Providing Customer Service Is Racist

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Me: “Hi, welcome in. What brings you in today?”

(The customer walks up to me with her hand in my face. I have never seen this woman before in my life.)

Customer: “Stop. Don’t do that! I don’t want anybody following me around the store! I just want to look! If I buy, I buy. Now, I am going to walk to the back, and I don’t want you going back there with me!”

Me: *confused* “Okay…”

(The customer backs away slowly, then heads to the back. I have not moved from my spot, and continue to face towards the door. Meanwhile, my manager sees the woman in clearance by herself a few minutes later.)

Manager: “Hi, ma’am. Do you need help finding anything?”

Customer: “I am so sick and tired of everyone following me around. That girl—” *pointing at me* “—has been following me around since I got here. And she keeps asking me unnecessary questions!”

(I have not moved from the front of the store.)

Manager: “Okay, ma’am. I’m sorry you feel that way. It is our job to provide you customer service and make sure you find everything you need.”

Customer: “I don’t want none of that! I’ve been to your other store, and they didn’t say a word to me! They left me alone the entire time! I come in here, and she talks to me and follows me around the store! And now you come talk to me! Y’all are racist! I just want to be left alone. What is your corporate number?”

(We got a corporate complaint the next day that our associates were asking her too many personal questions, and that we treated her differently because of her race.)

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Pot Calling The Kettle Black, Noisily

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I have to have emergency surgery. After some time in the recovery ward, I am wheeled into a double-occupancy room, but there’s no one in the other bed. I wake up a little later to find the curtains between the beds drawn, and correctly assume I now have a roommate. I hear her whimpering often, but I think nothing of it, because I’m whimpering, too.

We are both checked hourly, but we have different nurses, so basically there’s someone coming in every half hour or so. Whenever my obs are being done, I can hear her huffing and sighing, the way people do when they’re trying to sleep but someone’s making too much noise. I feel a bit guilty, but what can I do about it?

During the night, I hear her groaning whenever she tries to move. I’m doing the same, so I am quite shocked when she rather curtly says, “Can you keep it down, please? You’re always moaning and groaning! I am trying to sleep here!”

I say nothing. I’m in too much pain and too drugged up to attempt a comeback or an argument.

Later that morning, I’m woken up by loud voices and ear-piercing squeals. My roommate’s family are visiting. She has two small children who are yelling and squealing and fighting with each other. They zoom around the room, pulling the curtains between our beds back and forth, playing in the wheelchairs, and often bumping into my bed, causing excruciating pain. Her husband is loud and gregarious, and neither of them make even the slightest effort to control their kids.

I’m overwhelmed and hurting and I start to cry. The nurse comes in to do my obs, takes one look at the scene, and barks at the father and kids to keep it down, that they’re in a hospital, and that there are a lot of sick people who are trying to rest. She then manipulates me into a wheelchair and says that now would be a good time to take me for a shower, to get away from the noise. As I’m being wheeled out, I hear my roommate say to her husband, “God, she can talk! She’s kept me up all night whining and carrying on!”

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Preach, Teach!

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(I have a friend who has one of those always-young faces. She looks a lot younger than she really is. She also has one heck of a smart mouth on her, and has taught me a lot about how to quietly take people down without losing her temper. We work in different companies, but in the same speciality, and we often meet up at work conferences. At one of these conferences, we meet up for lunch and sit at the same table as a husband and wife we don’t know. We get talking, when the man springs this little gem on my friend:)

Man: “You know, the problem is that you young ones in [industry] know nothing, these days.”

Friend: *polite smile* “Is that so?”

Man: “Yes! Now, you should think of doing [professional qualification]. It might teach you something!”

Friend: *thoughtfully, but sadly* “No. I really don’t think I could do that.”

Man: “It’s not too difficult, you know. You could always study and revise a bit first, if it feels a bit too hard.”

Friend: “Oh, that’s not the problem. It’s more of a logistical issue.”

Man: “How do you mean?”

Friend: “I can’t take that course, because I teach it.”

Man: “…”

Friend: *friendly, but wicked smile* “Yes, I’m afraid I’m one of those people teaching the young ones nothing, these days.”

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Can’t Help Those Who Won’t Help Themselves

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(I work in an arcade.)

Coworker: “Uh, [My Name], we need you for customer service.”

Me: *walks up to customer* “Hi! How can I help you, ma’am?”

Customer: “I just want to say that I am very upset right now. I had to stand in line for 15 minutes to get my tickets. I counted, and you had seven other employees behind the counter doing nothing.”

Me: “Well, ma’am, we only have our one register, and one person working at a time. Also, I don’t have seven employees working. We just had this one girl back here, since I had the other two employees with me.”

Customer: “You should not try to argue with a customer! There were seven people with green shirts back there doing nothing. I wasn’t this mad until I spoke with you!”

Me: “Okay, well, if there’s nothing else—”

Customer: “I just wanted to explain that I was angry about the line, and you’re making excuses. If I hit you in the arm, you wouldn’t care about my excuses!”

Me: *refraining from laughter* “Yes, you are correct. I was just trying to explain how the policies work with who takes tickets.”


Me: “My name is [My Name], and here is my general manager’s card. I’m sorry I cannot help you, or help that we have a line.”

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Time To Assay The Essay Situation, Part 9

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(I’m one of those students that does everything on time, gets As and cries at Bs, takes all high-level classes, does the extra credit, and is heading for a burnout. This class is an English Dual-Credit class.)

Teacher: “I’m going to treat you like college students, since this is for a college credit. Do not think you can skate by like you do in the rest of your classes.”

(Over the semester, no one but a handful of students — me included — ever turns their assignments in on time, or does the reading.)

Teacher: “Well, that’s okay! We can do the assignment and the reading in class. Don’t worry about it.”

(During Christmas break, I think to myself, “If she doesn’t care, why should I?” Instead of finishing my essay, I decide to blow it off. When we come back:)

Teacher: “Raise your hand if you’ve done your essay.”

(Surprisingly, everyone but another girl and me raises their hands.)

Teacher: “What happened?”

Me: *lying* “I couldn’t print it at home.”

Classmate: “Me, too.”

Teacher: “Go to the computer lab and print it.”

(To our luck, the computer lab and the library are actually closed! We head back.)

Teacher: “You know, I’m so disappointed in you. My due dates are very firm, and I told you that you couldn’t treat this like the rest of your classes. You can turn it in tomorrow for 10% off.”

(I have never hated a teacher more.)

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