Beginning To Think It Wasn’t An Accident

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(Our store is having a huge sale while we’re trying to get the store ready for our summer merchandise. I’m helping my manager with a display. I look younger than my age.)

Customer: *storming up angrily to my manager* “HEY, YOU! Your employee—” *points at me* “—just saw me fall down and completely ignored me! I could have been gravely injured and this b**** didn’t care.”

Me: “I’m so sorry, ma’am, I didn’t see you fall. Are you all right? Was there something on the floor? Are you injured?”

Customer: “No, I just got new shoes and I tripped, but that does not excuse you for ignoring me.”

Manager: “Well, as [My Name] said, ma’am, she did not see you fall. If you would like to file an incident report I can help you with that.” 

Customer: *continues to make a long speech about teenagers and how we will push people aside to get ahead, then storms out*

Manager: “We don’t get paid enough for this s***.”

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Toddling Over To The Truth

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(I am in my early thirties and have recently taken a part-time job in a bar so I can spend more time with my young children but still earn money.)

Young Coworker: “I can’t believe you’ve never worked in a bar before! It’s like you’ve been doing this for years.”

Me: “I’ll tell you a secret. Drunk people are basically toddlers.”

Drunk Customer: “I want crisps! No… I want crisps and a shot! No… I want another beer. Now! Now! Now!”

Me: “See?”

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Beginning To Think That Wasn’t The Canadian Government: They Weren’t Polite

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(I get a phone call and answer it. I’m met with the most awkward robotic voice I’ve heard, randomly pausing and emphasizing every third syllable.)

Robot: “Hello, this is the Canadian justice department. You are being called because your social security number has been flagged for criminal charges.” 

(It then goes on to impart how serious ignoring the phone call is and how ignoring this call is also a crime and this is my best shot to not be put in federal court in front of the magistrate. It then says, “Press one to talk to a representative.” I know this is a scam, so I take a moment to figure out how I want to do this before I press one. The woman it connects me to has a moderate Indian accent. I try to do an English accent, and end up speaking in the worst accent I’ve ever heard.)

Scammer: “Hello, this is the justice department. Can I please have your first and last name so I can look up why we called you?”

Me: “Wait, why don’t you have that already? The bot said that you got my phone number from my social security.”

Scammer: “Well, I still need your f****** name to look you up!” *click*

(It was a shame; I was about to let her know what I thought of our government that can’t even tell its workers why they called me.)

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It’s Not Us Or The Banks, It’s Just You

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I’m working one afternoon on the checkouts, during a day when [Bank] debit cards are refusing to work on our registers. I learn later on in the day it’s a widespread issue, affecting multiple stores, but never do learn whether it was nationwide or just a few stores. Odd thing is, the cards work when withdrawing cash from ATMs, but transactions at registers are declined. 

Anyway, I get a customer who just flips out. The lady before her is polite enough, even with this situation. Polite Lady makes two further trips during her transaction: first to bring her total up enough to qualify for our voucher scheme and then to run to the ATM when her card is declined. Polite Lady is no hassle and understands it is not our fault. I help pack, and eventually, Polite Lady pays and is sent on her merry way. 

I eventually come to serve Not Polite Lady (NPL). She is understandably annoyed, but overall, she hasn’t had to wait too long, unlike some other times I remember. She is very bad-tempered. She at first asks me the total of her first three items, which are a magazine, a carton of milk, and something else. I give her the total, then I proceed to scan the rest of her items, and her total is about 60 euro.

She tells me that she is annoyed and frustrated and that her card had better work. I inform her about the card problem, which she knew about beforehand anyway, having witnessed what I said to Polite Lady. She refuses to even try the ATM, and lo and behold… her card is declined. 

She then tells me she only wants to pay for her initial three items, to which I agree, of course. It’s up to her what she buys. I inform her that I’ll have to scan her products again, in order to void them back out, and she says she doesn’t care what I have to do. There is a little bit of confusion on my part, as I’m not 100% sure if she wants me to void out all of her milk — she has four cartons — or she wants to keep the one. I mention this, and she gets so frustrated that she just says she’s not going to take anything and says that all the stores have done this to her, mentioning a couple of our competitors. From her language, it almost sounds like she thinks there’s some sort of conspiracy to deny her the ability to buy her groceries. She just storms out of the store empty-handed. 

The next customer says I have the patience of a saint.

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It’s A Pee-Shirt

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An acquaintance sells T-shirts and other items printed with designs she creates. She usually sets up a table and has some of the shirts pinned so that they are hanging over the side of the table to ensure the designs are clearly and completely visible. 

Apparently, several other dog owners have been just as inattentive as the woman in this tale but the others have all at least taken monetary responsibility. Seriously, people, no matter how much you love them, your dog is a creature for whose actions you are responsible!

One day, my acquaintance was selling her wares near a farmers’ market and a woman with two dogs came near the table where she was displaying her art and T-shirts. One dog proceeded to pee on two of the T-shirts that were hanging from the table.

The owner did nothing.

The seller tried to call the dog owner out for this and get her to buy the soiled merchandise — they aren’t even that expensive. The woman’s response? “Well, you are on the street.”

And then, she walked away with her dogs and accused the seller of harassment when she followed to demand an explanation.

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