Wish You Could Have Taken A Photo Of His Face

, , , , | Right | February 24, 2021

I’ve been the official photographer of a local racetrack for several years. Usually, a pilot can buy all the photos of his track day for thirty euros or a single picture for ten euros. This particular client has been very annoying, asking for his photos many times during the day, complaining about the quality, and being very rude to my coworkers.

After a long time in my shop, he selects five pictures out of eighty. We say that he could save twenty euros by buying the full service, but he refuses. He ends up buying five single pictures for fifty euros.

When he exits my office with the receipt, he realizes that he has done a very stupid thing. He asks me if he can talk with my boss about that.

My boss just says, “You’ve just done it, and I’m sorry. We can’t do anything.”

Karma feels good.

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Blame The Smoke Inhalation

, , | Right | February 23, 2021

I’m at a tobacconist and I’m the dumb customer in this one. To top it, I know the owner well.

Me: “Hi, two 16€ stamps, please, and I’ll need a receipt.”

The owner wraps the stamps and the receipt in an envelope and hands it to me.

Owner: “Here you are.”

Me: “Thanks, how much is it?”

Owner: “…”

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On Sunday We Serve Creepypasta

, , , | Right | February 20, 2021

I work for a currency exchange. A woman calls me on a Monday afternoon.

Caller: “Hi, I want to book 100€ in Czech Crowns for tonight. I’d like to go to your location on [Street].”

Me: “Sure! I’ll put it through.”

Caller: “I would also like to tell you that yesterday I called, and I was told to go to [Other Location] to collect this money, but when I got there nobody knew anything about it. You made me lose a lot of time.”

Me: “I’m really sorry about that. Let me find out what happened.”

I do a little research and can’t find anything related to what she says. She keeps insisting that she was told ON THE PHONE to go to the other location, where she could buy that currency.

Me: “Ma’am, maybe there was some technical issue? I don’t understand why I can’t find anything about that. Are you sure you called us?”

Caller: “Yes, absolutely. Today I just redialed the number I dialed yesterday.”

Me: “Wait, you said yesterday? Because yesterday was Sunday and we are closed on Sundays. Who did you talk to?”

Caller: “Well, I don’t remember the name, but it was a man.”

Me: “That sounds strange, too. We don’t have men working here. Are you 100% sure you called us?”

Caller: “Once again, yes! I’m totally sure!”

In the end, I think she was genuinely saying the truth; she wasn’t angry, she wasn’t asking for some crazy favor or discount, and she didn’t sound crazy.

I took her booking, but we are still wondering who the man is who answered that phone on a Sunday, and that’s not comforting at all!

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That Scam Nearly Blew Them Over

, , | Legal | January 29, 2021

I’m out to do errands with my husband. He has just parked our car in a large-ish free parking lot that serves several shops. As I exit the car, there’s a strong gust of wind and I can’t avoid the door hitting the side of a car nearby with an audible “thunk.” My husband comes around from the other side and we contemplate the damage; our car is all right but for a small dent, but there’s a visible scratch on the other one.

Husband: “We can’t stay here waiting for the owner to show up. Just leave a note with our phone number under the windshield wiper and let’s go.”

While I’m doing this, a well-dressed man in his forties appears.

Man: “Excuse me. Is something the matter?”

He says he works in one of the offices above and the car we’re standing nearby is his wife’s. We explain what happened, apologize, and offer to fill out the Accident Statement so that our insurance will cover the cost of repairs. During the entire conversation, he’s understanding and polite.

Man: “You know what, it’s a pity to go through insurance; your fee will go up. Personally, I wouldn’t even bother with such a scratch, but it happens to be my wife’s car. Why don’t we just settle the matter between us?”

He offers us a deal: 100€ in cash to cover the bodywork costs and no need to go through insurance with all the related hassle. I’m tempted to agree, as we’ve been standing in the parking lot long enough and I’m freezing. My husband is not convinced and would still rather do the Accident Statement. While they’re talking, two elder ladies with shopping bags show up.

Old Lady: “What are you lot all doing right by my car?”

Realization of what had happened struck us like lightning. I turned around from looking at the ladies to speak to the man, but he had already scarpered!

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The Screen Is Broken And So Are His Expectations

, , , , | Right | January 14, 2021

The cost of smartphone repair varies wildly, so a lot of people tend to grossly overestimate or underestimate the cost of repairs.

A customer enters the store with a smartphone with a broken screen. After a quick check, I give an estimate of €89 for the repair.

Customer: “But the Chinese guy on [Street] only asks for €20!”

Me: *With a smile and my sweetest voice* “Then why don’t you go there?”

Customer: “I don’t trust him. Last time I went for a battery repair, and after the repair, the battery still worked badly.”

Me: “I offer a twelve-month guarantee on my repair. I’m guessing after going there he didn’t change the battery?”

Customer: “Exactly! But still, it’s too much! Can’t you give me a discount?”

Me: “I can change the battery for the cost of the piece since I’m opening the phone anyway.”

Customer: *After thinking a bit* “I’m giving you €25.”

He begins taking the money out.

Customer: “And that’s my final decision.”

Me: *Chuckling.* “Yeah, no. That’s less than the cost of the pieces. It’s €89 for the screen, €110 if you want to change the battery, too.”

Customer: “No, no. That’s too much. I’m going to the Chinese guy, and if I’m not satisfied, I’m coming back here.” *Storms out*

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