Refunder Blunder, Part 32

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(I work behind the customer service desk at a supermarket chain. I get a lot of annoying or bizarre returns that I have to process, but this one is particularly memorable. An older woman storms up to the desk to return a single pint of blueberries, claiming that she actually bought two.)

Customer: “I want to return these. I just bought these today, and I went through both cartons, and they were all bad!”

Me: “All right, do you have your receipt?”

Customer: “No, I don’t. I bought them today. They were buy-one-get-one-free.”

Me: “Since you don’t have a receipt, it’ll have to be store credit. Is that okay?”

Customer: “Well, I don’t have much of a choice, now, do I?”

(I just sort of laugh awkwardly at her snotty comment and ring in the blueberries. The refund comes to $4.99. I scan a gift card and hand it to her.)

Me: Okay, here you go. You have $4.99 on that.”

Customer: “$4.99?! Where’s my double?! I can’t believe I wasted my gas coming here!”

(She stomped off after flinging the receipt on the counter. There was no way she would have gotten a $9.98 return because she only brought back one container and didn’t have the receipt. They were “buy-one-get-one-free,” anyway. A refund of “free” is nothing.)

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Smells Like Teenage Dispirit

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(I am a customer in a supermarket. There’s a group of five obnoxious teenagers — three girls and two boys — with a middle-aged woman at the checkout. They are being rowdy, and while staying somewhat close to the woman, they’re wandering around the aisle that connects all the checkouts, getting in people’s way, and shooting superior glares and smirks at the people they’re blocking. Most other customers aren’t even TRYING to get past the teenagers, and instead, are going all the way down an aisle and coming up another aisle that takes them closer to a checkout that’s away from the teenagers. The woman the teenagers are with isn’t scolding them, but she looks as though she’s been trying to make them behave but finally decided to stop wasting her breath. She looks very annoyed and VERY embarrassed by their behavior. I place my items on the conveyor belt, then bend down to place my hand-basket in the stack under the overhang of the conveyor belt. Someone had dropped a basket on the floor earlier on, so while I’m putting my basket away, I pick up the other basket, upright it, fold the handles down, then add it to the stack of baskets, as well. One of the teenage girls addresses me.)

Teenage Girl: “Why’d you do that?”

Me: “What do you mean?”

Teenage Girl: “Why’d you put it away? It wasn’t your basket.”

Me: “Because I did?”

Teenage Girl: “But why?”

Me: “Because it didn’t take any effort and it was the right thing to do.”

Mother: *loudly*That is how I raised you to be! I don’t know what the f*** happened!” *she waves her hands in exasperation*

Cashiers: *giggling*

(All of the teenagers suddenly looked mortified, shut up, stopped meandering into other people’s way, and stood calmly around the woman they were with.)

Impatience Is A Dish Best Served Raw

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Many long years ago, I worked as a server in a nightclub. As was often the case, I was asked to work a reserved party. One customer ordered food and a drink – not too complicated, right?

Well, not two minutes after I submitted her food order to the kitchen and gave the customer her drink, she demanded, “Where my food?!” I assured her that her food was on the way, and left to take orders from the rest of the customers.

Every time I passed her, it was “Where my food?!” and patient explanations from me that the chef needed time to actually make it.

After the third or the fourth time, I’d had enough. I leaned in and said clearly, “If you want your food raw, I can bring it out now.”

The customer backed off, and I had no more problems from her until I delivered her order.

If You’re Feeling Guilty, Then That’s On You

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Me: “And would you like to donate to [Local Charity]?”

Customer: “No. Would you like to donate to my wife and me?”

Me: “No.”

Customer: “There, now we’re even. You know, I can’t believe they would make you go through this. It’s not fair that they make you ask for donations.”

Me: *shrugging* “I don’t care if people say no.”

Customer: “Well, then, look at it from my perspective. I’m just trying to buy things that I need, and now you’re soliciting to me!”

Me: “I don’t think it’s a big deal to say no to people, either. It’s just their job to ask, and you shouldn’t have to donate if you don’t want to, and you shouldn’t feel bad for saying no. It’s not a big deal; most people say no.”

Customer: “Well! I guess I’m just old-fashioned.”

Not “Easy” To Insult Someone With No “Soul”

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(There are a two teen girls who like to give me a hard time at work because I refuse to sell them cigarettes.)

Teen #1: *smiling sweetly* “Hi! Can I get a pack of [Brand] lights?”

Me: “Do you have an ID?”

Teen #2: *scoffs* “You’re the only one who IDs us!”

Me: “Well, I’m the only one who’s doing her job properly, then.”

Teen #1: *smirking* “Do you have a soul? I heard gingers have no soul.”

Me: *without skipping a beat* “Are you easy as 1-2-3? Because I’ve heard blondes are easy.”

([Teen #2] started laughing like a maniac while [Teen #1] stomped out of the store. Neither of them have tried buying cigarettes from me or insulting me again.)

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