Their Request Is Not Valid

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(I overhear this interaction at the front desk. There is a parking lot across the street from our office building which is owned by the company we rent the building from, and most of the spots are reserved for our head office staff. There are signs all over the parking lot explaining that you cannot park there from six am to six pm. It is just past noon when a tourist walks in, and the following exchange occurs.)

Tourist: “I parked in that lot across the way, but it says reserved, so I tried to move my car, but there’s another car in the other spot.”

Office Manager: “Ma’am, that lot is for our staff to park.”

Tourist: “But I wanted to park there, and the sign said, ‘Reserved,’ but it didn’t say that on the other side.”

Office Manager: “I’m sorry; you said the other side?”

Tourist: “Yes, you have to write down your spot number when you pay, and I was in number five. Then I saw the reserved sign and I tried to park in the spot on the other side that also was number five, but there’s a car parked there.”

Office Manager: “Because our staff pay extra to be able to park there. You have to move your car.”

Tourist: “But I already paid!”

Office Manager: “Can you move it to another spot that isn’t reserved?”

Tourist: “But I have to write down my number, and I already wrote five!”

Office Manager: “Ma’am, I’m not sure what to tell you. Most of those spots are reserved for our staff. You can’t park there.”

Tourist: *turning nasty* “I KNOW. But I ALREADY PAID. Can you just give me a refund?”

(We’re not the ones who own the lot; we just rent the spaces. We are also an executive office, not a store. We don’t have a cash register or any means to accept or exchange tender.)

Office Manager: “Ma’am, unfortunately, we don’t have the ability to offer refunds as we don’t own the lot. I can call the owners for you.”

Tourist: “But it’s YOUR LOT!”

(They go around in circles like this for a few minutes. Finally, the office manager calls the group that owns the lot — a church, by the way — and they say exactly what she’s been telling the tourist: it’s not our responsibility that she didn’t read the signs. Just to get her to leave, the office manager offers to validate her parking, which we’re only supposed to do for staff and clients, and the tourist leaves.)

Coworker: “The sign says no parking from six am to six pm. Am I stupid, or is it twelve o’ clock?”

(A few minutes later some more tourists come and start pulling on the doors. The office manager presses the button to let them in, but they just keep staring at her through the glass, so she gets up and goes to the door to talk to them. People often assume that we are the visitors’ center, but we are just the business office. There is actually a notice etched in our doors stating this, along with directions to the center itself, which is just around the corner, but I’ve long since stopped expecting visitors to actually read.)

Office Manager: “Are y’all looking for the visitors’ center?”

(The tourists say something indistinguishable and I hear the office manager abruptly close the door and return to her desk.)

Office Manager: “I cannot deal with people today. I just can’t.”

Haggling That Makes No Cents

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(My cousins, my family, and some family friends are having a garage sale. My cousins, age eleven and thirteen, are selling some books for $1 each.)

Customer: *points to brand-new book that they’re selling* “How much is this book?”

Cousin #1: “That would be $1, please.”

Customer: *hands her 25¢*

([Cousin #1] glances at [Cousin #2].)

Cousin #2: “Uh… that’s going to be another 75¢.”

Customer: *grumbles about it being a ripoff and hands her 75¢*

(Long story short, don’t try to scam kids by being cheap and bargain with a book that costs a DOLLAR.)

Your Knowledge Knit His Brow

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(An elderly gentleman is looking around the products near where I’m standing at the register. I’m twenty-five, but I look much younger and could be mistaken for one of the teenagers out of school for summer holidays.)

Customer: *picks up a set of crochet hooks* “What are these for?”

Me: “They’re crochet hooks.”

Customer: “That’s like knitting, right?”

Me: “That’s right! Instead of two needles, you use one hook, but a bit like knitting, yeah.”

(I crochet in my spare time, so I’m quite happy to talk about the hooks, since I know my stuff.)

Customer: “You know, a lot of girls your age don’t know things like that anymore. They don’t know how to sew or knit or anything; they just don’t care.”

(I just stood there, a little dumbfounded, until he wandered off, thinking to myself that HE didn’t know that, either. A little later, I could hear him asking my — much older than me — coworker questions about some of the electronics we had further into the shop, and making snide comments when she didn’t know all the answers. I guess I really disappointed him by proving that “kids these days” do still know about crafts. For the record, I sew, as well, but he’s right that I can’t knit!)

Make No Space For Me, I’ll Make None For You

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I’m driving, with my husband in the passenger seat. We pull into the local grocery store parking lot that is always crowded. Every space is taken in the first aisle we drive down. As we pull around to go down the next aisle, we find the path blocked by an SUV. There is no traffic coming either way and at first, we don’t know why it’s just sitting there, until I notice the passenger side door is open and a foot is hanging out. Considering that we’re right in front of the store, I naturally assume that the passenger is being dropped off so that the driver can find a spot to park without the passenger — probably elderly because we live in a county with a large retirement community — having to walk too far.

At first, we sit there and wait, but the passenger never steps out, never even opens his door all the way. Eventually, I check to make sure there is no oncoming traffic and start going around the SUV. Next thing I know, it starts honking and, as far as I can see, there’s no reason for it, since they’re blocking and we’re just trying to get down the aisle. And then I have to put on the brakes because a car has started to back out of a space that’s right in the front. I think nothing of it; I don’t even consider taking the spot since we don’t need one that close to the entrance, but that was before I noticed the SUV pulling in uncomfortably close to my car and I finally put two-and-two together.

Blocking the roadway, the passenger taking his time to get out, or at the very least the honking was all because they thought we were trying to take the spot, when we couldn’t even see the car that was getting ready to leave. So, of course, I take the spot. A d**k move on my part, I’m sure, but if you’re going to be that rude and inconsiderate to other drivers, you’ll get the same in return.

Only Feed The Trolls Their Own Medicine

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(A chat comes in from Turkey, which raises flags right away as we only have services in the US. This “customer” establishes themselves immediately as a troll. They say not to feed them, but a kick in the troll’s shorts, closing chat, and banning them for life seems better.)

Me: “Welcome to [local ISP]. How may I help you?”

Customer: “STFU maybe?”

Me: “I am sorry; we don’t offer that.”

Customer: “Shut up, b****.”

Me: “I am sorry; we, again, don’t offer that. But if you check with your mother, I am sure she does.”

Customer: *closes the chat*

Me: *bans user until 2999*

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