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(More often than not, customers come in through our registers wearing headphones or talking on the phone. As such, communicating with them becomes a hassle, but it’s tolerable. This is not the case this time. This customer is not wearing headphones, nor is he on his phone.)

Me: How can I help you, sir?

Customer: (says nothing, but drops his items for me to scan)

Me: Do you have your rewards card?

Customer: Yes I do. (He immediately swipes his credit card even though I have not yet started scanning his items)

Me: Sorry sir, the register isn’t ready for that yet.

(I scan his items fairly quickly and he swipes his card once more, again the register isn’t ready to accept payment yet, at this point I can see it’s a chip card so swiping won’t do it any good either way)

Me: Would you like to use your rewards card for this purchase first?

Customer: Oh! Yes. (at this point he puts in his phone number, bringing up his rewards membership, discounts, etc.)

Me: Okay sir, there we go! Now if you could just put the chip in the reader down below

(The customer AGAIN swipes his card through, prompting the card reader to display the “PLEASE INSERT CHIP” message for him to see. He’s not paying attention and I am screaming internally)

Me: Sir, please use the chip reader below.

Customer: Oh okay. (He puts the chip in, and the machine takes his payment)

Me: Thank you very much, sir, and have a good night

(He ignores me once again as he walks out with his purchases)

Smoking Puts You Out Of Sync

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(At the pharmacy where I work, we sell cigarettes, among other things. This exchange happens more often than I’d like to admit.)

Customer: “Can I get [Brand] cigarettes?”

(The customer does not specify which strength or flavor of the cigarettes, as we have many.)

Me: “Which kind?”

Customer: “[Brand].”

Me: “Which type of [Brand]?”

Customer: “Oh! [Strength].”

Me: “Okay, would you like the box, soft pack, or 100s?”

Customer: “[Strength].”

Me: “Box it is.”

Customer: “I want 100s!”

Me: *screaming internally*

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(My fiancé and I are the customers in this story. We’ve been spending a good part of the day job hunting. We’re currently in a large, well known clothing store )

Fiancé: *Walking with me after reaching the second floor of the store* “We need to find customer service…” *Spots a worker* “Excuse me, where is customer service?”

Worker: *She looks behind herself, looking at the doorway with the large “Customer Service” letters above it* “Right over there, sir!”

Fiancé: “…Oh.”

Me: “Well done, hun.”

(Later on, we’re in a second well known clothing store. We just asked where to go, and were directed to the other side of the store. Being lost, we go up to a service desk to ask for directions. )

Fiancé: “Hi, where exactly is the customer service area?”

Worker: “Just straight behind me! Take a right once you go past the doorway.”

Fiancé: “Take a right… okay, thank you.”

Me: *staring at the sign above the desk* “Hey, hun?”

Fiancé: “Yes?”

Me: “There’s a sign above us that points the way…”

Fiancé: “…”

Me: “You’re turning into the customers you dislike. Don’t do it, it’s not worth it!”

Getting Away Was A Pipe Dream

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(My family has recently noticed that our water has been turning off often. For the first couple of times, we just write it off as company problems, but soon, we realize there is a problem with our plumbing. We call a plumbing company and they send out a plumber to check our attic. I am only five years old.)

Plumber: “I’ll need to check your attic pipes first, since that’s where it’s most likely to break.”

Dad: “That’ll be fine.”

(My dad shows him the way to the attic and the plumber climbs up and goes in. He stays there for a few minutes, when he suddenly screeches and practically jumps out of the attic.)

Plumber: “A spider bit me! It looked like a widow; I think I need medical help.”

(My mom, being a doctor, always has medicine for certain common things such as headache, stomach pains, and spider bite, so she lets the plumber sit on the sofa as she readies a needle, after calling an ambulance in case he needs further treatment.)

Sister: “Hey, what are you doing?!”

(The plumber has gotten up and picked up my dad’s wallet, which was on the table. He makes a run for the door.)

Dad: “Come back here!”

(My dad easily blocks him and we call the police, who identify him as a wanted thief.)

Me: “What happened? Why are they taking the pipe man away?”

Sister: “Don’t worry, [My Name]; he was a bad man, so they’re taking him to the place for bad men.”

(To this day, I still have no idea how he thought he was going to get away with it when my dad, a bulky man with at least a foot and 60 pounds on him, was standing right next to him.)

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