Doesn’t Realise The Weight Of That Statement

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(I have met someone on an online dating website. After enjoying chatting with each other for two weeks, we decide to meet up in person. The first date goes well, and we both agree that we would like to see each other again. On the second date, he brings me to a lookout, which turns out to be much colder and more windy than anticipated, so we end up sitting in his backseat, enjoying the spot. He is much more physically affectionate than I am, although this could be partially due to my never having been out with anyone before him. He begins to cuddle with me. Just as I am beginning to relax, he speaks:)

Date: “I don’t want to kill the mood, but… are you of a healthy weight?”

(He may not have wanted to, but he killed it.)

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When It Pays To Be Materialistic

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(I make and sell embroidered and cross-stitched cards. My designs are quite elaborate and I use good quality materials, so my prices are quite high. I set my stall at multiple fairs in many locations, and this happens when I’m in quite a small town. Most customers and about half of sellers are locals, and there’s a local elderly lady with cross-stitched cards, simpler and cheaper than mine. We’re on good terms, and she only sets her stall at this particular fair. This situation happens a few times during a two-day fair.)

Customer: “I’d like a wedding card.”

Me: *showing cards* “I can add the newlyweds’ names and wedding date, too. These cards are [price #1], and these are [price #2].”

Customer: “How much?! [Elderly Lady] sells hers for [price #3], less than half of your prices!”

Me: “Well, then, you are welcome to buy your card from [Elderly Lady].”

Customer: “But your cards look so much better!”

Me: “This is why they are from [price #1] to [price #2].”

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Understanding The Mechanics Of The Situation

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(I am having tea with my mother at her house, and while I am there a mechanic for the electricity meter comes by. The meter cupboard is in the hallway; my mom and I are in the living room. These two rooms are separated by a door. Occasionally the mechanic has to ask a my mom question, and every time he announces his entrance into the room with a knock on the door, while we are just chatting and drinking tea. In short, he is very polite and no bother at all. This happens after he has been at work for about half an hour. There is a knock on the door.)

Mechanic: “Excuse me. Do you mind if I use your bathroom for a second?”

Mom: “Oh, of course. That is no problem!”

Mechanic: “Oh, thanks; that’s not always so self-evident.”

(He leaves the living room to go the bathroom.)

Mom: “What did he mean by that? Do you really think some people refuse to let him use their bathroom?”

Me: “I’m not sure; it sounds like it.”

Mom: “Wow. I’ll ask him when he comes back.”

(A while later, the mechanic enters the living room again with a question.)

Mom: “Hey, when you said that it is not always so self-evident, did you mean that some people don’t let you use their bathroom?”

Mechanic: “Oh, yeah, sure. That happens quite regularly. It’s not even the worst thing to happen.”

Mom: “What do you mean?”

Mechanic: “Well, sometimes I walk into a house and there is a line of tape on the floor, and the customer tells me that I am not allowed to go beyond that line, into their house.”

Mom: *shocked* “No way. People really do that?”

Mechanic: “Oh, yeah. You just learn to deal with it.”

(My mom and I were left stunned with the lack of respect some people have for service workers.)

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A Parking Spot Of Bother

, , , , | Friendly | February 27, 2018

I always take morning classes in college because I have work in the afternoons. Since my class is at eight am, the parking is pretty empty when I get there. By the time I get out of class, around 11, the parking lot is filled up and there aren’t a lot of spaces left. I usually will have someone follow me to my car to get my spot since I parked so close to the building. If they’re unable to park in this parking lot, they have to park all the way down in another parking lot at the adjoining library and then walk all the way back to this lot where the college is. I am currently leaving and it has snowed heavily, so I start clearing my car off. It’s pretty cold, so I am quickly trying to finish, when the following takes place.

A student pulls up next to my car and puts their turn signal on indicating they want my spot. I look up, and put a hand up and nod to acknowledge them. I pick up my pace clearing my windows so I can leave and give them my spot, and not even 30 seconds later…


I stop what I am doing and look at the driver. They throw their hands up in the air in a way that gestures that they think I am taking too long.

So, not breaking eye contact, I move my scraper and brush in the slowest way that I possibly can, slowly dragging the snow off my car.

They were probably late to class but got the hint they were no longer going to get my spot and had to park in the other lot. The person behind them was sure thankful to get my spot, though!

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That Suit Has Saled, Sir

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(My company makes custom suits. Customers place orders for suits and a few weeks later, the suit is made and shipped to them. We always have different sales going on. I am the manager on duty one night in late September when a customer calls.)

Me: “Thank you for calling [Store]. How can I help you?

Customer: “Hi, I just picked up a suit for a wedding that I am in this weekend. I placed the order in August. I just got an email saying you are having a sale on the type of suit I just picked up.”

Me: “Yes, we just started a new sale this week, so we were reaching out to let you know, in case you wanted to order again.”

Customer: “Well, I am very upset that no one told me this sale was going on when I originally bought the suit.”

Me: “I’m sorry, sir, but you placed the order last month, when there was a different sale going on. Looking at your order, I see that you received a discount.”

Customer: “But this is a better deal! I think it was dishonest of you that no one told me about this sale.”

Me: “I’m very sorry, but our sales change all the time. When you placed the order over a month ago, we did not know this sale was going to happen. But you did receive a discount on your original order.”

Customer: “Well, I still am upset. You can see why I’m upset.”

(I apologized again and he hung up. I guess he didn’t understand that he got a sale, and if he had waited until now to order, he would never have received the suit in time for his wedding!)

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