Unhealthy Conversation

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(My dad’s American and my mom is from the Philippines. Every couple years, we visit Mom’s side of the family. One of my cousins has a new girlfriend, and all the aunts and uncles are excited to meet her for the first time. My parents and I end up being unavailable when he brings her to meet the family, so later we ask my aunt, that cousin’s mom, about her.)

Mom: “So, how did it go? How was she?”

Aunt: “Healthy.”

Mom: “Okay? What was she like, though?”

Aunt: “Just healthy.”

(I asked my mom about this later, and she confirmed that my aunt was saying the girlfriend was fat. No other indication of her personality or accomplishments, just that she was fat. As much as I like being Filipina, they can be savage, and I’m glad I don’t spend a lot of time with that side of the family.)

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Reasons Why Customer Service Should Be Mandatory: #3

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(I have worked in retail since I was a teenager, but on this occasion I am out shopping with a friend. My friend keeps picking up clothing items to look at, and then just dumping them. Almost out of habit, I am following behind her, straightening them up.)

Friend: *noticing me cleaning up after her* “Um… What are you doing?”

Me: “Just folding this up again.”

Friend: *long pause* “Why?”

Me: “Well, part of me just can’t help it, and part of me is getting a little frustrated that you don’t even try to put something back where you found it.”

Friend: “Whatever. Isn’t that their job? I’m helping them, giving them something to actually do.”

Me: *stares* “Seriously?”

Friend: “What?”

(I have a not-yet-folded t-shirt in my hand, and I begin whacking her with it.)

Me: “Don’t. Ever. Say. That. To. Me. AGAIN! Seriously?! You think these guys don’t have enough to do during their shift? You have no IDEA! You’ve seen me after work, right? Remember when we met up after my shift last week?”

Friend: “Yeah?”

Me: “Remember how exhausted I was?”

Friend: “I guess?”


Friend: “Okay, okay, jeez! I’m sorry!”

Me: “OKAY! THANK YOU! All right. Now. This shirt is actually really cute, and you should try it on.”

Friend: “Um. Okay.”

(She takes the t-shirt she has just been beaten with and scurries to the changing room. A staff member has been watching this entire exchange, dumbfounded.)

Staff Member: “Dude.” *extends hand for high five*

Reasons Why Customer Service Should Be Mandatory: #2

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It’s Going To Be One Of Those Nights

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(I work in a hotel.)

Me: “Sir, it’s time for you to check out, as per our computer.”

Guest: “How dare you?! I want to leave tomorrow, not today! I was supposed to! That’s what I want!”

Me: “Sir, the date of your departure is written on your key packet. Did you not see it?”

Guest: “I don’t get paid to read! Who looks at their key packet?! This is f****** ridiculous!”

(He ranted and raved that he was not leaving until tomorrow and that we’d have to call the police to make him leave. The manager gave him a free night stay for his troubles and blamed me.)

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Three Is A Crowd

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(I am standing by the till whilst my managers are having a private meeting. Since I can handle the shop floor on my own because it’s not a big store, they’re confident leaving me alone sometimes. A customer walks by with a dozen ladies’ tops in her hand and three skirts. She goes towards the changing before I stop her.)

Me: “I’m sorry, ma’am, but you’ll have to leave some tops out here. It’s only three items at a time.”

Customer: “Well, what do I do with the rest?”

Me: “Well, the book rail is in front of you. You can hang the tops on its ridges, and when you are done with one, you’ll only need to reach out and replace one top with another.”

Customer: “But that means I’ve got to try on the top, take it off, come out, get another, put it on, take it off, and replace it again. That’s too much effort! Can’t I take them all in?”

Me: “No, you can’t take them all in, because it’s three items at a time. It’s company policy. All our shops employ it.”

Customer: “Well, other shops on this street don’t!”

Me: “We’re not other shops. This is [Business] and our company policy is three items at a time.”

Customer: “You’re a little s***, you know that?!”

(I stayed quiet and bit my tongue before she hung the tops and skirts up like I suggested and started to try them on. In the end, she only bought two tops.)

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(A customer comes up to my till with a large tote bin and a smaller plastic filing box. They are the same price.)

Customer: “Why is the smaller one the same price!? That’s just stupid!”

Me: “Well, it’s because the smaller one is for filing.”

Customer: “I’m not putting files in it!”

Me: “You don’t have to put files in it. But it’s more expensive because it has that lip around the inside edge to hang file folders off of.”

Customer: “But I’m not putting files in it! I’m putting junk in it!”

Me: “Okay. You can put whatever you want in it. But it’s still a file box, and that’s why it’s expensive.”

(He ends up getting a different box, instead. Then he tries to pay with his debit card.)

Customer: “It’s not working!”

Me: “What’s the screen saying?”

Customer: “’Enter PIN’!”

Me: “So… enter your PIN?”

Customer: *while entering his PIN* “IT’S NOT WORKING!”

Me: “You’re not done yet.”

Customer: “Because it’s not working! Your machine is stupid!”

Me: “Um, the machine is working; you just have to put your entire PIN in, and then hit ‘okay’ for it to work.”

Customer: “But it doesn’t say on the screen that I’ve entered anything!”

(I look at the debit machine screen.)

Me: “Yes, it does. It has three stars there, showing you’ve entered three numbers.”

Customer: “It’s supposed to have my numbers!”

Me: “No, it isn’t, because your numbers are supposed to be a secret.”

Customer: “Every other store shows my numbers!”

Me: “I assure you, they don’t. Just finish putting in your PIN and it will work.”


(This went back and forth for about five minutes, with his debit transaction canceling three times. It finally worked because he finally put his PIN in. The sad part is he came back the next day to return one of the bins and we had the same problems trying to refund his debit card!)

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