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So little after I finished college I worked on an internet caffe for a short while, it was a very easy and  light work, except for the usual difficult and/or clueless customers.
When I was first hired the place had a “borrow policy” in which we had several USB cable plugs, adapters etc. precisely to borrow customers who may have forgotten theirs, or just didn’t have them, however that soon got problematic, since people didn’t treat them carefully, they broke frecuently, and some people didn’t even gave them back,  (some forgot, others outright stole them even denying they borrowed them when we asked them back)  this continued for a while until the owner finally realized that it was costing the place more than it was deemed worth, so the policy was taken down, for the most part it wasn’t as much of a hassle as we thought, infact it was better for the place since we had generic products and they were cheap people actually started to buy them when we told them we no longer borrowed them…until this one regular customer (whom I recognized as part of the people who frequently trashed around the borrowed accesories, and pretended to “forget” giving them back):
Customer: Can I borrow an USB plug cable?
Me: Sorry but we no longer do that (I pointed to a sign where it said exactly that).
Customer: What why?
Me: Well the owner estimated that the damaged and lost accesories were starting to cost him to much so he canceled the service. But if you really need it, we have the very same accesories on sale (I pointed to them and told him the prices).
He looks at them for a while. Suddenly the customer leaned to my desk, making me uncomfortable, but didn’t really said anything.
Customer: Can you borrow me one of those? I promise I’ll be careful and give it back as good as new.
It would be relatively easy  to do so, since the generic ones are unpackaged and look identical to one another, and if this was another customer (an honest one who I’d know woudn’t do any damage to it) asking I may have considered it.Knowing that this wasn’t the case I politely told him no.
Customer (suddenly getting angrier by the word): You stupid girl! I always come here, I’m a regular customer, you should know I’m a relieable person!! or is it that you’re calling me a thief!
Me (at this point I’m standing up trying to calm him down): Sir at no point did I suggest such thing it’s just that if we borrow an item and it gets damaged or lost it will come out of our salary or we could be fired for disobeying a direct order from the owner.
Customer (quiet now, but no less angry): You hear me young lady, I could not care less about the lot of you  working around here as long as I get my fucking music and videos on my tablet.
Me: Well sir I’m sorry you care so little for us, but If you won’t buy the USB cable I can’t help you. And in that case be kind enough to leave since you won’t be using our services.
The customer has a red face, probably from anger and for a moment I fear he may actually try something, fortunadely another regular comes behind him:
Customer 2: Look dude, this lady here has never once been rude to anyone even when they would be, so back off.
The first customer mutters angruly but thankfully leaves. When the second comes for checking out I try to thank him but he cuts me off:
Customer 2: Don’t worry, I know that guy from work, he actually owns a lot of these things (he points to the accesories) but must of them are unusable because he’s the most clueless guy when it comes to “high-tech” (I let a little laugh because he actually made the gesture with a completely straight face). You did well not to borrow him anything, nobody borrows him anything at work anymore.
Later that night I warn my coworkers about this guy, I found out that  he actually already had tried to do so all week since we put that sign!

Babysitting Is Just A Game To Them

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(Internet cafes are popular in our country with kids who want to play games in groups. A grandma comes in with her five-year-old grandson.)

Grandma: “Set him up for a five-hour package.”

Me: “Okay.”

(I don’t approve of that, since that much time in front of a PC is not good for a kid, but we don’t have a policy or law that would let me deny them. I set the PC for the kid. A few minutes later I see her leave. I am not able to stop her because I am assisting someone with her payment and the register is open. I just assume she went to the store next door and will be back quickly. A few minutes pass and she hasn’t returned yet. Around 30 minutes later, the grandson is already looking around for her and he looks scared. I ask one of the high-school kids around to check where she went. The grandson must have heard us and he runs outside looking for her! I run after him and am able to grab him when he’s about to cross the very busy road. I get him back in and he starts a tantrum and wails really loud, kicking those of us who tried to pick him up. The grandma comes back, angry at me for “not taking care of him.”)

Me: “We’re an Internet cafe, not a child care center.”

Grandma: *shouting and berating me in front of the customers* “Just let him play; he likes those games. I told you he’ll be here for five hours.”

Me: “He ran out and tried to cross the road. I can’t keep an eye on him. He doesn’t even know how to play the game you selected. I can’t sit by him to tutor him on how to play. I’m alone here.”

Grandma: “He tires me out. Just distract him.”

Me: “No. Take him.”

(The kid is still wailing on our floor, and the others are getting irritated with how loud he is and how he’s kicking anyone he wants to kick.)

Grandma: “In five hours!”

Me: “This is not a child care center!”

(I pick the kid up because he is in the middle of the store while grandma is at the door. He punches my jaw and lands a few kicks on me.)

Grandma: “Why can’t you take him?! I’m paying that package!”

Me: “The package doesn’t include a nanny.”

(I hand him over, his grandma still shouting at him and me, saying she wants that package. I cancel the transaction on his PC before she can drag him back to his rented PC, and shout for the next kid to take it.)

Me: “He’s crabby; take him home so he can sleep.”

(The kid was still crying, and there was no more PC where she can drop him, so she walked out with the kid. I had to pay for the package out of pocket. Getting rid of them was worth it.)

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| Working | July 23, 2016

(Before finishing college I work at a cyber cafe for about a year pay. The isn’t that great, but the work hours are flexible and my boss is nice and laid-back, and it is overall a good environment. I remember the first time one of my Coworkers told me about the slow days right after the end of school year.)

Coworker: “So, work load is gonna be very light for the next couple weeks. You know because of summer vacations.”

Me: “Great! These past few days were awful.”

(The week before the summer lull, our work increased ten-fold because of final school work, teachers bringing us exams to transcript, lots and lots of printing and scanning, etc.)

Me: “Why only two weeks? Classes don’t commence until August, right?”

Coworker: “Because after ‘detoxing’ from the finals both students and teachers remember that they have no idea of what to do with their free time, so they come back to us.”

(We both had a good laugh at that and later we told our boss. He told my Coworker that he had been working there for too long and gave him vacation time.)


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Peppered With Bad Behavior

| Right | June 8, 2016

(I am a European student in Paris, working as a night manager/cashier for an Internet cafe. Around 11 pm, three young guys, Americans, come into the store. I notice they are drunk and the store policy states that they should be refused entry. I speak both French and English very well, so I choose English.)

Me: “Good evening!”

Guy: “Hey! We need a computer!”

Me: “I am sorry, it is not possible. You are a bit drunk and the store policy prevents me to serve you.”

Guy: “This is bull-s***! You’re being racist with us!”

(I have to mention that I am white Caucasian, just like they are.)

Me: “I can’t be racist with you in any way! I am not even French myself!”

(One of them starts to insult and threaten me.)

Me: “No problem. If you do not wish to leave, I will call the police.”

(On the counter there is a phone. Before I can move, he takes the phone.)

Guy: “You can’t do that!”

Me: “Please give me back the phone and leave the store at once!”

Guy: “No, and f*** you!”

(At that moment I took out a police-strength pepper spray I had under the counter (I never had to use it before or after, although I had some rough customers sometimes) and shot all three of them in the face. Their faces burned, they run away to a restaurant across the street to wash their faces and then they sat down on the sidewalk for a long time, away from my store. The store itself was barely breathable and I had to evacuate all customers for 15 minutes and give them free drinks. My bosses had nothing to say to this but praise me for making quick decisions and defending their property.)

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Needs To Read More Into It

| Working | April 3, 2015

(I’ve just been promoted to store manager as part of a company-wide restructuring that means the previous manager is moving up to regional. One of my first duties is to hire my own replacement and the new regional manager is walking me through the interviews. One particular applicant has handed in a resumè that has me ready to hire her on the spot but he convinces me to interview her anyway just in case. I’m glad he did.)

Me: “Since we cater mainly to tourists, there are times of the year when we can be pretty quiet. What kinds of things would you do to keep busy during quiet shifts?”

(The answer we were looking for was anything along the lines of cleaning, computer maintenance, restocking – basically, finding things that needed to be done that were hard to do when the store was busy.)

Interviewee: “Well, I’ve recently taken up reading, so I guess I’d work on that?”

(I wasn’t quite ready to give up on her that easily, but when I called around for her references it became very clear that reading was probably a very new hobby for her while she had a LOT of practice at slacking off. She had even included as references a couple of ex-bosses who had fired her for her laziness. I’ve never been tempted to hire someone without an interview again.)

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