Picture Perfect Response

| Atlanta, GA, USA | Right | September 4, 2015

(I am a claims adjuster in motor vehicle damage. I’m talking to a claimant who is trying to get me to pay for their damage without pictures to go with the estimate of the repairs.)

Claimant: “I don’t understand why you haven’t paid me yet. I sent you an estimate!”

Me: “Yes, ma’am, but I also requested that you get pictures of the damage. I offered to send someone out to take pictures and write up the damage but you told me you’d take care of that yourself. I can’t pay anything out on this claim until I have images of the damage.”

Claimant: “Ohhhhh. So you’re gonna play that game.”

Me: “…The one where we require that you provide documentation of damages before we write you a check?”

Pre(Car)ious Insurance, Part 6

| FL, USA | Right | August 13, 2015

Caller: “I would like to get a better auto insurance rate.”

Me: “I’ll be glad to go over your policy for possible discounts.”

Caller: “No need. The discount that I want added is one that most people will not qualify for. I belong to an elite group of drivers that do not ever have accidents.”

Me: “Unfortunately, sir, we do not offer that discount.”

(Probably because that caller was the only one in that ‘elite’ group.)


Driven By Assumptions

, | UK | Working | July 27, 2015

(I’m 25 and have been working for several years. I’ve only just learned to drive and passed the test. I decide to go with a lease car suggested by my dad’s friend, since it actually works out cheaper as a long-term investment. I’m calling the car company’s insurance line.)

Me: “Hi, I’m calling to activate my seven-days free insurance for my new car?”

Agent: “Okay, I just need your personal details and the details of your car.”

(I give her them, including my date of birth and the manufacture year of the car.)

Agent: “Ooh, that’s a new model! Somebody’s being spoilt!”

Me: “What do you mean?”

Agent: “You’re getting [Car] as your first car? There’s no way a teenager could afford that. Mummy and daddy must love you! Lucky for some!”

Me: “Actually, I’m paying for this out of my own pocket. If you’ll notice my age, I’ve held off on learning to drive and buying a car until I could afford to pay for it all – and run it – myself.”

Agent: “Oh. Well… how was I supposed to know?”

Me: “Maybe in the future, don’t make assumptions about people!”

Not Very Re-Insuring

| USA | Right | July 23, 2015

Customer: “Why doesn’t my insurance work?”

Me: “You’re no longer with [Insurance Company #1]. Your employer moved you to company [Insurance Company #2], [Insurance Company #3], or [Insurance Company #4]. Have you received a welcome kit from any of those companies?”

Customer: “Yes, I chose to go with [Insurance Company #2].”

Me: “Your insurance is with [Insurance Company #2] now, then. You need to use that insurance.”

Customer: “Well, how was I supposed to know that?!?”

Won Liner

, | Auckland, New Zealand | Romantic | July 3, 2015

(A charming older gent calls to switch his cover to a new car. After a great phone call and general natter about his insurance and what he’s covered for, etc., everything is all sorted and I’m winding up the call.)

Me: “So, we’re all done! Was there anything else I can help you with today?”

Customer: “Thanks! No, that was all – Sorry, I didn’t catch your name?”

Me: “You’re welcome! My name is Lotte.”

(There is brief silence from him so I feel like he may be wondering if he heard me right, so I explain.)

Me: “It’s shortened from Charlotte, but hardly anyone really calls me that, and

when they do I get the sneaking suspicion that I’m being told off, haha.”

Customer: “Ah, okay, but I bet your boyfriend calls you Lotto.”

Me: “Uhhh… Lotto?”

Customer: “Yeah, Lotto! Coz he’s hit the jackpot with you!”

(Understandably I was lost for words! It was funny, sweet and odd all at the

same time! Made my day and I’m still gob-smacked at how quick he was…)

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