Teaching Your Kids How To Burn Effectively

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(I am very happy to have had a healthy pair of twins, and I am out in a mall with my aunt and them for a stroll. 

My aunt was never able to have kids of her own and suffered quite a bit from it. So, I simply declared her auntie-grandma, and she is really opening up to it, feeling a bit embarrassed once in a while, but I see it’s from just loving it, even if it’s silly.

We stop at a coffee shop and I treat her for a drink. It’s almost empty and I am the only one who’s come to the counter for quite a while, it seems. 

While my aunt sits at a table with the stroller nearby, I order, and when asked for names, I tell the barista to just call out Mama and Grandma. She smiles and goes off to make the drinks. I go to the seats and check on the little ones as the barista calls out the order.)

Barista: “A [drink] for Mama and a [other drink] for Grandma, ready for pickup!”

(My aunt realises my little surprise and smiles as she gets up to get the drinks. But before she reaches the counter, another woman grabs the Grandma cup. 

My aunt is confused and looks at me. The barista sees what happened and tells the other lady:)

Barista: “Sorry, but that’s not your drink, ma’am!”

Lady: *very smug* “Well, show me whose name is on there to prove it’s theirs.”

Barista: “These two ladies ordered these drinks; please hand the cup over.”

Lady: “Well, you said it’s for Grandma, and my daughter just announced that she is pregnant, so I figured you made me a drink to celebrate.”

Barista: “Well, congratulations, but you can’t just snatch other people’s drinks.”

(While he talks, she pointedly takes a sip, basically making it unreturnable. The barista is just silent, and my aunt is too timid to say anything, but I have had enough.) 

Me: “It does not say, ‘rude coffee-thieving b****,’ on there, so it can’t be yours. I really hope you try to be not such a s***ty example of a human being when your grandkid is born.”

(She just sulked back to her seat and the barista made my aunt a new drink. After all that, I saw in the app that the charges for the drinks on my [Coffee Shop] card had been reversed and two free beverages were added. Although I don’t think that was necessary, as a mom, I appreciate every extra coffee I can get.)

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There’s No Contact But We Can Still Find You

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(I’m a front side service member, meaning I do everything from cleaning to taking orders to checking out customers. This happened a year or so ago, when contactless payments or card “tapping” started to become more commonplace.

A customer comes up to the till.)

Me: “Afternoon, sir! Enjoyed the meal?”

Customer: “I did, actually. Here, my ticket.”

Me: “Thanks. All right, we had [order]. That’s a grand total of [price].”

Customer: “Debit card, please.”

(The customer starts tapping his card to the side of the terminal.)

Me: “Oh, I’m afraid the tapping feature is disabled. Our register system isn’t set up to accept those yet.”

Customer: “What do you mean? This is a contactless card, and the terminal says I can pay contactless.”

Me: “True, it does say that. But all that means is that the terminal could, in theory, assuming the register is set up. Ours isn’t, so you’ll have to insert the card.”

Customer: “No! I can and I will pay contactless!”

Me: “Sir, I’m sorry, but that’s not possible at this time. We’ve tried to get it online, but it broke down right after. Just insert your card, please, and we can pay it the old-fashioned way.”

Customer: “No! This is ridiculous! I should be able to pay however I want!”

(The customer left without paying. Since he was a lot bigger than I am, and I had a line of customers to deal with, I didn’t stop him. Instead, I noted down his license plate, checked with the manager if the cameras were running, and sent the bill to his home address… paired with a lovely dine and dash fine.)

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Some People Are Not Made For Hotels

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(I think this might be the most unpleasant guest I’ve ever dealt with. He comes in very late at night, past midnight, and I greet him as I normally do.)

Me: “Good evening! Checking in?”

Guest: *shortly* “[Last Name].”

Me: “Okay, I’ll just need your ID and—”

Guest: “Is there a parking charge?!”

(There are no signs on the property stating this — we have to mention it at check-in — but it is posted on our website. The only thing that could be prompting this question would be prior knowledge.)

Me: “Yes, it’s $10 a day.”

Guest: *scoffs* “Well, I’ll be speaking to your manager about that in the morning; that’s just ridiculous!”

(I’m about to write this off, as most people get upset about the parking charge, but then he THROWS his ID at me. This is a pet peeve of mine, admittedly, but it’s because it sort of rattles my anxiety, so now I’m getting a bit ruffled.)

Guest: “And I want a room away from the road!”

Me: “Okay… Just to make sure, would this side of the hotel be okay for you?”

Guest: “I. Want. To. Be. Away. From. The. Road.”

(I asked because we’re pretty much surrounded by roads. Not that it really matters since you can’t hear a d*** thing from outside in the rooms no matter where you are, but I just pick a room on the quietest road.)

Me: “Okay, so, I’ll just need you to put your card in the chip reader there.”

Guest: “What’s this total?! What’s that about?!”

Me: “It’s the total for your two nights plus taxes and a hold for incidentals; that hold will go back, too.”

Guest: “I’ll be talking to your manager about that, too! I don’t agree with that!”

(He starts handling the CC machine rather violently, actually knocking it off its mount and then stabbing buttons like it’s the machine’s fault it’s now wobbly. My anxiety levels are rising. Finally, he pulls his card out.)

Guest: “There! Are we done here?!”

Me: “Yes, sir, I… er…”

(I notice that his card has not gone through; it specifically tells me that it’s because he hit cancel.)

Me: “Sir, you have to approve the transaction or I can’t check you in.”

Guest: “I did!”

Me: “Sir, it tells me here that you pressed cancel.”

Guest: “Well I don’t agree with that.”

Me: “I’m sorry, but you have to approve it or I can’t give you keys.”

(He glares at me, but he puts his card through properly and then snatches his keys and parking pass from my hands before stalking upstairs. I breathe a sigh of relief… until he comes back downstairs minutes later.)

Guest: “Do you have access to housekeeping?”

Me: “Well, if you need something I can have it brought up to—”

Guest: No. Do you have access to housekeeping?!”

Me: “No.”

(Technically, I do, but I am not supposed to leave the desk unattended and I’m not making an exception for this jerk.)

Guest: “Well, I’m supposed to have two extra pillows in my room and they’re not there! It’s in my profile that I get two extra pillows; there’s no reason for them not to be there!”

(First of all, there is no such note in this guest’s profile. Second, with him being so specific about his room location, even if we had pre-delivered him pillows we likely would have had to change his room on check-in, which would mean his new room would not have his requested pillows.)

Me: “Well, sir, I can have some pillows delivered to your room for you.”

Guest:No. I’ll wait for them here.”

(He hovers around my desk — further increasing my anxiety — while my security guard, who acts as housekeeping overnight, retrieves his pillows. He meets her in the hall, taking the pillows and immediately sneering.)

Guest: “These aren’t feather pillows.”

Security Guard: “Oh, I’m sorry, I didn’t know—”

Guest: “Do you have— No. You know what, I know you have feather pillows! Go get me feath-er pillows!”

Security Guard: “I’ll have to go upstairs for those, anyway, so why don’t I just bring them to your room?”

Guest: *pause* Fine. I’m in [Room].”

(The guest then stood outside the door to his room while the guard collected his pillows. Meanwhile, I put together a little list of all his behaviors, his guest profile, and his room number, with instructions for the morning manager not to give him a red cent when he inevitably complained.

I’m sure he’s one of those people who wonder “whatever happened to good customer service,” painfully oblivious to the fact that you won’t get good service if no one WANTS to give it to you.)

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Guard Gone Goofy

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(I have a birth defect, spina bifida, which caused my legs and feet not to grow properly. Though I can stand and walk some, it is immediately exhausting and I can only walk with support. I use a wheelchair and drive with hand controls. I have a van which I put my wheelchair in from the back passenger door. One day, I drive up to a shopping center, park in a handicap spot, and start getting my chair out. I notice a security guard looking at my handicap license plate. That’s cool, no problem; you can’t tell I’m in a wheelchair right away and I hate when people park illegally. I get into my chair and smile at him. This is not some cheap hospital wheelchair someone might use to pretend they are handicapped; it is an expensive custom fit chair.)

Guard: “Ma’am, do you have your placard for this spot?”

(I look at the license plate he was just looking at, and then I look down at myself.)

Me: “Um… no, I have my license plate.”

Guard: “Oh… Well, I just want to make sure; people steal these spots from people who need them a lot.”

(I look down at myself, and then look at my license plate.)

Me: “Uh-huh…”

(The guard walked away after looking at me blankly for several seconds. I don’t know if he thought the chair meant I didn’t really NEED a close spot, thought I was faking it, or was just on automatic.)

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The Owner’s Bark Is Worse Than The Pet’s Bite

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(I am working at a fancy vet office close to the rich part of town, so most of our clients are more willing to do what is necessary for their pets regardless of cost. An older couple brings their senior small breed in for teeth cleaning.

The vet assistant is responsible for going over admissions paperwork that includes optional services and a section that would allow the doctor to do teeth extractions without calling the owner first. We include this option because many times, we cannot get a hold of the owner to ask permission. after the client has been placed in a room I enter ready to go over paperwork.)

Me: “Good morning! I have some paperwork to go over with you really quick, and then we can take [Pet] back and get him started with his procedure.”

(The woman starts to fill out the form while I’m going over what each section is. When I get to the part about optional services that, of course, cost extra, i.e. nail trims, more in-depth blood work, etc. She throws the pen down and starts yelling at me.)

Woman: “Don’t you dare try to sell me something!”

Me: “I am sorry, I was just going over the form; these are additional services you can add on if you’d like but you don’t have to.”

(She just stares at me sternly, so I move on to the part of the form that allows the doctor to do extractions.)

Me: “Okay, do you allow the doctor to do what is necessary as far as extractions go or would you prefer—”

Woman: “I told you not to sell me anything. I don’t want to hear it! If the doctor wants me to do something she can tell me herself!”

Me: “Okay, would you—”

(I was going to say, “Would you like me to get the doctor?”)


Me: “Fine.”

(I leave the room and go get her doctor and tell her that she needs to go into the room and finish the check-in, because I will not be talked to like that again. The doctor knows who the couple is.)

Doctor: “Oh, yeah, they can be weird like that.”

(Apparently, after the doctor went in, they were all smiles and agreed to let the doctor do whatever she needed to.)

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