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They’re Not Available And No Están Disponibles

, , , , , | Right | August 6, 2022

The gym I work at has different tiers of memberships. We have signs posted around the front desk describing what’s included in each tier. However, some of the amenities are currently unavailable due to the current situation of the world.

A woman walks in and asks for more information. We are looking at one of the signs together, which is in English and Spanish. The amenities unavailable are crossed out on the English side, but whoever crossed them out didn’t do so on the Spanish side.

Me: “The premium membership includes [list of amenities]. Right now, [some amenities] are not available due to [the health crisis], but hopefully, we will be able to reopen those soon.”

Woman: *Points at the sign* “But it shows they are available in Spanish.”

Me: “Sorry about that. They should have been crossed out since they’re not available right now.”

Woman: “But they’re on the sign! I should have access to them.”

Me: “Right, but they are crossed out on the English side. They’re currently unavailable to everyone. However, if you do purchase the membership, you’ll have access to them once we reopen them.”

Woman: “They aren’t crossed out in Spanish, so you should allow me to use them.”

Me: “I’m unable to do that. They’re all shut down until further notice.”

Woman: “I should be able to use them. This is false advertising!”

Me: “My apologies. They should have been crossed out.”

This goes back and forth for a while as she continues to get angrier with me.

Woman: “If you won’t help me, then I’ll just come back and have someone else do it for me.”

As soon as she leaves, I pull down all the signs and go through them to cross off the amenities on the Spanish side. My manager sees me doing this, so I explain what happened. She is baffled by the interaction.

The next day, the woman comes back and sees me at the front desk.

Woman: *Shouting* “No! Not you. I don’t want your help!”

She started walking over to where my coworker was. She glanced at the sign and saw that the amenities had now been crossed off. She got a look of defeat on her face, glared at me, and stormed out of the building.

Like It’s The Employee’s Fault They Don’t Carry Stuff

, , , , | Right | August 6, 2022

I am a personal shopper. We have requirements about how fast we get orders picked, and if we are not fast enough, we can get into trouble. Of course, we are also expected to help the in-store customers to the best of our ability without our pick rate suffering. Most of the time, customers don’t need any more help than being told what aisle something is in or a quick price check.

This customer, however, takes several minutes of my time while I am in the middle of a pick walk.

Customer: “Can you tell me where the tarragon vinegar is?”

Me: “I am not sure we carry that as I don’t think I’ve seen it here before, but if we do, it will be in aisle A27 by all the other vinegars.”

Customer: “Okay, thanks.”

A few minutes later, he snags me in the coffee aisle, very annoyed.

Customer: “You said it would be by the other vinegars. I can’t find it!”

Me: “Okay, I’ll come double-check. I really don’t think we carry it, but I’m happy to take a look.”

I walk over to A27 and check over the vinegar section. It’s not there. The customer is growing increasingly frustrated.

Customer: “You said it would be by the vinegars! I looked all over and it’s not here!”

Me: “I’m going to check on the app to see if we really do carry it, but as I’ve said, I really don’t think we do.”

Customer: “My local [Store] carries it! Why wouldn’t this location?”

I check on the app, but there are no results for tarragon vinegar, which means we don’t carry it. If it’s a product we did carry and I just missed where it’s stocked, the app would tell me where to find it and how many we have on hand.

Me: “I’m very sorry, but it looks like we do not carry it at this location. Do you want me to check to see if one of the other nearby locations carries it?”

Customer: “No! I’m not driving all over. Now I have to call my wife and see what she wants me to do.”

Me: “All right. I’m so sorry we don’t have what you need.”

I start to walk away.

Customer: “No! You stay right here! You are still helping me. I am telling my wife about this!”

Me: “Okay.”

He calls his wife and puts her on speaker.

Customer: “This store doesn’t carry tarragon vinegar! What kind of [Store] doesn’t carry tarragon vinegar? The employee here was no help at all and just kept telling me they don’t have it!”

Wife: “That’s fine. I can make do with regular white vinegar and dried tarragon.”

Customer: “But can you believe this? They don’t carry tarragon vinegar! The employee didn’t even check the back!”

I quickly look through the spices and grab the organic tarragon while he’s complaining to his wife about me and the store in general.

Wife: “Really, it’s fine. Just get dry tarragon.”

I just handed him the tarragon and went back to my walk. This took up nearly five minutes and my pick rate was not so good after that. My manager asked what took so long since it was a relatively short walk, but after I explained, she just shook her head.

It’s Way Too Early For This

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In the early nineties, my parents, my sibling, and I had to leave the house before 6:30 am every weekday because of work and school schedules. We all usually managed to get out the door on time with minimal fuss.

However, one morning, I woke up and heard my parents having a serious fight with each other about their respective sleeping habits.



The shouting was still going on when I went to make my breakfast and found them at it in the kitchen. This pissed me off for a number of reasons. First, I’d had a bad night’s sleep. Second, my access to food and coffee was blocked by screaming people. Last, my parents were arguing in a nasty manner that would have earned my sibling or me an instant reprimand and punishment. However, I also knew something about their fight that they were not aware of. It was the proverbial third side of their argument: the truth.

With all the unthinking anger of a hungry, sleep-deprived teenager who knows they are in the right and the adults are in the wrong, I started yelling at them.


To be more specific, it had been so loud that I’d heard them snoring in unison at full volume through the walls of the closets and the bathroom that separated their room from mine. They had woken me up, and then I’d heard them startle themselves awake.

That snapped them out of their fury. They quit fighting. I got my breakfast. Everyone left the house on time again that morning.

For the record, they never mentioned their fight or my reaction to them.

Years later, I told my mother the story. She didn’t remember it but thought it was funny and true to life.

Rudeness And Impatience Are A Bad Combo

, , , , | Right | CREDIT: SnadSnek7 | August 6, 2022

I worked at a chicken fast food restaurant for about six months as my first job, and this happened toward the end of my stay.

One of our managers was pretty strict with us in order to keep up with time and company policy, but we didn’t mind as he usually worked on the line with us rather than sitting in the office all day. And he did not have patience for rude people.

On one typical military payday Friday (in towns next to military bases, all soldiers come in force on payday), we were slammed, and [Manager] was working the register when a lady ordered one of our twelve-piece buckets, biscuits and all.

Usually, you can save some money by ordering them as a meal, and it gives you drinks, as well. So, as usual, he asked what drink she wanted, intending to make it a meal automatically. She declined the drinks. He tried to explain.

Manager: “Ma’am, if we make it a meal, you’ll—”

Customer: “I don’t care. I don’t need drinks.”

As I said before, he hates rude people, so he immediately shut up and smiled at me.

Manager: “[My Name], can I get a twelve-piece family fill-up? And don’t worry about the drinks.” 

Then, he turned to the customer and proceeded with the order, which took a moment as he couldn’t simply press the combo button anymore; rather he had to ring up all items themselves. He then had to ring up every single item individually, which racked up the price given the number of items. And then, he finished the order, which was well above what the normal price would be.

It initially went off without a hitch, but unfortunately for us, the family behind her ordered another twelve-piece family fill-up, but they ordered the combo.

As [Manager] was finishing up the second family order, the first one stepped aside to check the bags for everything, and then they heard the second family’s price. [Manager] rang the second family for almost half the price of the first family’s, and the woman stormed over.

Customer: “How come theirs is so cheap? We ordered the same thing!”

[Manager] replied, wearing the standard-issue customer service smile.

Manager: “You said you didn’t want a combo, ma’am, so I rang them up individually, ma’am, so you paid for them, not as a combo, but as the order you insisted on me making, ma’am.”

She then asked for the manager, claiming we were scamming her, to which [Manager] responded by walking behind the wall and coming back two seconds later wearing his manager vest.

Manager: “Hello, I heard we had a problem and I came to see what I can help with.”

The woman grabbed her food and left.

What Do They Hope To Gain From This?!

, , , , , , , | Right | August 5, 2022

I work for the [global health crisis] helpline at a hospital, guiding staff on how to get a test, isolation requirements, etc. In 2020, it was extremely busy, but now, in 2022, it’s waning out, to the point that there are three of us and there is often an hour between calls.

After twiddling my thumbs for about thirty minutes, a call comes through. I do my usual greeting.

Caller: “I’ve been on hold for FIFTEEN MINUTES!”

Our telephone system said there were twenty seconds between connecting them to us and me answering. I don’t get why people lie like that.