When Someone Is A Complete D*ck It’s Breast To Ignore Them

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(I have a summer pass to a nearby public pool, and I go pretty often. During mid-June, I notice there is a woman and her baby who are there regularly. We don’t really talk, but I do make a few comments on how adorable her little girl is. The baby couldn’t have been more than a few weeks old. I saw her breastfeeding the baby a few times, but no one ever commented until one day in early July. Her baby starts crying, so the mother begins breastfeeding her. A man goes up to her, and just watches for a few seconds, then speaks to her.)

Man: “That is so disgusting. I can’t believe you’re doing that in public.”

Mother: “I’m just feeding my child.”

Man: “Well, at least don’t pull out your f****** t*ts in public! There are children here!”

Mother: “I’m not exposing anything, and I must feed my child. Please just mind your own bus—”

Man: *interrupting her* “I can see almost your entire t*t, you wh**e. So, if you can just whip out your t*t in public to feed that thing, does that mean I can whip out my d*** in public and—”

Me: *interrupting him, and VERY loudly* “YOU FEED SEMEN TO YOUR INFANT CHILDREN?!”

(Many people heard me, and almost all of them turned to look.)

Man: “What?! No. I would ne— I– I’ve never done— I wouldn’t do that.”

(He then scurried away, looking quite embarrassed.)

Not Tipped Towards The Older Generation

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I’m out for dinner with my parents and grandfather from my dad’s side. My grandfather is treating me and my parents because I had just graduated the day before.

At this restaurant we order appetizers, meals, and hot tea. It is really nice and pleasant and the waitress is terrific, super polite and pleasant. The bill comes and it is $60.05.

I watch him pull out exactly $70.05. The waitress comes and takes the money and brings him the change. He puts both $5s back in his wallet and puts $3 dollars out on the table for a tip. I am so upset for the waitress and so is my mom.

Luckily my mom made an excuse and we stayed behind and left her another $12.

Hold It!

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(It’s a very busy day. While I’m in the middle of helping someone, another patron approaches me.)

Patron: “I was looking for my wife’s hold, but it’s not on the shelf. Could it still be in the back room?”

Me: “It might be. Once I’m finished helping this patron, I’ll go check for you.”

Patron: “Oh, don’t worry, then; I’ll go check.”

(I watch, incredulous, as the patron proceeds to wander into our staff area and start examining the shelves, none of which would have any holds.)

Me: “Umm… actually, this is the staff area. We need you to wait out here. I’ll be with you in just a second.”

Patron: “But it’s just back here!”

(He glared at me for a moment before storming out. Not a minute later, his wife came in and waited politely for me, something that was apparently too difficult for her husband.)

Unfiltered Story #87850

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I stopped into a local grocery store to pick up a few things on Sunday after church. I’m just browsing the aisle when an angry older woman asks me why there isn’t any of a certain brand of maple syrup on the shelf. When I tell her I don’t know she starts to yell at me. I tell her it’s not my job to know and she tears into me further. I’m left just giggling as she stomps off. I’m dressed in a skirt and dress shirt mind you in no way dressed like an employee.

Driving A Hard Bargain

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(My husband and I decide to surprise our families and drive 1,100 miles to visit them the weekend after Mother’s Day. I have my dad get my siblings together that weekend for a ‘late Mother’s Day celebration’ so I can see everyone. We have already arrived and surprised our moms, but our siblings don’t know yet. I call my sister to find out her schedule for the next day.)

Me: “So, do you have any big plans this weekend?”

Sister: “Well, I work tomorrow, and then on Sunday I’m spending the whole day with Mom and [Brothers] for a Mother’s Day celebration, since Mom worked last weekend.”

Me: “Oh, that sounds like fun.”

Sister: *jokingly* “Yeah, you guys should come!”

Me: “Ha ha. Yeah, we’ll get right on that. It’s kind of a long drive…”

Sister: *still joking* “Well, if you start now, you should be here in time!”

Me: *to [Husband]* “[Sister] wants us to come up and visit this weekend.”

Husband: “I’ll only do it if I get to eat [Restaurant].”

(The restaurant is local and his favorite.)

Sister: “Tell him I’ll buy him some [Restaurant] if you guys come.”

Me: “All right. Well, we’ll talk it over and get back to you. We love you. Good night!”

(Five minutes later, we arrive at my sister’s door.)

Sister: *flabbergasted* “Wha… What?! What are you… You’re not getting [Restaurant]!”

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