Pregnant With Rage  

, , | Right | January 14, 2020

(A woman comes into the movie theater before she has purchased any kind of ticket.)

Customer: “Can I use the toilet?”

Me: “Sorry. Bathrooms are for customer use only.”

Customer: *turning around and stomping her feet* “I could have been pregnant!”

Me: *under my breath* “But you’re not?”

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We Think We’ve Found The Demon He Was Shouting About

, , , , , , | Right | January 13, 2020

I’ve just finished ordering a healthy lunch of nuggets, fries, and soft drinks for my kids in the packed food court when a man jumps up into the counter and starts yelling about god and demons.

He is obviously having some sort of psychological crisis and security is quick in arriving and coaxing him down. He seems pretty harmless, but it’s school holidays and the place is packed with families and teens who wouldn’t normally be there this time of day mid-week so there’s a lot of kids looking a bit scared.

Security is successful and he is coaxed down and escorted away — hopefully to be met by an ambulance so he can get some assistance — and everyone starts to get back to what they were doing prior to the excitement.

Cue an irate woman who starts yelling at the staff because her food is taking too long to be ready. She actually folds her arms and stomps her foot and demands that her food be ready “right this instant or corporate will be informed.”

Honestly, how self-absorbed are people?!

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Mouthing Off About Cigarettes

, , , | Right | January 13, 2020

(I am a librarian. One day when I’m working at the information desk, I see a woman with a cigarette in her mouth and a lighter in her hand, getting ready to light up.)

Me: “Ma’am? I’m sorry, but smoking isn’t allowed inside the library.”

Patron: *points to the cigarette* “It’s not lit, is it? Do you see smoke coming out?”

Me: “Ma’am, if you have it in your mouth, I have to assume you intend to smoke it by default.”

Patron: “Oh! Uh… sorry, my mistake.”

Me: “That’s fine. But no smoking in the library, okay?”

(At least she apologized. But yeah, I totally stick cigarettes in my mouth with no intention to smoke them all the time.)

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Shouldn’t Skip Over Telling Him The Details

, , , , | Working | January 13, 2020

(A bus drives past the stop but decides to let us on when he sees two of us running and waving.)

Driver: “You need to pay more attention!”

(I suspect this is the driver that has skipped my stop three or four times last month.)

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Seasoned With Such Customers

, , , | Right | January 13, 2020

(I work the night shift at a fast food chain and every so often there’s a regular who comes by. She’s always slightly rude and really impatient despite ordering items like a chicken sandwich, which takes about seven minutes to cook since we don’t keep any up during the night. This time she has come through the drive-thru.)

Me: “What can I get for you?”

Customer: “[Specialty sandwich].”

Me: “Okay, that’s a [specialty sandwich]. Anything else?”

Customer: “No.”

Me: “Okay, your total is [total] and I will see you at the second window!”

(She pulls up to the window and is now the only customer we have at the moment. I cash her out and, while I wait for them to finish making it, I start finishing up some chores. When I turn around to hand out the order, I see the customer standing there inside with her receipt.)

Customer: “I ordered the #2! Not the [specialty sandwich]!”

Me: “Oh, I’m sorry about that! Let me just have them remake it for you.”

Customer: “And I ordered a meal!”

Me: “Okay, sorry about that!”

(Annoyed, I tell them to remake the sandwich while I get her fries and drink.)

Customer: “I feel like you have something against me! Every time I come here you always put so much seasoning on my burger!”

Me: “No, ma’am, we don’t have anything against you. You can just ask for us to not put as much seasoning on the burger.”

Customer: “No, you have something against me!”

Me: “Here you go, ma’am, sorry about that!” *hands her the food*

(She thankfully hasn’t been back since.)

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