The First Is The Worst

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(I’m 15 and my boyfriend is 17. He is my first ever boyfriend. One day I am not feeling too well, and he shows up at my house with flowers. It is very romantic. Two months later, it is coming up to Valentine’s Day.)

Me: “Do you want to do anything for Valentine’s Day? I’ve never had a boyfriend on Valentine’s Day before.”

Boyfriend: “Yeah, we can do something, but I’m not getting you flowers. I already got you flowers not that long ago.”

(He isn’t joking. Fast forward to Valentine’s Day, and he has gotten me a teddy and a box of chocolates. I am only 15 and don’t have much money, so I only get him a teddy.)

Boyfriend: “Okay, but I get half the chocolates I got you, because you didn’t get me any. We’re also not going out to dinner because you can’t pay for half, and it’s unfair on me.”

(We go for a walk in the park, and he buys himself a sandwich and offers me half. When we get back to his house, he goes to the bathroom and his mum comes up to me.)

Boyfriend’s Mum: “How was the meal?”

Me: “We didn’t go for a meal; we just went for a walk.”

Boyfriend’s Mum: “But [Boyfriend] said you were going to [Mexican Restaurant].”

Me: “We were, but we decided against it because I couldn’t half the bill with him. I spent my last bit of money on his teddy.”

Boyfriend’s Mum: “But I told him I would pay. I gave him the money before you left.”

Me: “Sorry… I don’t know what to tell you.”

(My boyfriend comes downstairs.)

Boyfriend’s Mum: “What the h*** is going on. You didn’t go out?!”

Boyfriend: “Of course we did; didn’t we?” *winks at me*

Boyfriend’s Mum: “No, [My Name] didn’t have any idea I gave you the money; she says you just walked around the park.”

Boyfriend: “We did go out, though.”

Boyfriend’s Mum: “Give me the money back.”

Boyfriend: “I can’t; I spent it on dinner.”

Boyfriend’s Mum: “Now!”

Boyfriend: “I DON’T HAVE IT!”

Boyfriend’s Mum: “You give me the money back now.”

Boyfriend: “Fine!”

(My boyfriend hands his mum the money back.)

Boyfriend’s Mum: “Where’s the rest of it?”

Boyfriend: “I bought a sandwich. Is that all right?!”

(His mum leaves and we go upstairs.)

Boyfriend: “If you ever go crying to my mum again just because I didn’t take you out, you’re dumped. You got that?”

(Unfortunately, he was first ever boyfriend, so I stayed with him for over a year. Worst year of my life.)

The Real Bread Winner

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(I’m shopping at a bakery that’s known for making a unique loaf of bread. It usually sells out quickly. Due to the popularity of the item, customers are only allowed one loaf per visit. I’m in the long line when I see there are still some of the special loaves available. By the time I get to the front of the line, I see there’s two left: one for the older woman in front of me, and one for me. There are two cashiers, so I go to the second cashier as the first one helps the older woman.)

Cashier #2: “Hi! Welcome to [Bakery]. Will this be all for you today?”

Me: “Actually, can I have one of those [Special Loaves]?”

Cashier #2: “Oh, sure!”

Older Woman: “What? She can’t have that! It’s mine!”

Cashier #1: “Ma’am, you already have one. We can’t allow you to have another one.”

Older Woman: “It’s not for me! It’s for my daughter!”

(She then points to the woman standing behind me, who looks equally annoyed.)

Cashier #2: “We’re sorry, but we can’t hold this for her. This customer asked for it first.”

Older Woman: “But I was here first! And I’m holding one for my daughter!”

Cashier #1: “Ma’am, we can’t do that. It’s against store policy.”

Older Woman: “Well, in that case, I want to return everything! I don’t want to shop here if that’s how you treat your customers!”

(The older woman has purchased a lot of items, and begins to unload her bag onto the counter. At this point, the people in line behind us are getting agitated, and the cashiers are looking distraught. I roll my eyes.)

Me: “You know what? Just give it to the woman behind me.”

Cashier #2: “Are you sure?”

(I nod. The older woman gets a smug look, as she and her daughter leave the bakery with their items.)

Cashier #2: “We’re so sorry that happened, but thank you!”

Me: “It’s no problem. It wasn’t worth the drama.”

(I pay for my original items, and turn to leave when [Cashier #1] stops me.)

Cashier #1: “Hold on a second. We just pulled out a fresh batch from the oven. Would you like one?”

Me: “Yes, please!”

(Not only was the bread I had delicious, but it was even fresher than the two the older woman got!)

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Cease-Fire Is Over When You Can’t Be Fired

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(I am working my very first shift at a new job. The coworker training me has stepped out to make a call. A middle-aged customer comes up to the counter looking cross. As he does a young woman comes through the door and sees him.)

Young Woman: “Oh, no! Oh, no, no, no! No you don’t!”

(The man turns around to face her in shock.)

Young Woman: “Not a chance! You came in here every single day for a year just to bully and ridicule me! You made me wait on you hand and foot, and complained the whole time, and you’ve yet to actually buy anything! Every day that you came in here — and made my life h*** — I went home and cried! You are nothing but a mean, pathetic loser, and I’ll be d***** if I let you treat this poor girl the way you treated me!”


Young Woman: “Nope, not this time a**-hole! I don’t work here anymore. I got into college. I’m going to make something of myself. Now you go back to your sad angry little life, and don’t you dare harass anyone who works here again!”

(The man turns red, but leaves. The woman comes up to the counter smiling brightly.)

Young Woman: “Hey, you must be the new girl! I used to work here; just dropped by to pick up my last pay-check.”

(She notices my shocked expression.)

Young Woman: “I’ve been bottling that up for a long time. He shouldn’t bother you again.”

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Treat Them Well And You Get Treated

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(My sister and I start unloading our cart. When the cashier and young bag boy see her they put on big smiles.)

Cashier: “Hey! It’s our favorite customer!”

(The bagger looks at us and smiles big.)

Bagger: “Your sister is my hero!”

(My sister blushes and I raise my eyebrows at her.)

Cashier: “On his first day, an older customer came in and gave him a hard time…”

Bagger: “…A really hard time. Calling me, stupid, and an idiot, ‘Kids these days.’ You guys know the drill.”

Cashier: “Unfortunately, we aren’t allowed to say anything. Then the customer dumped all of the bags out and yelled at him to do it again.”

Bagger: “So your sister yelled, ‘Hey, you don’t treat people like that!'”

Sister: “He turned around ready to yell at me, saw I was in a wheelchair, and shut his mouth. It was awesome!”

Cashier: “So, she’s our favorite customer now.”

Me: “Holy crap, that is awesome!”

(The employees were always super helpful and nice before, but after that, they REALLY went out of their way to help us.)

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Why Nurses Should Rule The World, Part 3

, | AB, Canada | Right | February 26, 2013

(I arrive at work an hour and a half early because I forgot what time I start. I decide to sit in the lobby and have lunch before my shift. I notice that the trash can is in dire need of being emptied and that the front counter is busier than usual. I start to tie the bag up, when a customer screeches at me.)

Customer:What do you think you’re doing?”

Me: “Just changing the garbage, ma’am. It was full to overflowing and it was too busy for someone to leave their post and do it.”

Customer: “You don’t have to do that, young man! You’re not one of these dropouts that lives in their parent’s basements who can’t do anything better with their lives! What are you taking?”

Me: “I’m planning on becoming an licensed practical nurse. But, ma’am, I don’t just go to school. I work to pay my bills. As a matter of fact, I live in a condo my mother owns. She does not live with me, and I pay rent to her. I pay for my electricity, my Internet, and my heating. How do I earn the money for this, you ask?”

(At this point I remove my hat from my bag, put it on and remove my coat, revealing that I am dressed in my work uniform.)

Me: “I work here, taking whatever hours I can get. A student without anything on their resume will take any job they can. ”

(I point to one of my coworkers who is mopping the floors at the back of the store.)

Me: “She’s a neuroscience student. Just like me she has bills to pay. In the future, please remember that people who work in fast food are not always drop outs, but more often than not students trying to fund their education. If you’ll excuse me, I’m going to take out this trash, unless you would like me to help extract your foot from your mouth first.”

(Flustered and obviously embarrassed, the customer leaves the store in a hurry. My manager, who is also a classmate of mine, speaks with me once I return from the dumpsters.)

Manager: “Technically, you could be fired for badmouthing a customer while on the job like that.”

Me: “Technically, I’m not working right now! I haven’t clocked in, and my shift’s not for another half hour.”

Manager: “Well then, brave citizen, how does free apple pie sound?”

(I accepted, of course. You just don’t say no to free pie!)

Why Nurses Should Rule The World

Why Nurses Should Rule The World, Part 2

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