They’ll No Longer Be Serving The Swiss Family Robinson

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(I work in a popular food chain that tends to constantly change up what we offer on the menu.)

Me: “Thank you for choosing [Restaurant]. This is [My Name]. How may I help you?”

Customer: “Uh…” *long pause* “Yeah, uh, can I get a Swiss burger?”

Me: “I’m sorry. We no longer have the Swiss burger.”

Customer: “Uh… Okay… Uh, can I buy a plain cheese burger, and you can make it like a Swiss?”

Me: “I’m sorry, sir. We no longer have the ingredients for it.”

Customer: *clearly sounding annoyed* “Well, what do you have?”

(I start to read the menu to him when he cuts me off.)

Customer: “I just really wanted the Swiss burger. Are you sure you don’t have it?”

Me: “Yes, it was discontinued.”

Customer: “Well, then, I guess you won’t have my business anymore, or my family’s. I’ll tell everyone I know to stay away from this place, since you like to take away my favorite food and refuse to make it for me. I’m calling corporate!

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Scorn On The Fourth Of July

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(I work the front desk at what is considered to be one of the more “upscale” hotels in the area. Most people who book with us tend to be on the wealthier end of the financial spectrum, and some are well aware of this fact, to put it kindly. I have just gotten in for my shift at seven am on the fourth of July, and I immediately witness this interaction between a guest and my coworker who has been there since four am.)

Guest: “Do you have any newspapers today?”

Coworker: “I’m sorry, sir, we haven’t received any today. We don’t get papers delivered to us on holidays.”

Guest: *in a very frazzled tone* “Well, can I buy one from you? Is that an option?”

Coworker: “Well, no, we, unfortunately, don’t have any papers anywhere in the hotel today. There are a few places just a block or two away that may be selling newspapers today, though.”

Guest: “This is outrageous! I spend this much money to stay at your hotel and you don’t even give me a newspaper?! It is your patriotic duty to provide me with the news, and you have just failed as an American by not doing this!” *storms away*

(It’s people like this that really make me question the state our society is in. He did, however, becoming the laughing stock of the front desk for a good week or two after, so at least some good news came out of it.)

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Trying To Claw Back Some Change

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(I am an employee, bagging groceries for a customer. Behind me is an open area for people to walk, and behind that is a claw machine and gum ball machines. A lady and her child are at the claw machine. The lady comes up to me, and this is what ensues.)

Customer: “I put a $5 bill in this machine, expecting to get $4.50 in change!”

(Each play is 50 cents.)

Me: “I am sorry, ma’am, but that doesn’t give change.”

Customer: “I want my change back! I only wanted him to play one time.”

Me: “I don’t think there is anything I can do, but let me ask my manager.”

(I walk to the office and the customer follows me. I go in and tell my manager what is happening. He says we can’t give money back unless the machine takes the money and then won’t work. I go back out and walk up to the customer.)

Me: “I’m sorry, ma’am, but we can only give money back if the machine takes it and then doesn’t work. There is a separate company that puts the machine there; they take the money from it and they fill it up.”

Customer: “Well, what am I supposed to do?!”

Me: “Your child will just have to play $5 worth of plays.”

(I resume bagging and the customer goes back to the claw machine. A few minutes later she comes back up to me.)

Customer: “He only played three times, and now it won’t work! $5 is ten plays!”

Me: “He played more than three times ma’am. He was playing when you first started talking to me, and he was playing the whole time we were at the office while I talked to my manager. You may have only seen him play three times, but I assure you that he used up all his turns.”

Customer: “There’s no way!”

(She turns to a man who was standing there, whom I hadn’t noticed before; he’s her spouse.)

Customer: *to man* “How many times did he play?”

Man: “I didn’t count, but it was more than three.”

Customer: *looks at the man, looks at me* “Whatever!”

(Then she grabbed the child and quickly exited the store, the whole time berating the child for spending her entire $5 and not winning.)

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Breast Practice For Dealing With Narrow-Minded People

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(I own a small restaurant that seats thirty people at a time. A woman I have just served angrily approaches me at the counter.)

Customer: “That lady in the corner table is breastfeeding her baby!”

Me: “Good for her.”

(I turn to go back to what I was doing.)

Customer: “I shouldn’t have to look at that while I’m eating. That’s disgusting! Aren’t you going to do something about it?”

Me: “Sure.”

(I then walk around the counter, pick up the angry woman’s tray, take it into the bathroom, and set it on the seat of the toilet.)

Me: “There. Eat in here. That way you don’t have to be subjected to anything disgusting.”

(The woman storms out, fuming. The mother gives me a thumbs-up. On her way out, she leans over the counter and calls out to me.)

Mother: “You may have just lost that one customer, but you gained one for life, and a second once this little guy gets off the breast milk!”

(I love being the boss and getting to say whatever I want. Her son is three now, and they stop in at least once a week.)

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No ID, No Idea, Part 37

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(I am a service leader at my local grocery store. Service leaders are in charge of getting breaks done on time, handling alcohol and tobacco sales, and answering whatever questions our cashiers have. We have to ID anyone who we believe is under the age of 30 for tobacco and 45 for alcohol, and if there are multiple people in a group I need all IDs, unless it is clearly a parent/child relationship. A cashier has to call us over whenever there is alcohol. A cashier calls me over to a group of eight twenty-something kids, with nine types of beer.)

Me: “Hi, how are you all doing today?”

Customer #1: “Good!” *hands his ID to me*

Me: “Thank you! But I need everyone’s ID.”

Customer #2: “But he has his!”

Me: “I know, but in a group I need everyone’s ID.”

Customer #1: “Guys, go get your IDs.”

(The other seven customers leave, and my cashier and I cash out the rest of the order and chit-chat with the first customer. A few minutes later, four of the group comes back.)

Customer #3: “[Other Customer] had something to do, but here’s our IDs!”

Me: “I’m sorry, but I have to decline the sale. There are three of you missing. And I needed everyone’s.”

([Customer #3] starts freaking out on my cashier and me, calling us b****es and w****s.)

Me: “Sir, I’m going to have to ask you to leave. I will not have that language around this store.”

(He turns in a huff and tries to take a twelve-pack of beer.)

Me: “Sir, you need to put that down before I call security!”

(He pouts, but puts the beer down. The first customer pays for the rest of his groceries.)

Customer #1: “So, can I buy this six-pack?”

(I’m looking this man straight in the eye, and he is dead serious.)

Me: “No, I cannot sell that to you. Have a good day.”

(He looked so confused as he was leaving my store.)

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