.”

(I didn’t have any extras because I have never broken or lost my glasses before so I stumble through my shift with squinty eyes and my coworker’s help. My manager makes me fill in an incident report as I’m writing it in the back my manager comes and gets me.)

Manager: “The teenager came back with her mom. Turns out her mom caught her selling your glasses on eBay.”

(I got my glasses back, with an apology, and the teen was banned from the mall for her theft. She tried arguing that since she didn’t steal a mall item she shouldn’t be banned by her complaint went nowhere.)

Brace(let) Yourself For Customer Service

| Toronto, ON, Canada | Working | April 11, 2017

(I used to work at an internationally known jewellery store during the holidays. I was hired exactly when I turned 18 and was by far the youngest person there. I only left because I was on a seasonal contract but kept good relations with everyone working there and occasionally stop by. I stop by the store to buy my mother a bracelet for her birthday. I see someone working there who I have never met.)

Me: “Hi, I’m looking for—”

Salesperson: *stops talking to coworkers who know me* “Washroom is around the corner.”

Me: “Excuse me? I’m here to buy a bracelet.”

Salesperson: *looks me up and down* “The cheapest thing we have is $79.”

Me: “Well—”

Salesperson: “Look, either buy something or get out. We don’t need any more teenagers stealing from us.”

(I see some of the salespeople who know me about to speak up but I hold my hand out to stop them.)

Me: “Can I talk to your manager?”

Salesperson: “She’s out right now.”

Me: “That’s fine. I’ll just call her.” *I get out my phone and search for the manager in my contacts* “This is her, right?” *shows the salesperson my screen*

Salesperson: “But— What?”

Me: “Oh, you didn’t know I used to work here? You know, I think it’d be easier for me to steal things when I still had access to the back room.”

Salesperson: “But—”

Me: “It’s okay; I’ll just call [Manager] and tell her–” *reads salesperson’s nametag* “–needs a refresher on customer service. See you later!”

(I did call the manager and, according to the salespeople who know me, she had to go through retraining and wasn’t rehired when her yearly contracted ended in February.)

A Bookstore’s Last Day Is Booked

, | Mason, OH, USA | Right | April 7, 2017

(I overhear this while ringing two ladies out.)

Friend #1: “We should go to [Store]. They’re having a going out of business sale.”

Friend #2: “[Store]? What do they sell?”

Friend #1: “Books.”

Friend #2: *makes a face*

Friend #1: *quickly* “We don’t HAVE to go.”

Friend #2: “Okay, good.”

(And we wonder why they went out of business…)

This Customer Is Causing A Real Stink

| Columbus, OH, USA | Right | March 22, 2017

(I work on an online jewelry shop, taking calls for customers who are either confused with products or their prices, our delivery services, etc.)

Me: “[Jewelry Store], this is [My Name]. How may I assist you?”

Customer: “Hello! Do you sell deodorant?”

Me: *trying to hold in my laughter* “I’m sorry?”

Customer: “You know, deodorant. The stuff you put on your armpits?”

Me: “Ma’am, I know what deodorant is, but this is a jewelry store… We don’t sell deodorant or any sort of hygiene-like products; only jewelry. I’m sorry for your inconvenience.”

Customer: “But jewelry is a beauty product…”

Me: “Yes, ma’am, I understand that. I don’t know what you’re getting at, though.”

Customer: “And deodorant is a hygiene product, to help with your beauty.”

Me: *trying not to die laughing* “Ma’am, have you seen our website?”

Customer: “Yes. What do you mean?”

Me: *getting slightly more aggressive* “Did you see deodorant ANYWHERE on it?”

Customer: “No… I just thought you were out of stock.”

Me: “I’m sorry, ma’am. I am 100% sure you can find deodorant at your local convenience store or grocery store without waiting for shipping.”

Customer: “I’d like to speak to your manager!”

Me: “Well, I’m pretty sure if I put my manager on the phone, he’ll say the same thing.”

(I put my manager on the phone.)

Customer: “Hello? Is this the manager?”

Manager: “Yes? I heard you were having some trouble on our website.”

Customer: “Yes, the little lady you have working here isn’t letting me buy deodorant from your website.”

Manager: “Ma’am, this is a jewelry store. We don’t sell deodorant or any sort of hygiene-like products; only jewelry. But, I’m pretty sure you can buy some deodorant from a store near you with no delivery waiting or cost.”

(My mind is blown because that is almost exactly what I said to this lady. The call finishes and the customer returns to me.)

Customer: “Well, I still don’t believe you.”

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